I've Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? Chapter 67 Part1

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Chapter 67 Pt.1

Although Bai Hua lost Yuanyang, he did not lose his mind. It was only an exchange with the brother to do that kind of thing. Didn't think that he didn't know. Since his Yuanyang was useful to the master, he would certainly had the same effect for the junior-apprentice brother. He took this fruit and exchanged it with him.

After Bai hua took the fruit, he felt warm and full of body. After a few days of escape, it was barely a safe place.

Because he didn't know what would happen after eating fruit, he could only find a place that was as safe as possible.

The warmth of the body quickly became roast, and the powerful energy contained in fruit continued to swim in him.

His small poor cinnabar began to expand and shrink, and there were obvious signs of breakthrough.

“Oh…” Bai Hua couldn't stop moaning in pain.

He did not know that this fruit would have so much power.

Three layers of refining, with such a repair, taking fruit was simply looking for death, If there was no accident, soon the fruit's energy would break through his cinnabar, and then let him burst and die.

The expression of the white birch became distorted, and the blue veins on the forehead were also highlighted. His skin became red and hot, and the blood vessels under the skin continued to jump, as if swimming a small snake.

“Was I going to… die?” Bai hua was covered with sweat on his forehead. He half-squinted and looked at a small sky outside the tree hole.

He was not willingly, obviously he was not a spiritual root? Obviously he should have become a fairy, wasn't it? Why was he dying in such a place?

G.o.d was too unfair!

He did not want to die! He didn't want to die at all!

In order to survive, he could give everything! He wanted to live very well. He wanted to be a man. He would never die in this dry tree hole. The dead body would become the food of those beasts!

Just as that Bai hua madly wanted to find a trace of life, a dragon-shaped jade hanging on his neck suddenly burst into a glare.

The ray instantly covered his whole body, and soon, the feeling of being about to burst was suppressed.

Under the glory of jade pendant, his spiritual power was compressed back to cinnabar, forming a golden mist. The light of jade pendant did not completely impede this group of aura, but instead a small mouth, let these aura had limit flows out.

Without the aura of swarming, Cinnabar of Bai hua got a chance to breathe. Because of the impact, Cinnabar obviously expanded a few points, and then nourished by the aura, it went smoothly into the fourth floor of the refining.

In this way, under the protection of jade pendant's radiance, the golden mist of the group could only be slowly released and absorbed by the Cinnabar refining of the Bai hua. This pure spiritual power without any impurities not only nourished his cinnabar, but also got smoothly. Let him complete the breakthrough.

Five layers of Qi refining, six layers…

In the process of the fall of Bai hua into a coma, his cultivation was promoted to the realm of Qi refining and suffocating under the influence of fruit.

At this time, even if jade pendant no longer worked, the Bai hua would never be hurt by the remaining half of the aura, but if those auras couldn't be absorbed, they would only slowly dissipate from his body and waste.

At this moment, Bai Hua made a short sigh, and woke up from a coma.

After waking up, he checked his Cinnabar for the first time. He thought he was dead. He didn't expect that jade pendant, who had inadvertently got it, played such a wonderful use.

It was found that the light of jade pendant was weakening, and the half of the aura was still half, and the Bai hua did not endlessly, and began to build the foundation. Instead of letting those auras escape to the heavens and the earth, it was not allowed to fight once.

Perhaps his determination, or perhaps a certain aura, in short, the foundation of the Bai hua was simply unbelievable.

He looked at his white and almost transparent palm, and the ecstasy in his heart could not be described in words.

He took out a mirror and showed a beautiful face in the mirror.

After this foundation building, He didn't know whether it's the role of dragon-shaped jade, or the effect of fruit's. His appearance had changed a lot.

The original youth of the young man had completely faded. Today, the first impression he gave was a refined young man.

It's just that his eyes had a special charm. When he was staring at him, he would have the illusion that he was deeply loved by this person.

Bai Hua was overjoyed and looked at the mirror for a long time. In addition to the surprise that his appearance brought him, he broke through to building base and made him excited.

He had been very upset since seeing the old demon in the secret room and taking in the cruel picture of his senior-apprentice brother. Master's powerful strength made him jealous. Although his junior-apprentice brother said that he wanted to save him, With the strength of his junior-apprentice brother, there was no difference between the master and self-seeking dead.

It was not until this time that he really realized that he was no longer a mortal. With his face, if he was in the mortal world, he might still be able to live a few years in youth, but now he was the monk, with this kind of body, was almost doomed to his tragic fate.

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