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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 88: Na Gusi

In the latter half of the night, the rain slowly stopped, but winds however got increasingly colder.

Zhu Sijia had continuously taken care of Ye Chuan personally inside her tent, and had been tense continuously throughout the entire day, so with both her mind and body being very tired, she slowly entered dreamland leaning on the edge of the bed.

Zhu Sijia really fell asleep, her breathing was even and it increasingly got long. But at that time, Ye Chuan who had his eyes closed all the time suddenly opened his eyes, then getting up, he gently draped a robe on Zhu Sijia and quietly leave the tent.

Inside the campsite, it was very silent, and no one saw the figure of Ye Chuan. After the disturbance, people were no longer in the mood of celebration, so all of them were whether resting or cultivating, looking forward to the final matches of tomorrow.

Following the reaction of that little c.o.c.kroach, Ye Chuan stealthily entered the tent of Yi Suo, but found it was empty. In the dead of night, this fellow wasn't resting inside his tent on the camping ground, instead had disappeared without a trace. This truly smelled fishy!

Ye Chuan sneered, and send out his divine sense. Then with a little c.o.c.kroach in the front and himself in the back, he left the campsite, going straight towards the mountain gully located halfway up a hill.

Little c.o.c.kroach in the front, Ye Chuan at the back, they were 3 kilometers apart. After using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique to tame this little c.o.c.kroach, Golden Cicada King and Piggy, in a sense, they had become Ye Chuan's limbs, eyes and ears, so now with their help, he was able to spy the situation without anybody knowing it.

Halfway up a hill, a cold wind whistled beside mountain gully.

Alchemy Hall Master Jin Zhikun stood straight on his tiptoes at the edge of Eagle Beak Cliff. His face was covered with black cloth so his expression was not visible, but his eyes were ice-cold as if two frigid sharp blades.

Yi Suo stood behind Jin Zhikun with a slight bow. Now he had resentment, unwilling and restless written all over his face. In extremely short few days, this genius that considered himself the best in the world had grown more than 10 years, and looked a lot more haggard. With the repet.i.tive failure of their meticulous schemes and secret moves, moreover, helplessly watching Ye Chuan, whom they had regarded as beneath their notice in former days, slowly raising his prestige with each pa.s.sing days, he received an exceptionally heavy blow.

Two people quietly stood there without uttering a single word. Only whistling wind sweep past beside them. When Ye Chuan arrived here, it seemed these two people had already finished speaking, or they had just met but had nothing to speak.

Ye Chuan cautiously hid inside the bush, then instructed little c.o.c.kroach to slowly crawl forward.

Jin Zhikun had yet to breakthrough to Daoist Master realm, but his cultivation was not trivial, blood and qi seethed within his entire body, giving people a sharp feeling. Suddenly he turned over his head, and his eyes shone, as he perceived that something was approaching. But seeing it was just a little c.o.c.kroach, he slowly calmed down.

"Your Excellency Hall Master, is there really no other way?" After a good while, Yi s...o...b..oke the silence with a bitter look.

Seven first-cla.s.s went to do the job but not even one returned alive. Moreover, all of them weren't able to kill Ye Chuan, so he truly was at the end of his rope. Tomorrow was the last day of Martial Compet.i.tion, if couldn't think of a way, then he would miss this opportunity. And if he returned to Cloud Mist Sect with this poor job, then he would definitely suffer a severe punishment of Third Elder.

After, failure after failure, now, Yi Suo no longer had any trace of arrogance. And he was no longer thinking about how to stand out among his peers, instead, his head was filled with how to complete his master, Third Elder's task.

If he smoothly completed the task, then he would still be the personal disciple of Third Elder, and he would very likely replace Ye Chuan, becoming new Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. But if he failed this task, then he would be held responsible for this; and if lucky, he merely had to face the wall and think about his mistake for few years, but if he was unlucky, then as a punishment, it was very likely to be sent to Evil Dragon Abyss!

"No, this is the best way and also the only way left."

Jin Zhikun answered, then looking coldly, he said, "So, tomorrow, your effort is most crucial, Yi Suo, do you understand?"

"Just in case……, just in case if that brat Ye Chuan didn't agree then?" Yi Suo asked while sweating profusely.

"That is your matter, if you cannot accomplish the task, then think of a way to explain yourself to Third Elder. As for me, if the worst comes to the worst, I will look for another opportunity to get rid of Ye Chuan."

Jin Zhikun coldly looked at Yi Suo, then flew away, instantly disappearing without a trace.

Now on the mountain gully, Yi Suo trembled and both of his legs soften, as he felt powerless. And only after a good while, this genius walked away with heavy steps, sinister and ruthless complexion while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

Beside Mountain gully, while a cold wind was whistling, seeing Yi Suo had already walk far away, Ye Chuan came out.

"Worried I wouldn't agree? These two fellows, what are they scheming?"

Ye Chuan sneered, then raising his guard inside his heart, he recalled little c.o.c.kroach inside the Cyan Lotus Lamp, then just when he was about to leave, he suddenly sensed danger and the muscles of his entire body tensed up. Then slowly turning around, he saw a figure not too far away from him. He didn't know when this person had appeared there.

This person was three meters tall, had extremely brawny and fierce body, and was imposing like a mountain. He was wearing a black robe and a wide bamboo hat in his head. Moreover, on the two sides of his forehead, he seemed to have two lumps. And now they were not even 10 meters apart, and sensing that powerful tyrannical yao qi, it appeared as if Ye Chuan was facing a wild yao beast who was ready to make trouble.

"Horned demon, Na Gusi?" Ye Chuan asked while secretly circulating Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body.

Seeing the other's attire, he suddenly recalled the experience of fatty Zhao Dazhi in underground Ghost Market.

"Intelligent, Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect really has good judgment. That's right, I am Na Gusi!"

The black robed man smiled, then approached step by step, and the pressure in the air suddenly increased. With each step, he left a deep footprint on the ground, and he said, "Youngster, now that you have guessed who I am, then you should also clearly know why I am looking for you, right?"

In the mountain with a deep gully on one side, moreover, in the midnight, he suddenly encountered such vicious and merciless Horned Demon with very high cultivation, so what should he do now?

The pupils of Ye Chuan contracted. This moment, Ye Chuan also met the dangerous situation just like fatty at that time!

This time, in this type of place, even if someone was killed, no one would know about it. Moreover, they could casually throw the corpse down the gully, completely destroying the corpse as well as the evidence.

"One Ghost Talisman isn't enough?"

Ye Chuan was calm, meeting all the changes by remaining unchanged, silently looking at approaching horned demon Na Gusi. And seeing this horned demon was not bending his knee while walking, he said: "Okay, as long as you are able to pay, I can sell you some more Ghost Talismans."

"Haha, hahaha, youngster, this means, you really refined that Ghost Talisman?"

Horned demon Na Gusi roared with laughter, and jumping suddenly, he directly landed in front of Ye Chuan, then looking at Ye Chuan with a pair of green eyes, he laughed and said in his hoa.r.s.e voice, "Hahaha, really unexpected, I didn't find Paradise Realm but unexpectedly met a Talisman Master. Youngster, some Ghost Talismans is far from enough, how about returning to Dark Moon Continent with me, and refine talismans especially for our Horned Demon Palace?"

The eyes of horned demon Na Gusi shone, and looking at Ye Chuan as if he had discovered an unusual treasure, he politely said, but his energy fluctuation however was steadily getting aggressive, clearly, if the soft method didn't work, he would use force to capture Ye Chuan.

Ever since ancient times, Heavenly Fire Continent had many sects, and the environment was also pleasant. But Dark Moon Continent was different, volcanoes and deserts were spread all over, and it was the place where Demonic Cultivators inhabits. And once a person reached Dark Moon Continent, even a Rank 7 Xius.h.i.+ wouldn't be able to escape, turning into a lifelong slave of Demonic Cultivators!

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