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I thank you very much for the many courtesies extended to me on behalf of the Manitoba society. (Applause.)

(Time was now taken up by two minute speeches of different members, after which the meeting was declared closed.)

Records of Executive Board for 1916.

Record of meeting held in secretary's office 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, 1915.

There were present Thos. E. Cashman, LeRoy Cady, Clarence Wedge, J. P.

Andrews, R. A. Wright and A. W. Latham.

In the absence of the chairman of the board, Mr. J. M. Underwood, Clarence Wedge was elected chairman pro tem.

The following accounts were examined and approved and orders drawn in payment therefor.

Geo. W. Strand, treasurer, premiums annual meeting, 1914, $596.50.

Geo. W. Strand, treasurer, premiums summer meeting, 1915, $172.00.

A. W. Latham, expenses secretary's office from June 1, 1915, to Dec. 1, 1915, $1,064.30.

It was decided to present to the annual meeting of the society for action the following named persons for honorary life members.h.i.+p: John Bisbee, Madelia; J. R. c.u.mmins, Minneapolis; S. H. Drum, Owatonna; F. W.

Kimball, Waltham; Chas. Haralson, Excelsior.

An appropriation of fifty-three dollars and 25-100 ($53.25) was made for the benefit of the Minnesota Forestry a.s.sociation.

Adjourned sine die, CLARENCE WEDGE, Chairman, pro tem.

A. W. LATHAM, Secretary.

Record of meeting of the board held in West Hotel 12:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10, 1915.

There were present at this meeting Thos. E. Cashman, LeRoy Cady, Clarence Wedge, J. P. Andrews, R. A. Wright and A. W. Latham.

Thos. E. Cashman was elected chairman pro tem.

J. M. Underwood was elected chairman of the board for 1916, and A. W.

Latham was elected secretary at a salary of eighteen hundred dollars ($1,800.00) per annum. The salary of the treasurer was fixed at twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per annum.

The board having under consideration the recommendation of grades of apples for use in packing for market, a committee consisting of Clarence Wedge, J. P. Andrews and R. A. Wright was appointed to take the question under consideration with authority to act for the board.

The sum of eight hundred dollars ($800.00) was appropriated as a revolving fund for the use of the secretary of the society during the year 1916.

The following resolution was presented by Clarence Wedge and unanimously adopted by the board.

"Resolved: That the board favors the exclusive distribution of new varieties of fruits of probable commercial value originating at the State Fruit-Breeding Farm to members of the society and the trial stations of the state as at present practiced.

"Resolved further--That when a variety of fruits originating at the fruit breeding farm has been sufficiently tested to establish its commercial value in the state, it shall be given a name and the State Fruit-Breeding Farm shall cease to propagate it for distribution."

Adjourned sine die, THOS. E. CASHMAN, Chairman, pro tem.

A. W. LATHAM, Secretary.

Record of meeting held in the secretary's office June 22, 1916.

All members of the board were present except R. A. Wright.

Mr. John P. Andrews was elected by the board as its representative in connection with the a.s.sessment of damages on account of nursery stock to be destroyed in certain Minnesota nurseries to protect from injury threatened by a disease called "white pine blister rust."

Having under consideration the trial stations connected with the society it was decided to discontinue the station located at Madison, Minn., and locate a station at New Auburn, Minn., R. F. Hall, Supt., and another at Deerwood, Minn., L. P. Hall, Supt.

The following resolution pertaining to Farmers' Inst.i.tutes was unanimously adopted.

"Resolved: That in our judgment the carrying out of the spirit and purpose of the motion adopted by the Farmers' Inst.i.tute Board, Sept. 4, 1913, pertaining to 'the horticultural work on each inst.i.tute corps'--to quite literally--cannot be fully performed except by providing for each inst.i.tute corps some one who should in whole or in part represent horticulture, and who should be interested and willing to serve the Horticultural Society as indicated in said motion; and further, that reasonable opportunity for such service should be allowed at each place where an inst.i.tute corps may be working."

It was decided to appropriate $65.00 to be applied to the uses of the Minnesota State Forestry a.s.sociation.

The accounts of the Secretary from Nov. 30, 1915, to June 15, 1916, amounting to $4,112.82, were examined and approved, and an order drawn for the payment of that amount from the treasury, an equal amount to be covered into the treasury from the hands of the secretary.

Adjourned sine die, J. M. UNDERWOOD, Chairman Executive Board.

A. W. LATHAM, Secretary.

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