No. 13 Washington Square Part 48

No. 13 Washington Square -

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Simpson, Mr. Preston, Mr. Pyecroft. Perhaps you have a few other _aliases_."

"I have had--yes. My real name is Eliot Endicott Bradford. That name has the advantage of never having appeared in any complaint or police report. For that matter, I may add that under none of my names have I ever been arrested. Eliot Bradford is a man against whom no legal fault can be found."

"A testimonial from you," exclaimed the Judge--"what could possibly be better!"

"But the hour?" gently insisted the other.

Judge Harvey stared; his eyes narrowed. Then, suddenly--


"Nine-thirty," said he.

"Thank you, sir," said Mr. Bradford; and slipped a hand through Miss Gardner's arm.

But before he could turn to go, Mrs. De Peyster, from over the shoulder against which she leaned--Mrs. De Peyster, she couldn't help it ... smiled at him.

And, suddenly, Judge Harvey--he couldn't help it, either ... was smiling, too.

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