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"Everybody, gather around."

All of them quickly gathered around me.

I thoroughly explained the traits of the Demons. What kind of Demons there were, as well as unique appearance traits of the different Demons. I also explained how to defeat the Demons.

It was not very hard. It would be a problem if more than three different types of Demons were together, however, the Demons' Mine only seemed to have the Battle Demons, so I focused on them.

The explanation was extremely detailed but difficult to remember after hearing it once, so I repeated myself three or four times.

I left the most important weakness that all of the Demons shared until the end.

"I can shake them up. However, it will not last even one minute, so you need to aim for that opening."


"Is there anything else you have questions on?"

"That much is enough. Everybody just needs to do their part properly."

I nodded my head at Goonto's comment. I then looked back toward Harrison.

"That is indeed the case. What do you think? Can you do it?"

"We have no choice. But how do you know so much about the Demons?"

It's only natural for them to be curious. No humans have fought against Demons since the great war against the Demon World 1,000 years ago.

Few people probably know anything about Demons at all.

However, you could find information if you looked for it. There are historical texts in Royal Roader as well. Someone was bound to leave some records behind.

"I read it in a book. I purposely looked it up while thinking that we might run into Demons here."

"Oh, there's such a book? Where did you find it?"

I didn't expect for him to dig so deep. I'll need to keep lying to answer his questions, but that might end up coming to bite my a.s.s later.

Let's cut it off here.

"I borrowed it from a traveler while I was going through the Ameri Kingdom. I was lucky. Now then, is everybody ready? How about we head out now?"

"Let's go. My body has been itching for a while."

"We can finally stretch a bit. Hahaha."

The Dwarves were naturally the first to move. Harrison, who wanted to ask more questions, shut up and got up as well after seeing me getting up with the Dwarves.

We headed back into the deep parts of the Demons' Mine.

Of course, I was in the front. I felt like I was wasting Spirit Energy, but I made my Guardian Elemental go in front of me just in case.

We kept our presence hidden as much as possible. It slowed us down, but it will allow us to move as safely as possible.

We walked for quite a while. It happened once we walked about one kilometer farther than where we fought against the Demons last time.

'Something's here!'

I wasn't certain about it, but I had a feeling.

I raised my hand and crouched down, making the others behind me quickly crouch down as well.

It was extremely silent.

I tried to focus as much as possible. I could faintly hear the voices of some Demons in front of us.

It was so faint that I could not determine how far they were. However, they were at least within 200 meters.

I needed to make a decision now. Will we stealthily approach where the Demons are and ambush them? Or will we set up in an area with advantageous terrain and draw the Demons there?

It will probably be difficult to stealthily approach them. The Demons ran more than one kilometer last time in order to attack us. That showed that they were very sensitive.

It would be fine if I was on my own, but we probably could not even reach within 50 meters of them if we all moved together.

"Let's find a spot."

Harrison responded back to me in a quiet voice.

"What about that spot we just pa.s.sed by?"

That was the spot I was thinking about as well. It was an area where it became extremely narrow on all sides.

We should be able to last a while if we stand in that area and block with s.h.i.+elds even if my methods don't work.

"Let's go over there."

We moved back about 50 meters.

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The Dwarves took out their s.h.i.+elds and covered up the narrow pathway.

But the Demons seemed to have noticed us already. I could hear something quickly running toward us. I could hear the Demons' voices as well.

Their senses are really good. They must have heard the quiet clanking when the Dwarves were moving their s.h.i.+elds.

It didn't matter. We were done with our preparations.

I took out my Horn Flute of Darkness as well. I couldn't use it last time, but we should be able to benefit from it this time.

I could see the Demons on the other side of the cave.

There were more of them than I expected. There seemed to be at least ten of them.

It was so dark in here that neither Goonto nor Harrison and the others could see them yet.

They were about 60 meters away from us.

They're so quick that they could probably get here within 5 seconds.

Then shall we get started?

I blew the Horn Flute of Darkness right as the Demons reached 30 meters away.


I could feel the Demons flinching.

However, their speed did not go down. They quickly closed the gap before they started to slam onto the Dwarves' s.h.i.+elds.

Boom! Boom!

The Demons were both quick and strong. Dwarves were known to be the strongest race, but even they were being slowly pushed back.

But this will change it.

[Dragon Fear: Intermediate Level 4, 21%]


It was as effective as I had expected. The Demons' movements instantly became dull. They also became weaker. They might have been affected by the Dragon Roar more than usual because they were already weakened by the Horn Flute of Darkness.

The Demons must have realized their status as well, as they stopped attacking and tried to move back.

'I can't let you do that.'

I put a hand into my bag.

I grabbed some things that felt like acorns. It was the Demons' weakness that I learned through the draft plan.

[Sand Warrior's Voice]

I took some of those out and sprayed them toward the Demons.

'You're all free now!'

I sprayed over twenty of the Sand Warrior's Voices at once.

Souls appeared from those acorn-like jewels and started to float around. They were making some eerie noises as well.




The Demons stopped moving in shock. They all started to wildly swing their falchions in the air.

'It really is effective.'

Honestly speaking, I didn't think it would work. The Sand Warrior's Voice was actually just a voice and did not have any material aspect to it.

But the draft plan had said that the Demons react sensitively to the Sand Warrior's Voices. It was similar to a person who is afraid of bugs being surrounded by a horde of flies or c.o.c.kroaches.

However, it would only be effective for a short duration of time. The Sand Warrior's Voices only last for about three minutes.

They will disappear into thin air after three minutes.


I shouted and activated 16 Stone Elves. The Stone Elves who popped out of the cave walls as if they had pulled the wall apart to appear blocked the Demons' escape route.

Goonto and the Dwarves charged at the Demons and swung their s.h.i.+elds while Harrison's group used their spears.

Kaicher and Rohas s.h.i.+ned as expected. The Dark Elf Rohas was actually the strongest before, however, they were pretty similar in strength after Kaicher put on the Warrior's Ring.

With their movements and strengths, they could easily take down a Demon together.

However, the two of them were not enough to kill all of the Demons.

Combo was the only solution after thinking about how tough the Demons were.

I quickly took out and ripped a Level 100 Demon Cave scroll. I then created my combo and started to hunt the Demons.

Thankfully, the plan was a success. One Stone Elf and two Dwarves worked together to dogpile a Demon while Bernard was able to use stronger thunderbolts than usual thanks to s.h.i.+one's support magic.

Of course, it was not perfect. One of the Demons flailed and got out from under the Stone Elves once he came back to his senses.

That one b.a.s.t.a.r.d made us lose five of our teammates. They were all from Harrison's group.

He seemed to have attacked the people who seemed to be the weakest.

But there was nothing we could do about it. The other Demons would get out as well if we took longer than we needed. They were so strong that the Stone Elves and Dwarves' bodies were moving up and down each time they flailed.

I took care of the squashed Demons first. None of them could survive a hit from a 40+ hit combo.

I heard a message that made me feel good each time I killed one.


And finally, there was one left.

But I didn't expect the last one to give us so much trouble. The Dwarves and humans worked together to corner him, but he was so fast that it was hard to catch him.

Bernard's thunderbolts couldn't land a hit on him either.

It was hard to catch him while chasing after him. Guarding the escape paths was the only way to catch him.

I had no choice but to use some bait.

"Chief! Rally up the Kobbits!"

"Caw! They're all scared and cannot move!"

"Tell them that I will protect them. Those who don't listen will be killed by me. They just need to pretend to attack!"

The Kobbit Chieftain had no choice but to move after Chief delivered my message. The Kobbits seemed to have some brave ones as well, as three of them moved along with the Chieftain.

Naturally, they were the weakest of our group. They were also away from the rest of us since they would be easy prey for the Demon.

And just as I expected. The Demon moved in a way that made it seem like he was trying to confuse us before quickly charging toward the Kobbit Chieftain.

This was the moment I was waiting for. The area was full of our people such that there was only one path for the Demon to reach the Kobbit Chieftain.

I put all my Spirit Energy into agility. I then activated the skill in the Demon's Ring.

[Increase movement by 50 percent for 10 seconds.]

I felt power flowing through my body even though I hadn't put any points into strength. My body moved unbelievably fast once I kicked off the ground.


The Demon who had been over 5 meters away was instantly in front of me.

Although I could only maintain it for 10 seconds, it was enough to make me faster than the Demon.

The Demon seemed to realize that as well as he didn't even try to dodge. Instead, he changed target to me and swung his falchion.

However, I didn't approach any closer than that. This was close enough for me to hit the Demon.

[Dark Force]

The power of darkness inside the Shadow Fox's Leather Armor shot out toward the Demon.


The Demon seemed to have received a good amount of damage. His body stiffened and he fell to the ground.

I could not miss this opening. I was able to overcome this Dark Force within 2 - 3 seconds, so the Demon will probably do it even faster.

"Hurry up and squish him!"

The Stone Elves who were connected to my mind had started to run even before I had given the command and plopped down on top of the Demon. Two or three of them were not enough, but the Demon couldn't do anything after four of them were on top of him.

I guess it was enough to say that he was not getting away.

I suddenly became greedy.

'Is it possible to make this b.a.s.t.a.r.d a slave like I did with Rohas?'

However, I had no good way to do it. There was no way to communicate with him.

In addition, his gaze was full of malice. All of the other Dark Elves except Rohas had rejected my offer to be my slave until the end, and this Demon's glare was even more vicious than theirs.

It meant that he would not succ.u.mb to me.

'Just die!'

I used the monsters nearby as stepping stones to increase my combo. I then immediately slashed down at the Demon's neck.

The Demon's head split apart from his body and he died without being able to make a sound.

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