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Once we reached the witch world, we headed straight to the palace.

While it was possible to go to the main administrative office, which kept records on all the witches in the world, Majorika suggested that it might be quicker to just ask the Queen and the senate.

Hearing that we had come to visit, the Queen immediately granted an audience with us.

“We heard that a witch named Majoavenir is taking care of Yume-chan now,” Hana-chan reported.


The Queen seemed shocked for a moment, then her expression softened.

“Do you know her, your Majesty!? See, I told you,” Majorika turned to us, a smug look on her face.

“I guess you can say I know her. Majoavenir is my younger sister.”


Everyone gasped in surprise.

“That’s great!!”

Hana-chan was the only one who sounded glad as she flashed a peace sign and walked up to the Queen.

“So, where is Majoavenir now?”

“Well…… I’m not sure.”

“Whaaaat!!? Haven’t you gone to see her before?”

“That was more than 100 years ago, before I became Queen.”

“Huh? Your Majesty, you didn’t go to see your sister after you became the Queen?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“My sister was really interested in gla.s.sblowing at that time, so she told me she wanted to travel the world and learn from the masters. I suggested, because we are sisters, to keep in touch so we can see each other as often as possible, but……”

“What did your sister say, Your Majesty?” Hazuki-chan asked.

“She said, ‘I want to live in the human world as a human, rather than as a witch, so I don’t want us to meet again. In the case where something happens to big sister before you can appoint the next Queen, then I’ll go back to the witch world on my own.’ With that, she walked away.”

Even so, the Queen hoped she could visit Majoavenir whenever she needed help or advice, so she had visited the human world many times to look for Majoavenir. However, in order to live in the human world, Majoavenir had hidden all traces of her ident.i.ty as a witch, so the Queen could not find her, even with magic.

“So Hana-chan won’t be able to find her with magic as well……?” Hana-chan asked dejectedly. “And it’s impossible for me to keep on playing the accordion in public too, isn’t it?”

“But if Hana-chan activated Magical Stage together with us, maybe……”

But before Hazuki-chan could finish her sentence, the Queen was already shaking her head.

“I’ve also tried enlisting the help of the witches in the senate, but it was useless.”

“So it’s impossible to find Yume-chan?” Hana-chan asked in a small voice.

However, the Queen smiled.

“No, there’s a possibility that you can.”

The Queen’s words had captured everyone’s attention.

“Actually, when I went to Misora City as Yuki-sensei, I managed to sense Majoavenir’s aura once. I wanted to go after her, but there was an emergency situation in the witch world… When I went back to the human world, the aura was gone.”

“Does that mean you can sense Majoavenir when she’s near?” Hazuki-chan asked, and the Queen nodded.

“It may be impossible for the rest of you girls, but I think Hana-chan should be able to do that.”

“I see! Then Hana-chan will travel around the human world, searching for Majoavenir to meet Yume-chan!”


“Don’t say strange things. You still have to go to school!” Majorika scolded.

“No, no, noooo!! Hana-chan wants to see Yume-chan~~!!”

Large drops of tears formed in Hana-chan’s eyes, then rolled down her cheeks.

I totally understood Hana-chan’s pain, so……

“Your Majesty, why don’t you let Hana-chan study in the human world again?”

“Good idea, Doremi! I can stay with everyone again, and find Yume-chan too!”

The cheerful Hana-chan was back!

“We’ll do our best to help Hana-chan, Your Majesty,” Hazuki-chan promised.

“Please, Your Majesty,” Ai-chan begged.

“I agree with everyone,” Onpu-chan joined in too.

“Yes, please, Your Majesty,” Momo-chan repeated again.

“……Alright. I’ll let Hana-chan study in the human world,” the Queen acceded.

“That’s great—!! Thanks, everyone!” Hana-chan cheered as we hugged.

“It’s great, but we’re already high school students, and are really busy with club activities and work. We won’t be able to watch over you the way we used to do,” I warned.

“It’s no problem. Hana-chan will become a high school student too.”

With that, she gave us a wink and started to chant.

“Pororin pyuarin, Hana Hana pii! Make Hana-chan a high school student!!”

A bright light surrounded Hana-chan’s body. In a moment, Hana-chan had transformed into a high school student, complete with our school uniform.

“I’m Makihatayama Hana, 16 years old! Nice to meet you!” Hana-chan greeted us with a grin.

It’s been a while since we witnessed this transformation, so we were all in shock.

“Y-You know what our uniforms look like, Hana-chan!?” Ai-chan retorted.

“Heheh, when we were separated, I watched everyone through my crystal. I saw Doremi get rejected by Kotake in junior high, then you two got closer again. And now, you’ve become the manager of the soccer team. I know all that.”

“O-Oh, that’s true……”

“I know about everyone! About Hazuki, Aiko, Onpu, and Momoko too!”

Majorika and Lala were smiling.

“I see. Either way, you have to stay with us at the MAHO-do again, Hana, but you have to help out too.”


And so, Hana-chan became a high school student, and started to live in the human world with us.

Our fairies also stayed with her, helping out at the back of the store. Whenever we organized searches for Yume-chan, the fairies also helped by transforming into our clones and taking our places in school and at the MAHO-do.

But was this really the best idea?

With Hana-chan’s amazing magical powers, I had a bad feeling we might get into more trouble than fun in the near future…

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