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Hey guys! Guess what's new? Nothing! Chapter is delayed again. Hahahaha. Well, you guys know how busy I am but yeah, here is the chapter for last week. I already started working on the next chapter but I currently stressed out on how to make Tales of Vesperia in steam work, it just keeps on cras.h.i.+ng (even with the mods and stuff I found in internet) so it might take another day or two before I post it.

As always, Chapter below is fake. The novel below is written by me and my friends. Read it if you like, ignore it otherwise. Just take note that this novel is written without any prior planning, it was written as a game where one writes and the next person continue what was left behind.

Chapter 15
“What we did and what to do”

We are currently staying at a mansion located near the the center of the city. Apparently, people call this mansion the ‘Hero Mansion'. It is the home of the previous hero who established the city of elves but since it was not being used for a long time, Yggdrasil decided to announce us as the new owners. The mansion is not a joke, I can call it luxury. The first floor has a lobby, a living room, 2 guest rooms, dining room and kitchen. The 2nd floor has 4 bed rooms, 1 bathroom and a library. Outside is a small garden with a s.p.a.ce where one or two carriage can stay and a gate which is 3 times taller than me. Since the mansion is big, there are 5 maids a.s.signed to this mansion. I will introduce them later on. The sight of elves wearing maid uniforms, I'm sure my otaku friends will pay big money just to see them.

After the event, Yggdrasil remove the curse from the loli elf. When she woke up, she was not hostile to us anymore but her mouth is still as bad as ever. She was acting like my boss at work while saying “It should be an honor to help me” and many other things that doesn't make any sense. Tsundere? I hope so. We asked the loli elf if she remember anything but it seems her memory is vague. All she can remember is that she go somewhere outside the city to meet someone but she can't remember the specifics.  Anyway, it was decided for the loli elf to go back in guiding the people who wants to meet Yggdrasil.

About my abilities? I stop thinking about it. It can't be helped, even if I try to remember. I don't know what I forget and I can't tell at all if I lost some memories. Conclusion, ignore it as if it didn't happen. I guess, I should just be careful on how to use my powers from now on.

After all of this happened, we have decided to stay in this city for around 3 weeks. There are multiple reason for this. One, is to check the library in Hero Mansion. We like to know some insight from a j.a.panese about this world. We might also learn something useful while checking out his book. At the same time, Vine-san promised as to let us read the books in this library when we accept her offer while we are still in the kingdom. Second, we don't know if Basil Kingdom is an enemy or not. We know that loli elf is somehow connected to the king but we cannot just make a.s.sumption base on so much little information. That being said, we cannot just go back to the kingdom and ask the King like “Did you try to us?”. Regardless of being true or not, it will not end properly. Third is our powers. To survive in this world, we need to learn how to use our powers. My codex is banned for me to use so I need to learn how to cast magic, my magic ability might be the lowest but it is still going to be useful for survival. There are a lot of skilled magicians, swordsman and the like here in the city. Yggdrasil arranged for us to be trained by one of the best, we will meet them tomorrow. In exchange, Jotaro decided to teach some elves some grappling and hand to hand combat techniques. For some reason, he only wants to teach men. I guess, he feels uneasy in grappling women… what a gentleman.

As always, Jotaro is popular with the girls. When we go out to the city, the eyes of the female elves are forcibly drawn to his location. When we buy some food on our way to the mansion, they even give him a discount. Of course, Vine-san is the one who payed since we don't have any money from this world.

We will take it easy for the rest of the day, tomorrow is the start of training. After that, while checking out the library and Vine-san will explain the topography of this world. I wonder who will teach us magic tomorrow? Will it be a beautiful elf? A handsome elf? The loli elf? Nah, I don't think she can teach anyone. Anyway, I'm excited… even though I know that my magic is the weakest I can't help imaging the things that I can do with it. While thinking about such things, me, Henko and Jotaro go to our respective rooms and go to sleep. It seems everyone is exhausted with the fighting and walking so we had a peaceful night.

The next day,

“Alright! I will be your instructor for today.. Call me Meliseum-sensei from now on”

Dang, it is the loli elf. What's more, she is wearing a sharp looking gla.s.s and a s.e.xy teacher outfit that doesn't suit her at all. Considering what happened, I'm sure that this is going to be a very long day.

TN: Nothing much happen on this one. Tried to make the story fast because its kinda slow but the mansion and Meliseum as their teacher plays a major role in this story so we cannot skip it even though we want to. Next chapter is another fast paced chapter and after that is the start of their journey.

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