Strongest Counterattack Chapter 308 - How Should He Face His Enemies?

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Chapter 308 How Should He Face His Enemies?

The farce came to an end. Consequently, the on-lookers dispersed. As the saying goes, the insiders know the ropes, while the outsiders just came along for the ride, and the smart ones know that the game just started. After all, not everyone could survive the rage and fury of the Qu family and Yan family.

Yan Chaozong was called back to Shanghai. Qu Huanxi got reprimanded. After that, he behaved himself. Yang Deng was confined. All of them were safe and sound. However, as for Qin Sheng and his poor brothers, they had a hard time in the bureau.

The weak would always be the prey to the strong in this society. As what had been depicted in the Journey to the West, the devils who had connections were all taken away, while those who did not have any connections were all beaten to death.

Lin Su arrived at Jiuxi Rose Garden hurriedly. Cao Da was making calls in the living room. Mi Na was by his side, who did not know what had gone wrong. Most of the time, she would not concern herself with these issues unless Cao Da had taken the initiative to order her to do so. As for most of the important issues in the Cao family, Cao Da and Ji Jing would discuss them. All she needed to do was to be a quiet canary.

Mi Na saw Lin Su enter the house and asked surprisingly, “Lin Su, why are you here?”

After greeting Mi Na, Lin Su stared at Cao Da, who was making calls frowningly, as she said, “I am here to visit Uncle Cao.”

Mi Na greeted Lin Su and asked her to sit down first. The look on Lin Su’s face was somewhat ghastly. Consequently, Mi Na knew that Qin Sheng must have met with some mishap. After all, she had gotten some information from Cao Da’s calls.

Mi Na poured a cup of tea for Lin Su. After that, she also prepared some fruits and snacks for her without raising any questions. They sat there waiting, watching to see when Cao Da would finish his calls.

Soon after, Cao Da finished making calls and went back to the living room. Lin Su asked hurriedly, “Uncle Cao, how is it?”

Cao Da let out a sigh, sat down, and shook his head as he said, “Both the Qu family and the Yan family had put pressure on the related parties. Consequently, n.o.body is willing to offend them for Qin Sheng’s sake. I am trying to find another way out.”

Upon hearing what Cao Da had said, Lin Su felt so wretched and helpless. Though she had expected that both the Qu family and Yan family would be tough, it did not occur to her that even Cao Da could do nothing at all.

Following that, Cao Da said, “But don’t worry, Qin Sheng won’t be in danger while staying in jail. Nor will he suffer from any hards.h.i.+ps. I have notified my connections there.” Currently, this was the only thing Cao Da could do. As for what had happened this time, Cao Da had pried into it and found out that the issue this time was serious. It had not occurred to him that Qin Sheng would do such a thing.

Lin Su came to her senses, smiled bitterly, and said, “Uncle Cao, thanks for your effort.”

When Qin Sheng had told Cao Da about what had happened between him and Lin Su, Cao Da already knew Lin Su’s background. After all, there was no other Lin family in the whole Ningbo area. At this time, since the Lin family in Ningbo was more powerful than him, they probably could help Qin Sheng out. As a result, Cao Da asked thoughtfully, “Lin Su, I know you come from the Lin family in Ningbo. Since Qin Sheng is in such big trouble this time, maybe your family can help him.”

Upon learning that Cao Da knew her ident.i.ty, Lin Su felt no surprise at all. Even so, it did not change anything. If it were not for the Lin family, Qin Sheng would not have been in such a crisis. It was the Lin family who had harmed Qin Sheng to such an extent. However, the Lin family avoided Qin Sheng completely after he was in trouble, which made Lin Su feel so guilty while facing Qin Sheng. She knew that Qin Sheng had done everything for her sake.

This Lin family really disappointed her…

Since Lin Su was not willing to talk about anything related to her family, she explained to Cao Da in a few words as she said, “Uncle Cao, if my family could help Qin Sheng, I would not be here to visit you. I can’t easily explain what happened between us and my family in words. If it were not for my family, the issue today would not have taken place.”

Cao Da nodded quietly and said, “I get your point.”

If he could not get Lin Su’s point, it would mean that he had been hanging around for so many years in vain. The Lin family was a famous family in Zhejiang Province, while Lin Su was the most outstanding descendant of the Lin family. As for Qin Sheng, well, to most of the people, he was n.o.body but a white-collar guy from a working-cla.s.s background who started from scratch. No grand family would choose Qin Sheng over Yan Chaozong.

However, upon hearing what Lin Su had said and seen what Lin Su had done, Cao Da was greatly impressed by her and her insight because only Lin Su saw Qin Sheng’s potential. As for Cao Da himself, if he had not known about Qin Sheng’s background, he would not have provided such a platform to Qin Sheng and paved the way ahead for him.

As a result, Cao Da wanted to say to Lin Su: “Lin Su, since you have given out everything today, you will be greatly rewarded thousands of times over soon. At that time, everybody would understand that you had made such a wise choice.”

However, he could not do so now…

Cao Da gritted his teeth as he said, “In this case, I will try other ways.” He was dying to make a call to Zhuang Zhou and ask him whether Qin Changan in Sijiu City knew about this issue or not since his son was in big trouble. However, he was not qualified to speak to Qin Changan. Consequently, he held himself back.

Lin Su stayed at Jiuxi Rose Garden the whole afternoon. Cao Da made calls continuously and took in different news from various channels. After that, he discussed measures with Lin Su. Currently, he got the news from his connection in the public security bureau that Qin Sheng and his brothers were not allowed to get out on bail or be visited because the Yan family and the Qu family were about to take legal action against them. In this case, Qin Sheng and his brothers were in a somewhat difficult situation.

Speaking of what had happened this time, the bureau could deal with it either seriously or leniently. If they dealt with it seriously, Qin Sheng and his brothers might be accused of initiating a gang war and considered as gangsters. However, they would not do so since Qu Huanxi and Yan Chaozong also were involved. If the management personnel did not look into the issue and the Qu family and the Yan family did not say more than necessary, the bureau would deal with it leniently and judge it to be an ordinary civil conflict. To be frank, at this time, the ones who were more powerful and influential would have a say. At a moment like this, power meant real strength.

In the sub-bureau, which ruled the Yuerong Manor in Xixi, Qin Sheng and the group of people, including Chang Baji, were confined separately. Ever since Qin Sheng had finished the interrogation statement, he had been sitting dumbfoundedly without saying anything. Since what had been done was done, he needed to prepare his route of retreat. If so, what would be his route of retreat?

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the door was pushed open from the outside. Qin Sheng opened his eyes and saw an acquaintance in front of him. It turned out to be Fang Jianping, who was in the same system as Qin Sheng. He walked in slowly. This was the first time that Qin Sheng had seen Fang Jianping dressed in a police uniform, who looked pretty ruthless and more imposing. He looked completely different from what he had been previously.

Fang Jianping said to the policeman behind him, “Take off his handcuffs.”

The policeman glimpsed at the Deputy Director, who scolded him instantly and said, “Why are you looking at me? Remove the handcuffs immediately. Could he run out of here?”

The Deputy Director knew Fang Jianping quite well. As a youth who had been trained for several years in the public security bureau, he was in the provincial public security bureau in stages and went upward according to his family’s plans. In this case, he might be the leader of the Public Security System of Zhejiang Province. Consequently, the Deputy Director thought he definitely could not offend that kind of person. Moreover, he needed to ride Fang Jianping’s coattails in advance. The later he did so, the smaller the reward would be.

Upon hearing the Deputy Director’s order, the police removed the handcuffs for Qin Sheng in a hurry.

The Deputy Director said politely, “Jian Ping, in this case, you two speak with each other first. I will be waiting for you in my office. We should drink tea later. If you need any help, feel free to tell them.”

Fang Jianping smiled happily as he said, “All right. You attend to your business first.”

After the Deputy Director left along with his underling, only Qin Sheng and Fang Jianping remained in the room. The atmosphere was somewhat embarra.s.sing. After all, n.o.body would like to be a prisoner.

Sitting across from Qin Sheng, Fang Jianping said half-jokingly, “It did not occur to me that I would meet you under such a circ.u.mstance. To be frank, you are quite good at making trouble.”

Qin Sheng smiled bitterly and said, “I made a joke of myself.”

Fang Jianping felt somewhat puzzled and said, “If Qing Yan had not called me, I would not have known that you had made such a big scene today. The grandfather of Qu Huanxi is not an ordinary one in Zhejiang Province, let alone the Yan family in Shanghai. How could you fight with them? Obviously, you are bringing about your own destruction.” After that, he took some cigarettes out of his pocket, handed one to Qin Sheng, and took the initiative to light it up for him. At this time, smoking cigarettes was the most comfortable thing.

Qin Sheng said thanks to Fang Jianping, took a hard draw on the cigarette, and exhaled smoke relaxedly as he said, “Brother Fang, on my side, I didn’t intend to fight with them since I am not that stupid. However, they just wouldn’t spare me and intended to drive me to a dead end. In this case, what could I do? So many things happened between me and Yan Chaozong, and he had been following me all the way from Shanghai to Hangzhou. He just wouldn’t let me go. However, I admitted defeat, intending to bend my knees to make an apology to him. After all, as the saying goes, a great man knows when to yield and when to not. However, he asked me to bend my knees to apologize to him in front of so many people. I am afraid that I can’t do so. Even if I could, could I continue to gain a foothold in Hangzhou?”

Before, Qin Sheng had treated Fang Jianping the same way that he treated the group of people including Cao Da. While facing him, Qin Sheng had always swallowed his pride. However, he treated Fang Jianping as his peer today.

Feeling somewhat surprised, Fang Jianping smiled bitterly as he said, “I can’t do that. Plus, I think that I didn’t run into that kind of situation before, and never will I. After all, you and I are different. I say so out of honesty instead of superiority. Consequently, I am afraid that I might not be able to relate to your feelings.”

Qin Sheng smiled happily and said, “Thanks for understanding.” After that, he continued smoking.

Fang Jianping let out a sigh and said, “I did not understand why Qing Yan took you so seriously before. I figured it out now finally. You are somewhat capable. Unfortunately, you are somewhat unlucky.”

Qin Sheng let out a sigh as he said, “Ever since my childhood, I had been living a difficult life as an orphan. I might have used up all the luck in my previous life.” His grandfather was deceased. Uncle Lin had been in trouble. After he had arrived in Shanghai, whoever he had followed had ended up miserably. Qin Sheng wondered if he had broken a taboo before.

Fang Jianping felt somewhat surprised. He smiled happily after coming to his senses, then said, “You are still young. There is a long way ahead of you. Don’t belittle you to such an extent. If you get the courage in your heart, you can survive.”

Upon hearing what Fang Jianping had said, Qin Sheng nodded thoughtfully.

Fang Jianping stood up while saying, “All right. I won’t speak further with you. I need to go. I just came here to check on you so Qing Yan wouldn’t feel concerned for you. However, you probably have to stay here tonight and will get out tomorrow morning. Qing Yan turned to so many people because of you. I will also help you. However, the way I see it, you should think about how you are going to face both the Qu family and the Yan family after getting out of here.”

Qin Sheng was silent. Following that, he stood up and saw Fang Jianping off. This time, he owed another favor to both Xue Qingyan and Fang Jianping.

As Fang Jianping had said, even if he got out of here safe and sound in the end, he still needed to face that group of people. Even though he and Xue Qingyan could help him once, they could not help him all the time.

In this case, how should he face his enemies?

In the evening, when Xue Qingyan just arrived in Hangzhou in a rush, both the Qu family and the Yan family were discussing how to solve this issue. The Old Monk of the Qu family, who had not planned to get involved in this issue originally, changed his att.i.tude all of a sudden after getting a piece of news. Qu Huanxi had played against Qin Sheng by making mischief previously. Now, the Old Monk intended to deal with Qin Sheng on his own.

As for the Yan family, Old Master Yan taught Yan Chaozong a lesson by himself, showing him how to get things done swiftly and ruthlessly and how to maximize benefits…

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