Ojamajo Doremi 16 Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part1

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Cheese! I am Harukaze Doremi.

——Wait, this isn’t the time for casual greetings.

My, no, our daughter Hana-chan has appeared in Paris on the night with the smiling moon, singing while playing an accordion.

The Internet has given her the name ‘Paris Diva’, and the video of her has already been viewed tens of thousands of times by people all over the world.

Onpu-chan, who is currently touring Paris because of a musical production, informed us that large crowds gather at Paris’ famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Place Charles de Gaulle night after night, video camera in hand, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ‘diva’.

Oh, let me give a brief introduction to the readers who don’t know Hana-chan.

Our relations.h.i.+p with Hana-chan began just before we entered 4th grade of elementary school, when we lost our way in the Queen’s flower garden in the witch world. Somehow, we ended up witnessing Hana-chan’s birth from the special blue rose known as the Witch Queen Rose.

While all witches are born from flowers, the baby born from the Witch Queen Rose once every 100 years is special, because she possesses an awesome magical power.

In short, there is a high chance that the baby will become the next Queen of the witch world.

In the witch world, there is a law stating that whoever witnesses the birth of a witch baby will have to be the child’s guardian for the first year of her life. That was how we became Hana-chan’s guardians by chance.

However, it wasn’t really coincidence, because the entire incident was orchestrated by the Queen.

In order to strengthen ties between the witch and human worlds, which had been separated from each other for a really long time, the Queen chose us to be Hana-chan’s guardians, hoping that Hana-chan would become the witch to bring our two worlds together.

Because of that, we did our best to teach Hana-chan the importance of kindness, family, friends and care for others.

However, it was too much to ask a bunch of 4th graders to act as mothers. Our lives were devoted to raising Hana-chan, and we were kept busy every single day.

In the end, thanks to Mum’s advice and Majorika and Lala’s support, we managed to bring up Hana-chan well for an entire year.

After that, Hana-chan returned to the witch world and entered the witch’s kindergarten, but she was soon afflicted by the vegetable-hating curse, put in place by Majotourbillon, the Queen two reigns ago who wanted no contact with the human world.

We were put in charge of Hana-chan once again, and we managed to help her overcome the curse, but we weren’t able to dispel Majotourbillon’s deep sorrow.

Majotourbillon was a witch who renounced her t.i.tle of Queen and married a human. However, her husband soon pa.s.sed away, and she was left to raise her child alone.

But because the lifespan of witches is far longer compared to humans, she witnessed the death of her child. The humans around her died, even her beloved grandchildren, yet she never seemed to age. This caused her to fall into deep sorrow.

Despite this, Hana-chan was determined to live with us, so she used all her magical power to age herself until she was the same age. This caused her crystal ball, the source of her magical power, to crack, and she had to become a witch apprentice and pa.s.s the Level 1 exam in order to become a witch again.

She met with lots of hards.h.i.+ps, but with our support, Hana-chan regained her status as a witch, and she even managed to melt Majotourbillon’s ice-like deep sorrow. But the future held bad news for us.

Because of our efforts in saving Majotourbillon, the Queen offered to make us real witches, but after lots of consideration, we chose to turn down the offer.

Though our lives are shorter compared to witches, we enjoyed being humans, and we knew that we had the power to achieve our dreams even if we didn’t possess magic.

However, that only served to hurt Hana-chan, who thought that we would choose to become witches and live with her in the witch world……

But we did our best as Mamas to convince her, and in the end, Hana-chan came to understand and accept our decision. Then, we promised to meet up again once she became the next Queen.

With that, Hana-chan returned to the witch world with her guardian Majorika, Lala, and all of our fairies.

Though it was really lonely after that and we missed our dear daughter, we worked hard, sure that Hana-chan would grow up to be a wonderful Queen.

But a year ago, Hana-chan created lots of trouble for Majorika, and even requested for Majorika’s rival Majoruka to be her guardian instead. It was just too unbelievable.

In the end, Majorika came back to the human world with Lala and reopened the MAHO-do. Things happened and we ended up working there again, but Hana-chan had always been at the back of our minds.

Then, we learned that Hana-chan had appeared in the human world as the ‘Paris Diva’, and was garnering a huge amount of interest around the world. The news caused so much worry for all of us that it felt like our hearts would burst.

If anyone discovered Hana-chan’s ident.i.ty as a witch, the world would fall into chaos.

Thus, we needed to find her and get her to stop appearing as the ‘diva’ as soon as possible.

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