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The sweet hot tightness clenching and releasing his d.i.c.k had left him struggling for a breath. He gripped both sides of her hips and relaxed himself to savor the moment.

"Tell me you need me," he said.

"I need you," she answered and moved back against his push.

"Tell me you need only me," he said and slammed into her p.u.s.s.y harder and faster.

Mira gasped.

"Say it!" he demanded.

"Only... you..." she gasped.

He forced her down by pus.h.i.+ng at the center of her spine. Her p.u.s.s.y opened up fully to him. Her a.s.s beat against his pelvis. His d.i.c.k slammed in harder, and harder, relentless and he felt himself near the edge. Giovanni stopped himself. He withdrew. Mira collapsed and he dragged her under him, forcing her to her back. Her soft thighs closed around his hips. His erection found her creamy tightness and sank into her. The feel of her soft curves beneath him made him pause. She licked his neck, his chin, sought his mouth and dragged his tongue down into a kiss. He began to move again. His c.o.c.k surged, his b.a.l.l.s throbbed, he whirled his hips s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g her good.

Mira moved under him whimpering her pleasure. He loved her gently for the moment. Savoring every emotion straining and changing her pretty features.

"So beautiful. That's why you are my Bella," he said kissing her pouty swollen lips and then tasting her neck before sucking the tender skin between his teeth.

His a.s.s rose and fell with each gentle push and withdrawal of his c.o.c.k. Mira gripped both of his a.s.s cheeks. She squeezed. His pants and boxers were still gathered at his knees. He hadn't bothered to remove them.

"Please f.u.c.k me," she whispered to him.

He lifted from her but his c.o.c.k remained buried deep. He lifted her left leg and crossed it over her right. On his knees with his hands holding her leg down he thrust with rapid succession.

Heaven, was his single thought as he reached depths he hadn't imagined. Mira cried out loudly, clawing at him to slow his rhythm. He brough her left leg straight up against his chest and put her into a scissor position without a break in his stride.

"Oh, Gio, too deep," she panted.

"Shh... you can take it," he teased. Giovanni pulled out and thrust forward. Her c.u.n.t rippled and pulsed around him. Sweat rained down his brow dripping to his chest as his body temperature reached a feverish pitch. Her body shook with each downward thrust.

It wasn't enough. He needed more.

He withdrew and let her legs go down. Mira groaned. He lifted her beautiful body and sat back on his hunches. She was now seated on his lap. Like a demon possessed he gave her no time to catch her breath. He gripped her by the hips and she held to his neck as he helped her rise and fall on his d.i.c.k hard and fast. Tension sung through him and with great effort he tried to control the pace. Bella squeezed his neck tightly and moved with her own purpose taking over.

She moved back and forth, up and down, rolled her sweet p.u.s.s.y and he was lost. The mounting pressure in his chest imploded and shockwaves crippled him. The rush of pleasure was so extreme he fell back, awkwardly pinned with his pants trapped at his knees. She allowed him to move his legs, straighten them and she was back on top.

His entire body seized as she rode his c.o.c.k wild and free. Giovanni felt his heart reach an unattainable beat. "Bella!" he cried out.

"Shhh... you can take it," she teased.

He gripped her thighs for support and slammed his hips up to deliver decisive strikes before he broke and released.

"Mmmm," he said. "I want to f.u.c.k you on my desk next," he mumbled.

She chuckled and lay on him. "You can f.u.c.k me any way you please."

Giovanni woke with Mira in his arms. After a night of loving her, drinking and laughing they ended upstairs in his bed. He had lost track of time. He had no concept of it. The room they occupied had no windows. He lay with her sweet body pressed against his.

"You awake?" he asked.

"Mmm... what's wrong?" she groaned.

"Nothing, I... ti amo," he said. "Amore mia."

"Yes, Giovanni, you're my love,"

He closed his eyes and focused on the feel of his wife in his arms. Before he slipped back into bliss he whispered to her. "I adore you."

Book Club Questions.

Are you a fan of the series thus far? Do you and your friends chat over the drama and romantic tales of the Battaglias? The author has provided twenty book club questions for you to further the discussion!

At the beginning of La Famiglia Giovanni and Mirabella adjust to marital bliss. They visit Milan and he gives her an immortalizing portrait of the woman she once was. Who do you think Giovanni wants as a wife: the uptight businesswoman who loves deeply but is blind to his criminal exploits, or the disciplined Donna who accepts his darkness and learns day-by-day how to wield the ultimate power over his heart? Also, was Flavio right in saying that the love of a woman is the weakness that could destroy him?

Marietta agrees to sail the Mediterranean with Lorenzo. After four months they are in love. Is that too fast for this complicated couple? Do you think that their pa.s.sion and impulsive nature will bind them or destroy them?

Dominic is an orphan that Giovanni helped raise with his father. You learn the sad story of his arrival to the Battaglia family. Do you agree with Giovanni that their brotherhood should have never allowed him to cross the line with Catalina? Or do you understand what Dominic to be so pa.s.sionate about his love for Catalina and Giovanni?

Catalina matures in La Famiglia. She is devoted to her family but she is also excited about her future. Should the Battaglia women be allowed to have independent lives from the famiglia? Or is their lifestyle to dangerous to allow such freedom?

Will Catalina and Dominic's love survive her pa.s.sion for a career?

Giovanni kept a secret from his wife. Discuss his choice. Could you forgive a mafia husband for deceiving you? Was Mira's reaction to his deception founded or as many of the family believed unnecessarily punis.h.i.+ng?

What do you think of Mira's reaction to her husbands lies compared to her sisters' ability to forgive and move on?

Marietta and Carlo have a dangerous connection. The love/hate dynamic between them was ultimately bond to implode. How do you feel about Carlo's affections toward Marietta? Do you think they will ever cross the line again in the future?

Lorenzo loves his wife. What do you think he would do if he discovered their indiscretion?

Giovanni revealed his vulnerability. But not like most alpha men you read about in romance novels. His hard-edged madness and retaliation may not be appealing for a hero. As a reader would you have preferred he 'bend' to Mira's will, or were you accepting of her choice to 'bend' for him?

Dominic is truly a consigliere. He learned and trained under Flavio. He also feels the family should move toward more legitimate pursuits. Do you think Lorenzo's approach to keeping them strong and deadly is the better way to secure their legacy, or is Dominic's approach best?

What are you thoughts on Gemma?

Many stories have been shared about Melissa 'Lisa' Ellison. Which story do you believe? Gemma's or Mancini's? Was 'Lisa' Mancini's victim or just a young lady controlled by her drug addiction and love for a complicated man?

Armando and Mancini had a complicated relations.h.i.+p. Do you think he can set aside his prejudices and pride to get to know his sisters or will he be a threat to the women in the future?

What do you think happened to Carmella? Did Carlo kill her or give her money and send her away in the same manner he offered to do for Marietta?

Rocco appears to have more Battaglia secrets. Have we heard everything in the story of Tomosino and Rocco? Do you see any comparisons now with Rocco's actions to Lorenzo's?

Isabella lives. Why did she fake her death? And what do you think she has planned for Santo?

What was the most unforgettable moment in La Famiglia?

What would you have done differently in the story?

Can Mira evolve into the Bella Mafia Donna that the family needs? And at what cost?

Thank you for reading....

Coming next in 2014!.


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