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_V. testa ovato-obtusa, flavescente, fasciis pallidis, maculis fulvis interstinctis cincta; anfractu basali obtuse nodoso; spira brevissima, acuta; columella incra.s.sata, multiplicata._

Sh.e.l.l ovate-obtuse, yellowish, with pale bands and fulvous spots; body whorl crowned by compressed obtuse nodules; spire very short, acute; pillar thickened with many plaits.

Voluta Pusio. _Swainson, in Tilloch's Ph. Journal_, _vol._ 61. _p._ 378.

Lamarck's recent account of this genus, in the last volume of his _Animaux_, contains but two species in addition to those long ago described by him in the _Annales du Mus._; thus omitting many of those new Volutes which of late years have been discovered. On the other hand, this naturalist has created five species from the varieties of _V. musica_ Lin.

resting their characters on colour, bands, and the number of the lesser or spurious plaits on the pillar. It requires no argument to prove that these principles of distinction are the most uncertain he could have chosen; scarcely two specimens of _V. musica_ being found alike. These supposed species must, therefore, again merge into one.

The sh.e.l.l before us has more important characters; the body whorl is quite smooth, but crowned by compressed truncated nodules; the spire remarkably short, and the tip acute; in other respects it approaches to _V. virescens_ Sol. (_Polyzonalis_ Lam.) and to _V. fulva_ Lam. I have neither of these at present before me; but if Lamarck's description of them, and the figures which he has cited, be correct, I have no doubt they are but one species; _V. polyzonalis_ being the _smooth_, and _V. fulva_ being the _nodulous_ variety of Solander's _V. virescens_. In fact, Lamarck says both are transversely striated.

_V. pusio_ is a sh.e.l.l of the greatest rarity, and is described from a specimen in the collection of my friend Mr. Broderip. Its form is perfect, but its colours are somewhat faded.

Pl. 182


CYPRaeA spadicea,

_Chesnut Cowry._



_C. testa ovata, oblonga, immaculata; dorso rufo; ventre albo; lateribus lividis._

Sh.e.l.l ovate-oblong, unspotted; the back reddish chesnut; belly white; sides livid.

C. spadicea. _Swainson, in Tilloch's Ph. Mag._ _vol._ 61. _p._ 376.

In shape and general aspect this sh.e.l.l somewhat resembles _C. onyx_; but its colours are so peculiar, that it cannot be mistaken for that or any other known species: the under side (or belly) is convex and pure white; the sulcations between the teeth of the aperture wide, short, and but faintly marked; the sides livid, tinged with flesh colour. Three specimens have fallen under my observation; one of which, being young, showed the internal colour of the back to be dull purple; they were all received by Mrs. Mawe from the South Seas.

CYPRaeA sanguinolenta

(_Middle figures._)

_C. testa ovato-oblonga, dorso punctis fuscis, nebulosis, obsito; lateribus incarnato-violaceis, livide guttatis; ventre depresso._

Sh.e.l.l ovate-oblong, the back clouded, and dotted with brown; sides flesh-coloured violet, with dark livid spots; belly depressed.

_C. testa ovato-oblonga, cinereo-caerulescente, fulvo vel fusco fasciata, lateribus incarnato-violaceis, sanguineo-punctatis._ _Lam.

Syst._ 7. _p._ 396.

C. sanguinolenta. _Gmelin_, 3406. _Turton_, 4. _p._ 335. _Dill._ 445.

_Martini_, 1. _t._ 26. _f._ 265, 266. _Ency. Meth._ _pl._ 356. _f._ 12.

C. purpurascens. _Sw. in Tilloch's Ph. Mag._ 61. _p._ 376.

Gmelin and Lamarck have both described the lateral spots on this sh.e.l.l as blood-red. Their descriptions in other respects are loose, and the figures by Martini so bad, that it is with some doubt I have here placed my _purpurascens_ as a variety of Gmelin's _sanguinolenta_. The back of the sh.e.l.l is minutely freckled with brown; the under part (or belly) is flattened; the spots on the sides dark livid purple, and the base of the aperture effuse. It is, I believe, a native of Southern Africa.

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