The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 135: Extra; the New Emperor and Empress

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Chapter 135: Extra; the New Emperor and Empress


Translator: Mimi

Editor: PohTahTvh


Li Luo felt his body seemed to be floating in warm water. After a while, only then did he gradually sense the weight of his body.

Li Luo slowly opened his eyes and found himself sitting inside a carriage. Li Luo lowered his head and looked at his body, only to see himself dressed in a close-fitting and comfortable robe, and loose silver-gray muslin clothes on the outside.

[Host, you have returned to the first world~] Xiao Qi said in Li Luo’s mind.

Li Luo listened to the rolling sound of the wheels that were not loud outside, and resisted the urge to lift open the curtain to see Qin Yu.

In fact, after being together with Jin Chenji in the real world, there was a lot less regret about the fact that he didn’t face up his own heart and together with Qin Yu in the first world. But this matter was still like a knot in his heart.

Therefore, at this time, when Jin Chenji went out for a week on a business trip, Li Luo used his opportunity to return to the first world, and he also made Xiao Qi to set the time of his come back at that day when Qin Yu attacked Qing Xiao Country, the last country in the territory of the world within this book.

Li Luo was clenching his hands, and after he felt himself already completely familiar with this body, only then he leaned his body back on the carriage wall.

The carriage continued to advance slowly, he almost didn’t feel any uncomfortable b.u.mps. After more than an hour of time, the carriage finally stopped and the carriage door was opened. Qin Yu was standing straight outside the carriage, his eyes were deep as he looked at his direction.

“Mucheng, it’s already safe, you can come down now.” It was the same dialogue as before. Li Luo looked at Qin Yu because it had been so long, his face in his memory had become a bit fuzzy, and at this moment he once again appeared in front of him. Li Luo felt his heart can’t help but skipped a little bit faster.

Just like at that time, Li Luo half bent his body to get out of the carriage, but when he left the carriage, he accidentally stepped on the front hem of his robe, as his body immediately fell to the front uncontrollably. Qin Yu hurriedly took a few steps forward to catch him.

After Qin Yu caught Li Luo, he simply held Li Luo in his bosom, then he let out a chuckle before whispering in Li Luo’s ear, “Mucheng, how come you are so active today?”

Li Luo’s ear tips immediately reddened and burned hot a bit because of the warm breaths from Qin Yu. However, he didn’t break away from Qin Yu’s embrace, rather raised his head and looked at Qin Yu, and found that Qin Yu was also looking at him. When Qin Yu saw a somewhat unable to hide nostalgia, guilt, and the trace of love emotions in Li Luo’s eyes, Qin Yu couldn’t help but blanked for a while. Then he saw the man in his arms, wrapped his hands around his neck, before raising his head and printed a kiss at the corner of his lips.

After Li Luo finished doing these things, only then he felt that what he did was somewhat inconsistent with his att.i.tude towards Qin Yu before, but he originally wanted to come back, and speak properly about his love for this ident.i.ty of Jin Chenji.

Qin Yu stared blankly at Li Luo for a moment, before his eyes immediately appeared a bit serene and deep. He pressed down the urge to carry Li Luo to the bed and dominate him in his own heart. After all, after more than an hour of time, he would be holding the celebration banquet with all the high-ranking military officers who attacked the Qing Xiao Country together with him.

At the original routine’s celebration banquet, even though Qin Yu at the moment felt it was very superfluous, he couldn’t cancel or postpone the celebration banquet, as this would only make those group officials more dissatisfied with Su Mucheng.

After Qin Yu suppressed his own desire with great effort, the celebration banquet was held as usual. Li Luo was wearing the same robe as that night when he left Qin Yu, and sat at Qin Yu’s side. Qin Yu seemed to be very seriously drinking with the officers and soldiers below, but his hand under the table was firmly holding Li Luo’s hand, and from time to time rubbed a few times.

Li Luo let Qin Yu hold his hand in this way, while his other hand was picking up dishes with the chopsticks to eat.

Below, the officers and soldiers were completely unaware that their Emperor and Empress were holding hands under the table. Everyone unreservedly drank the good wines’ collection in the national treasury of the Qing Xiao Country. After all, they may not have much chance to drink such good wines in the future.

The banquet continued until very late at night. The officers and soldiers below were lying down to a large area. Qin Yu ordered the people to help these drunk officers and soldiers return to their room, before he took Li Luo to stand up from the seat and walked toward the outside garden.

Seeing Qin Yu left, all the taijians and palace maids at his side approached him, they held a lantern and wanted to lead the way in front of Qin Yu and Li Luo.

· Taijian”: eunuchs, who were men that were castrated, are not the same as taijian as taijian refers to specific positions in the Imperial Palace and government which were occupied by men that were castrated.

Qin Yu pulled Li Luo’s hand, he didn’t want the extra person to destroy the atmosphere between him and Li Luo, so he personally held a lantern and ordered the taijians and palace maids who were waiting at the side to withdraw. He and Li Luo advanced toward the courtyard where they were now living in the imperial palace of the Qing Xiao Country.

In the originally short section of road, Qin Yu and Li Luo took almost three burned incense sticks to simply walk.

Seeing there was no sign of Li Luo breaking away from his pulled hand, and also didn’t have the past indifferent expression to him, Qin Yu’s heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, and felt his mouth more and more dry.

After returning to the room, Qin Yu pulled Li Luo on the bed. Although Li Luo still showed the same not very adapt to his invasion as before, but he didn’t resist as much as before, and also took the initiative to hold his neck and kissed him, Qin Yu couldn’t help but firmly claimed him many times in bed, until the sky was slightly bright, only then he let go of Li Luo who was too tired to open his eyes.

Qin Yu cleaned up Li Luo’s body and put him back on the bed. Qin Yu caressed Li Luo’s full of marks but very smooth and exquisite back, as he thought of the slight uneasy feeling in his heart before, and then thought of Li Luo’s appearance last night, his hand that caressed Li Luo’s back suddenly paused. Could it be that Mucheng is trying to leave him again?

When Qin Yu thought of those five years Li Luo disappeared before, the black mist pressure was rolling over uncontrollably within his pupils. If Mucheng still doesn’t love him, he could wait for Mucheng to fall in love with him, even if it took a long time. However, the only thing he couldn’t stand was Mucheng leaving him. And he currently has enough power to completely trap his beloved one.

Qin Yu looked at Li Luo’s sleeping face, he leaned over and kissed Li Luo’s forehead, and then he quietly stood up, without disturbing Li Luo even a bit. No matter what, he would not let this person once again leave his side.

As a result, when Li Luo was unaware, his side was actually surrounded by many secret guards that Qin Yu specially prepared for him. As long as Qin Yu isn’t around him, the secret guards will keep watch on him from every inconspicuous place around him.

But very quickly, Qin Yu discovered that Li Luo seemed to have no intentions in leaving him, and obviously when he was interacting with him, Li Luo was unlike before, which hoped that he could “turn over a new leaf” and like a woman.

Qin Yu seemed to be able to really feel that Li Luo truly fell in love with him as he hoped.

He originally thought all this could only be in his dream, but it actually happened before his eyes.


Like this, two years of time very quickly pa.s.sed. Qin Yu had removed most of the original secret guards that he sent to look after Li Luo, and only left behind a few secret guards to protect the safety of Li Luo.

In these two years, Qin Yu was able to see clearly that Li Luo was truly willing to stay at his side.

Therefore, Qin Yu’s mood became more and more happy, to the extent that some officials in the court had forgotten his swift and fierce style.

Qin Yu expressionlessly sat on the top of the dragon throne, no one can see what he thought on his face, but those pair of deep and black eyes were covered with a layer of dark light, just like a rainstorm was about to come as the sky covered with a thick layer of black cloud.

He looked at the two officials who were bending their waist and gave a deep bow towards him. He finally opened his thin lips and said, “My two beloved officials, what have you just proposed to Zhen?”

· Zhen”: The royal I or We. It was how the emperor refers to himself.

The officials below clearly felt the pressure around them seemed to be several degrees lower. The two officials who originally came out to admonish, immediately frightened and knelt down on the ground with a plop sound. The white-haired official on the right side still had his back straight, as he bowed toward Qin Yu, “Your majesty, this official only hopes that you can expand the harem. There is only Empress Su in the palace…it’s really inappropriate to not open the branch and scatter the leaves.”

“Empress alone is enough for Zhen.”

The white-haired old official bowed his body even lower, “Asking the Emperor to think thrice.”

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the old official with thin stature who was kneeling on the ground, “The right prime minister is already old in years, Zhen would announce his retirement tomorrow, so he can quietly pa.s.s his later years.” Then he looked at the cold sweated middle-aged man who had his head lowered even more and his back seemed to be slightly trembling at the side of the right prime minister, “a.s.sistant Minister Liang made an inappropriate speech, he would be grounded for three months and deducted of one year’s worth of salary.”

After Qin Yu spoke, no officials below dared to speak out. Qin Yu swept his eyes over the officials who lowered their head and didn’t dare to look at him, “All my beloved officials, do you have anything else to say? If there’s nothing, then the court meeting ends here.”

How can the officials below dare to say anything at this moment, they would seek death if they said something, as the current rage Qin Yu would take his anger out on them. All of them bowed their heads and kowtow toward Qin Yu, “Respectfully send the Emperor off.”

Since then, no one dared to raise the matter of expanding the harem to Qin Yu. In the huge harem that originally belonged to the emperor, there was only Su Mucheng alone, moreover he was a man.

Two years later, Qin Yu chose one child from his own relative who he thought quite highly to be a crown prince, and named him Chang Bogong. Qin Yu ordered the senior teacher as the crown prince’s tutor, to mentor the words and actions of the crown prince, and the great general of the national defense, Li Chengxu, to teach the crown prince martial arts and the art of war. He would occasionally go to see the crown prince’s study.

Six years later, as he said before to Li Luo, Qin Yu pa.s.sed the throne to the crown prince. He didn’t feel reluctant for the throne of the emperor, as if this throne that made all the people in the world rushed like ducks to obtain it, was simply insignificant to him.

Li Luo was sitting inside the carriage, and lifted the curtain to look at the rear. Qin Yu at the back was talking to the crown prince Chang Bogong, who had grown up to a young man. Chang Bogong seemed to want to retain Qin Yu, but after he spoke with Qin Yu for almost three burned incense sticks, he reluctantly agreed and let Qin Yu turn around and walk over to the carriage.

Sitting in front as a driver, the head eunuch Chen Fen who was trusted by Qin Yu, immediately wanted to get down from the carriage and squat on the ground to be a stool to let Qin Yu enter the carriage.

But Qin Yu stopped his action, and got on the carriage himself, “Chen Fen, you will be the housekeeper of me and Mucheng later, moreover you are already old, so you don’t have to do this kind of thing.”

Li Luo looked at Qin Yu who entered the carriage with a smile on his face.

After Qin Yu entered the carriage, he immediately leaned over and kissed Li Luo’s lips, and then sat at Li Luo’s side and took him into his arms, “Where do you want to go?”

Li Luo raised his head and kissed Qin Yu back, “Anywhere you can go.”

Anyway, in this world, he would always accompany him until the moment he died.



Li Luo opened his eyes in a daze. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the ceiling of the room where he and Jin Chenji lived. At the moment, the sky outside just barely had the first glimmer of light, the time seemed still very early.

He came back from that world. In the end, he and Qin Yu were buried in the emperor’s tomb that Qin Yu had long prepared, and they were still together as before until they died.

Li Luo grabbed his hair and prepared to get up from the bed. Although the sky was still not bright, he was completely unable to sleep at all.

Just as he sat up and about to wear slippers, his cellphone that he charged on top of the bedside cabinet suddenly rang up.

Li Luo took a look, and when he saw it was Jin Chenji who called, he immediately pressed the answer b.u.t.ton.

“Xiao Luo, are you awake?” The sound of Jin Chenji’s low and pleasant to hear voice came from the other end of his cellphone.

“En, Chenji, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, just last night, I had a very beautiful dream, so I want to give you a call.” Jin Chenji let out a chuckle, before slowly saying, “Xiao Luo, I love you.”

The corner of Li Luo’s lips curved, he paused for a moment, before saying, “Chenji, I love you too.”

Meeting you was the most beautiful dream in my life.

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