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MAHO-do experienced the best sales it ever had that Valentine’s Day.

Momo-chan’s gateau chocolat cakes and heart-shaped madeleine cakes were all well-received, and were s.n.a.t.c.hed up before we even realized it. As a result, we were able to close shop really early.

“How delicious, as expected of Momo-chan. This month’s desserts do have a slight adult taste to it.”

Onpu-chan had dashed over as soon as she could, and we held an impromptu Valentine’s gift exchange party.

Of course, Momo-chan’s gateau chocolate must taste eons better than my ‘Experimental Cake No.3’.

Ai-chan had lent us a hand with wrapping up the desserts, so we thought we would definitely be able to meet demand, yet everything still sold out so fast. Come to think of it, there were many adult customers I’d never seen before who came in to our store today.

“Ai-chan, chocolate stimulates the brain, so I think it’ll be good as an after-training snack.”

Ai-chan had received a large heap of chocolates, which were emitting a sweet fragrance.

“That’s amazing, Ai-chan. Did you get so many presents last year too?”

“Hmm, I’ve always been getting some from friends, but never this much.”

Ai-chan was energetic and boyish, but I was sure that alone didn’t warrant the vast amount of presents she’d received.

“Maybe it’s because of that bridal-style carry you did? It must have left such a huge impression!” Momo-chan suggested.

“I see. That must be it!”

That caught Onpu-chan’s attention, and she pestered us to tell her more. And so, Momo-chan enthusiastically regaled the entire story of how Ai-chan carried Yuuna-chan bridal-style to the school infirmary.

“I’m sure that’s the main reason behind the gifts,” Onpu-chan nodded in understanding as she refilled everyone’s tea cups. “There’s always lots of cute chocolate gifts during Valentine’s, so everyone at my school puts them up on display. Some people also gave gifts to their seniors.”

“Yep. I saw lots of chocolates with cute packaging from famous confectioneries, so I bought them all. Let’s eat them together next time,” Momo-chan added.

I’d received some gifts from a few cla.s.smates too, like Yuuna-chan, whom I gave some cute chocolates to as well. As for Ai-chan, she was so cool on the race track, set new records, was always so friendly, and to top it all off, was the star of the bridal-style carry incident. She was just too cool, so I understood why many girls took this chance to give her a present.

“Yada-kun got a gift from you too, right, Hazuki-chan? Did he like it?”

“I guess. I got some gifts from my cla.s.smates too. You gave something to Kotake-kun too, didn’t you? I’m sure he’s been waiting for your chocolates, Doremi-chan.”

It was just like Hazuki-chan to skilfully divert the attention back to me.

“I did my best to bake a cake following Momo-chan’s recipe. I’ll be giving it to him later.”

I’d prepared some chocolates for the soccer team members, and left them together with Kogure-senpai’s chocolates in the club room for the members to help themselves to before they headed home. However, it seemed that Kotake himself hadn’t dropped by to pick his share up yet. I also spotted numerous chocolates left on Leon’s desk in the staff room. The sight was slightly disturbing.

“Maybe Ai-chan was the one who received the most chocolates in Misora High.”

“Well, it’s all from girls, so I got none from any of the guys. How about all of you?”

I’d been feeling slightly nervous as I wrapped up the cake and towel I’d be giving to Kotake, but looking at Ai-chan’s chocolates, I felt a little better. It’d be alright, as long as I thought of it purely as giving a gift to a friend.

I hoped our team would be chosen to represent the prefecture this year. No, there would still be numerous matches before that, so I’d have to work hard. And speaking of working hard, weren’t exams just around the corner too?

Pop had been accepted into her school of choice, Hazuki-chan had been chosen to represent her violinist batch, and Ai-chan was on the road to recovery. I guess I’d reached my limit of happy incidents, and painful incidents would soon come.

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