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Shortly after Orochimaru left the place, the 3rd training ground was bustling again. Minato took Kakas.h.i.+ and the others there, and soon after, Kus.h.i.+na arrived."Minato, why did Jiraya invite us here? Now he's late, I was happily shopping!" Kus.h.i.+na's face looked really dissatisfied.

"Don't get mad Kus.h.i.+na! It's definitely something important that he invited us for. He told me to invite you and never said anything more than that. Let's be patient!"

Minato was trying to calm Kus.h.i.+na down but he also was wondering about the reason that made his Sensei invite all of them.

"Ryo Yaro, how come you don't have a team? Or not even a teacher?" Obito felt it was strange.

"I do have a teacher. That red head beauty next to Minato Nii-san is my teacher!" Ryo explained with pride.

"Minato Nii-san! You actually call him Nii-san?" Ryo's words stunned Obito.

"My teacher, Kus.h.i.+na Nii-san, is your Sensei's girlfriend, so he's like my older brother."

"Okay that's it! Enough with you beating me to things like this. I wanna fight you right now!"

"Obito back down, or you might get yourself killed!" Kakas.h.i.+ who was on the side, took a shot at Obito.

With no regards to his friend's words, Obito launched his clan's signature Jutsu [Katon: Fireball] towards Ryo.

Ryo shook his head with Pity, slid through the fire ball with Chidori, and then used his Lightning Chakra mode to instantly appear behind Obito.

"It seems like the game is over Obito!" Hearing Ryo's voice behind his ear, Obito was drenched in sweat.

"Ryo Yaro! One day I'll definitely beat you!" You can make Obito lose the battle, but his mouth will never be beaten into silence!

"Ryo, how did you do it? That was just like Minato Sensei's technique. Is it a s.p.a.ce time Ninja? That's how you disappeared at the academy!"

Rin was also shocked by Ryo's sudden appearance. She remembered immediately what he did at the academy. It looked a lot like teleportation.

"This is close to an instant Jutsu. By stimulating cell activity with Lightning Chakra, one can take his reflexes and movement to an extreme of speed. Minato's Nii-san's technique is totally different. Kakas.h.i.+ used it on that day as well!"

"Then why were we still able to see Kakas.h.i.+ when he used it?" Obito asked about what Rin wanted to know. If Kakas.h.i.+ used the same technique on that day, how come did they manage to see his silhouette?

"Oh, that's because his technique is not on point!" Said Ryo with a broad smile!

Kakas.h.i.+ didn't know how to respond to Ryo's words. He just gave them a cold yawn and glanced at Ryo with his pale eyes.

"Ryo, come on, Jiraya Sensei is here!" Minato rushed to Ryo shouting.

"So Minato, these two kids are also your students?" Jiraya noticed Obito and Rin.

"Yes, I'm their teacher. That's Obito Uchiha, and she's Rin Nohara. Guys, say h.e.l.lo to my Sensei."

"Jiraya San!" facing one of the legendary Sannin, Obito did not even dare to say Hi.

During WWII, the Sannin became really famous. All the clans in Konoha, Including the Uchiha's, respected them.

Just like the 3rd, Jiraya treated all clans equally. He wasn't hostile towards the Uchiha's. Whenever he met one, there was mutual respect between them.

"So, not so long ago, I was sent by Sarutobi Sensei to the Sand village to inquire intelligence. In fact, 3 months before that expedition, I had already infiltrated their village. I found out they had internal problems."

"What was the cause to that? And Sensei, do you mean that the Sand village stopped their movement around Konoha because of these problems?"

"Yes indeed. At that time, the best of their puppet masters disappeared. Sasori of the Red Sand was not only a genius puppet master, he was also the grandson of the masterful poison expert Chiyo. He had a great reputation in the village and his disappearance was a great blow to their power. The sand Ninja stopped all their missions to try to eliminate the impact of the incident."

As Jiraya finished his words, he stopped and watched Minato. On top of being an amazing fighter, his disciple was also great at a.n.a.lyzing information. He took a second to think through it and said:

"Jiraya Sensei, did something happen to another one important in the Sand village?"

Minato didn't disappoint his Sensei who went on and said: "Minato is right, the last time I snuck in there, and the atmosphere there was unordinary. The Ninja there were all pumped up and swearing that they'll have their vengeance from Konoha. I used my ways and found out from one of them that the 3rd Kazkage tracked down Sasori to the borders of the Fire Country. And there, he disappeared"

“What? The 3rd Kazekage disappeared on our borders?” Kus.h.i.+na couldn't keep herself from yelling.

Such a disappearance is no trivial matter. The relations.h.i.+p between Suna and Konoha was already shaky. The consequences of such an event are understandable easily even by Kus.h.i.+na.

"Then it's no wonder that they mobilized so many of the troops to be on the borders. I guess they are waiting until a 4th Kazekage is elected to then wage a full-out war!" Said Minato.

"Oh yeah, the war is coming!" Jiraya sighed as he said that.

The disappearance of the 3rd Kazekage was what blew the Warhorn in the original timeline. Ryo has already guessed that this was going to be the topic when all of them were invited here together.

"Nii-san, Jiraya san! Here are 50 Healing Stones that I've made myself. This way you can save some money."

He handed them 50 stones and went on to say: "Ne-san, these are 50 stones, use them whenever you need them. Whenever you are out of stones, reach out for me."

The two who just received the stones were still moved by the act. These stones are such a precious gift. The village would distribute some stones, but they should be getting 5 stones each.

Healing saves lives, one can never have too many healing tools. Getting 50 from Ryo made them both really grateful.

But what they didn't expect was that Ryo would give Kus.h.i.+na 50 stone to herself, and tell her to come for more if she's ever out of stock.

Minato was okay with it. After all, Kus.h.i.+na is his girlfriend, giving the stones to her is like giving them to him. Jiraya however was not okay with this!

"Hey kid! Kus.h.i.+na won't even be going to the battlefield! Why does she need so many stones? You give the Sage who puts his life on the line for the village only 25? I actually helped with making those stones you know!"

Ryo ignored his arguing as his main concern was going back to his clan to check out on them.

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