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Onpu-chan’s schedule got even tougher once March rolled around.

The musical ‘Blue Moon’ was to be staged in London from mid- to late-March, before moving to Paris in April. That was why Onpu-chan couldn’t even wait till spring vacation to start, and would be flying off to London right at the beginning of March.

Thus, she would be taking her semestral examinations before anyone else, and had requested for printouts and reports on topics that she’d be missing, so that she could do some studying before the new semester began. If she couldn’t score well on the exams, she might not be promoted to her soph.o.m.ore year. However, since she went to a school known for taking in celebrities, maybe that wasn’t such an uncommon thing. It was just that her place of work would soon be in London, so she wouldn’t be able to attend school even on her days off.

While the musical had a double set of cast, Onpu-chan did get a large proportion of the performance dates. Even when it was the other actress’ turn to perform, Onpu-chan would be backstage, watching the show. She also took this time to write a report on the history of musicals in England. She was just too hardworking.

“Hmm, maybe I’ve been too busy, but the days just seem to fly past. I can still get by speaking in English, but French is a definite no-no. I’m glad the musical’s script is only in English.”

Since she’d been working hard on her English, Onpu-chan would be starring in most of the shows in London too.

And because she had to get ready to leave for London while studying for her examinations, she could only drop by at the MAHO-do on rare occasions.

“I guess it can’t be helped, with her so busy and all. But she seems to be living everyday to the fullest,” Hazuki-chan said, even though she herself was busy with rehearsals for the concert.

“Well, she still finds the time to come by every so often. I guess this really feels like a second home, huh?” Ai-chan added.

“Me too. I feel like my day isn’t over until I come here!” Momo-chan declared.

I guess for Momo-chan, the MAHO-do might as well be her real home. I was busy learning the ropes of becoming a soccer team manager, but like her, I’d developed the habit of dropping by the MAHO-do daily, no matter how late it was. I mean, there was always the chance of having new desserts to taste-test.

Momo-chan’s latest creation was a pink cake. Divided into two layers, the bottom was covered in white mousse mixed with tiny, round, pink translucent jellies. The top layer was covered in pink mousse, the color of cherry blossoms.

Her other creation had the same design, but had a tulip motif instead. Thus, the jellies were of multiple colors. It was stylish and just like spring. In addition, she’d also designed some candies in the shapes of sweetpeas and tulips, the flowers of spring.

Onpu-chan would always make sure to drop by for any taste-testing parties. I hoped Momo-chan’s desserts could give her energy and motivation. In fact, I wished all of us could fly to London to watch the opening night show together, but unfortunately, we couldn’t leave the store unattended.

Besides, it was against the rules to use magic for our own pleasure, and travelling such a long distance would surely be exhausting too. Since everyone was really busy, it would be hard if Onpu-chan met with any problems, because we wouldn’t be able to go to her. Therefore, I wished that her performances would proceed smoothly.

Finally, the day of Onpu-chan’s departure arrived.

“All the best, Onpu-chan. I’ll be supporting you here in j.a.pan.”

“Please work hard at training too, Ai-chan. I hope to see you up and running again when I return.”

Everyone had come to Narita Airport to send Onpu-chan off. While I was worried about her living alone abroad for a whole month, Onpu-chan seemed both excited and happy. It was probably antic.i.p.ation. Besides, she had the staff and other cast members, and would be staying at an apartment with a family who had an empty room after their child grew up and moved out. Onpu-chan would be rooming with her manager too, so that was a relief as well.

“The room we rented is really quite big. If you can, feel free to come over and visit during spring vacation. We can go sightseeing in London and Paris together,” Onpu-chan offered.

I wondered how much it would cost to get a flight to London. Without magic, I didn’t think the money I’d earned at the MAHO-do was enough.

“Please take care of your health. Being healthy means being happy.”

“I’ve heard that food in London isn’t the best, but you’ll be ok with the desserts I’ll bake.”

Hazuki-chan and Momo-chan promised to send a steady supply of supplements, grilled sweets and cookies to Onpu-chan’s apartment during her stay there. By the way, my gift of piano CDs were already packed inside her bags. I’d compiled all my favorite pieces into two discs, one filled with relaxing songs to help lull her to sleep, and the other with bright and happy tunes. I hoped she’d like them.

“j.a.panese anime can be quite popular overseas. I’ve packed some mini figurines and merchandise for you. Use them to capture the hearts of the foreign cast and staff members.”

Was that really true, Ai-chan? Kids would probably appreciate it, but adults? She refused to show us the contents of her gift, but I hoped Onpu-chan would find them helpful during her trip.

“I’m sorry I won’t be attending your concert, Hazuki-chan. Please perform for me when I come back. Momo-chan, thanks for practicing English with me. I’ll share your desserts with everyone, and I’m sure it’ll be really well-received.”

We continued chatting until it was nearly time for departure, then Onpu-chan left to join her manager and the other cast members. Turning back, she smiled and waved goodbye.

“She looks really happy. The musical has been a huge success here, and will be staged in London soon. I’m glad she seems confident about it,” Ai-chan mused.

“I think she should record the musical numbers in English and release it as a CD,” Momo-chan added.

“Seeing Onpu-chan working hard really makes me feel motivated too,” Hazuki-chan said.

Oh, Hazuki-chan’s concert was just 2 days away, and she would be busy with rehearsals the whole of tomorrow. She’d been keeping the setlist secret from us, so I’m really looking forward to getting the program booklet soon.

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