The Spectator Volume Iii Part 166

The Spectator -

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'An Admirable Confect, which a.s.suredly Cures Stuttering or Stammering in Children or grown Persons, tho' never so bad, causing them to speak distinct and free, without any trouble or difficulty; it remedies all manner of Impediments in the Speech, or disorders of the Voice of any kind, proceeding from what cause soever, rendering those Persons capable of speaking easily, free and with a clear Voice, who before were not able to utter a Sentence without Hesitation; its stupendious Effects, in so quickly and infallibly curing Stuttering, Stammering, and all disorders of the Voice and difficulty in delivery of the Speech are really Wonderful. Price 2s. 6d. a Pot, with Directions.

Sold only at Mr. Osborn's Toyshop at the Rose and Crown, under St.

Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street.'

Mr. Payn had also in his Toyshop 'an Infallible Electuary for Coughs and Colds,' an 'Incomparably Pleasant Tincture to Restore the Sense of Smelling,' and 'an a.s.sured Cure for Leanness,' as well as

'The famous Bavarian Red Liquor:


Which gives such a delightful blus.h.i.+ng Colour to the Cheeks of those that are White or Pale, that it is not to be distinguished from a natural fine Complexion, nor perceived to be artificial by the nearest Friend. Is nothing of Paint, or in the least hurtful, but good in many Cases to be taken inwardly. It renders the Face delightfully handsome and beautiful; is not subject to be rubb'd off like Paint, therefore cannot be discovered by the nearest friend. It is certainly the best Beautifier in the World.'

[Footnote 1: So also after the Drury Lane advertis.e.m.e.nt of the play of the night, is usually advertised: 'This Play is sold by Jacob Tonson,'


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