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One of my favorite j.a.panese Mobile RPG was released recently, t.i.tle is ‘Another Eden'. I was playing the j.a.panese version of the game since it was released and I'm glad that the rest of the world will be able to play it. Seriously, more people should play it. It is the only mobile game that I played that feels like it shouldn't be mobile but I heard it will also have a switch release soon. I wonder if they will remove the gacha in switch. Anyway, enjoy this chapter… I'm too busy again, I'm thinking of asking for a day off from work. Maybe 2-3 days, then I can work on KT in one of those days. 15 Chapters left for KT.

As always, Chapter below is fake. The novel below is written by me and my friends. Read it if you like, ignore it otherwise. Just take note that this novel is written without any prior planning, it was written as a game where one writes and the next person continue what was left behind.

Chapter 16
“Learning Magic and Skills”

"Alright! I will be your instructor for today.. Call me Meliseum-sensei from now on"

“No, no, no, no…. what do you think you are doing?”

I asked without thinking. Of all the people in the whole city, I did not expect her to be the one a.s.signed in teaching us how to use magic.

“Like I've said, I will be your instructor. I will teach magic to you lot”

“Aren't you suppose to stay at the entrance of that big tree?”

I asked curiously. Too be honest, I don't want her to be our instructor but I still want to know why she is here.

“Quit your yapping! In the first place, there isn't a lot of people who visits Yggdrasil-sama. Even if I stay there, most of the time I am just standing idly doing nothing”

The loli elf snapped and I can see veins in her head however despite her att.i.tude due to her small stature, she just looks like a kid complaining about something so I cannot take her anger at face value.

“Listen up you pipsqueak! I will be teaching you how to use magic but I cannot teach you what magic you can use since it differs from each person. You have to figure that on your own, also another instructor will be coming later to teach you lot about skills”

Aren't you the pipsqueak here? but… forget about that, let's listen to her attentively. Henko, Jotaro and I listen to her explanations.

According to her, magic and skills in theory are actually the same. The only difference is, magic uses mana from the surroundings and skills are using mana from inside the body. However, it is wrong to think think that you can use magic infinitely. Each time you use magic, you need to manipulate mana and store it into your body, give instructions to the mana and release it. Due to this method, it cause toll in a human body and the more powerful the magic the greater the impact it has to the body. That's why casting magic can also kill the caster. One should know the limit of mana that can be accepted on his own body. If a caster tried to take mana more than the body could handle, it could cause mana suffocation and may lead to death.

I asked if incantations are needed in casting magic but she said that incantations is only there to help the caster focus his concentration in gathering mana. The incantation itself does nothing except for Ancient Magic. This means, as long as you are not casting Ancient Magic if you can gather mana without incantation then you can cast magic without chanting anything. Ancient Magic however are old magic that uses incantation to command the mana. This means, Ancient Magic uses the mana from the surroundings and provide instruction on the spot. Mana doesn't need to gather inside the body anymore which means you can use Ancient Magic as much as you want however Ancient Magic are banned throughout the world. The reason is because in Ancient Magic the used mana disappears while in normal magic, mana returns to the surroundings after being used.

Skills on the other hand are like magic in theory because you also use mana inside your body, give instructions to the mana and release it. The only difference is that you do not need to gather mana anymore, since you are using the mana inside your body…. skills are much faster to initiate. You can think of the mana inside you like another set of muscles or tissue, if you keep on using the skill over and over after sometime… it will become 2nd nature and will be able to use it without even thinking about it. That's why there are a lot of saying that skills are stronger the more you use it.

After the long explanation, loli elf teach us how to manipulate mana from the surroundings. Once mana are gathered, we need to know what element we should use and command the mana to apply that element. If your body can't handle that element, then the mana will disperse inside your body but since it will be considered as foreign substance, it will eventually get out of your body so there is no danger unless you keep on applying an element that you can't apply non-stop.

After practicing for around 3-4 hours, Jotaro was able to fire a freaking laser from his hand. He said that he applied light element to it. Certainly, lasers should be in the light element but isn't that like cheating? How the heck can you call a laser magic? Henko on other hand, surprised everyone when she started s.h.i.+ning. According to the loli elf, that it is normal because her magic is support. She said that Henko s.h.i.+nes like that because Henko didn't really cast a magic and she just tried to gather mana inside her body and apply an element to it. When we told her to release it, Henko stops s.h.i.+ning. It was an amazing sight, she looks like a G.o.ddess. Me? Haa~ I shoot a fireball from my hands. Amazing isn't it? Yeah, it should be amazing… if only its bigger than a 1 yen coin(20mm). It was so small that the loli elf can't stop on laughing. What's more, the loli elf ask me to shoot another fireball and when she blow on it, it disappear. What kind of fireball can you take out just by blowing on it? I wish I can make it bigger.

After training, we all went home. Vine-san said that she has something to do so the topography lesson that we schedule was postponed. We just rest for a bit and after eating lunch, we decided to head to the library and research the books.

We are looking for any clues about this world, the previous hero and a way to go back. For me, I am looking for a way to make my fireball bigger.

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