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Man Huang Feng Bao: Chapter 5 – A woman taking her revenge, one night is too long


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Man Huang Feng Bao: Chapter 5 – A woman taking her revenge, one night is too long

“Pa!” Another crisp sound rang out.

Still smack?!

Brat, did you smack till you are already addicted to smacking? Or are you trying to purposely take liberty of this shrewish and fiery tempered Zhu Si Jia in front of everybody?

Fatty and the other two disciples howled in grief in their heart. They were incomparably annoyed with their actions tonight. If they knew things were going to be like this, even if they were to get beat to death, they would also not dare to come here tonight.

The three of them all felt regretful and afraid that their legs even started trembling from fear.

This Xie Chuan had already even dare to beat Zhu Si jia in front of them, what other things would he not dare to do?

Temperament changing after surviving from a crisis indeed… Seems like this time, after experiencing a near death experience, the usually coward and afraid of getting into trouble big senior brother Xie Chuan had really threw caution to the wind already and became a troublemaker. Whoever who ran into him would only be able count themselves unlucky.

After a while, fatty then only felt that something was wrong. Xie Chuan once again smack down on their b.u.t.t with his palm, but only the three of them were screaming out in pain and Zhu Si Jia’s body was instead not moving at all anymore. Did she get beat till she fainted already?

Fatty Zhao Da Zhi turned his head with difficulty to check what happened to Zhu Si jia. Luckily, Zhu Si Jia did not faint. Just that, her b.u.t.t was smacked till it was raised highly and she was too embarra.s.sed to raise up her head.

“Sigh… Winter is already coming already, why are there still so many mosquitos?”

Xie Chuan shook his head and he swept off a dead mosquito which was on his palm. Afterwards, he took a medicinal herb and let fatty and the others smell it. Gradually, the four of them recovered their body strength.

“All of you can leave already. Next time cultivate properly. Don’t without anything important run around in the depth of the night. Or else, I will have to beat all of your b.u.t.t again! To not have educate you guys properly was my wrong! It was all me neglecting my job as big senior brother!”

Without delay, the four of them quickly left the courtyard. Before walking out of the door, Zhu Si jia turned around and fiercely gazed at Xie Chuan and then pinch onto fatty’s ear and walk out of the courtyard.

“Fatty, can you tell me how the h.e.l.l you are so rubbish? To not even be able to settle someone with a cultivation of rank 1 Wu Zhe?”

“Ah… Jia Jia, can you be softer please. My ears are going to fall off already. It’s not that I am rubbish, but that big senior brother Xie Chuan was totally not a human at all. Who knew that he had prepared from the start?”

“Humph! Just a little bit of incense and you can’t handle it already? Didn’t you always brag that you could kill a wild boar with one punch?”

“Jia Jia, big senior brother is even scarier than a wild boar… Weren’t you also not able to handle it at all and got beat by him too?”

“What did you say?! When did I get hit?!”

“Nothing… Jia Jia, you didn’t get hit at all. I didn’t see anything at all…Ouch! Please pinch lighter…my ears…”

The voices of a few people were brought along with the cold wind as the four of them quickly leave Purple Cloud peak.

As expected, fatty and the two other disciples who were bragging and patting on their chest previously were all currently out of luck already.

Seeing the four of them leave, Xie Chuan laughed and turned his body around as he looked closely on the dead mosquito. Looking at the dead mosquito, his face slightly submerged.

Ghost Hand Medicinal King was a rabbit demon and what he liked to eat was various kinds of medicinal herb. When he had built Cloud Mist Sect from scratch, Cloud Mist Sect was known for planting all kinds of medicinal herbs and concocting all kinds of pills. Many different kinds of medicinal herbs was grew on countless mountain peaks within the sect. Prohibition formation was there to guard the medicinal herbs too, thus usual harmful insects were not able to get close to the medicinal herbs at all.

Winter was reaching already. But mosquitos actually appeared now at the mountains. The amount of mosquitos was not small too. This was very usual!

Xie Chuan jumped with his body and jumped outside of the courtyard. After walking around Purple Cloud Peak for two hours, he then finally came back with a cold face.

After inspecting around Purple Cloud Peak, Xie Chuan indeed found out that the situation was fishy. Mosquitos were flying around back and forth within the courtyard and the area at the sides of the medicinal herbs on the mountain had even more mosquitos. On some famous and valuable medicinal herbs, it was actually filled with a layer of black mosquitos on it. Quite a few medicinal herbs had already wither due to the mosquitos too. If this continue, don’t need long, all the medicinal herbs within Cloud Mist Sect would all start to wither and die out. Afterwards, the sect would then be unable to concoct out a single pill at all.

“There’s a compound eye on the top of the mosquito’s head. There’s a sharp thorn on the tail section too. To be fond of sucking blood… This is not your ordinary mosquito. This is a type of Man Huang different species. Seems like Cloud Mist Sect which old rabbit had left behind is indeed going to go through a calamity!”

Xie Chuan grabbed a mosquito which was buzzing around him. After being grabbed, the mosquito started to buzz and struggle loudly. Silently reading out his martial technique, he forced out a drip of essence blood from the tip of his middle finger. Shaking his middle finger, the blood dripped onto the body of the mosquito.

The struggling mosquito quickly calmed down after the blood dripped onto it. A mysterious feeling as if the mosquito was his own flesh and blood floated up in his mind. It was as if the mosquito had become a part of Xie Chuan’s body and he could control the mosquito as freely as he could move his fingers.

The ability to tame!

The Demon Refining Heaven Swallowing technique which was obtained within G.o.d Burial Valley could not only help rapidly strengthen his body’s cultivation and strength, it could also tamed all demons and beast under the heaven!

Million years ago when he had concealed the heaven with his hands, Xie Chuan had subdued many experts. Within the experts, there was quite a few which was like Cloud Mist Sect’s founding master Ghost Hand Medicinal King who was a demon beast. During that time, Xie Chuan had only relied on his formidable martial strength to subdue those experts. Whoever who dared to disobey him would be killed directly. But right now it was different. With blood as the lead, using the supreme martial technique Demon Refining Heaven Swallowing technique, he could leave an imprint within the demon beast and the demon beast would be closely intertwined with him. From then on, he would need to worry about the demon beasts which he had subdued betraying him.

“New martial technique, new beginning… Black Python Emperor Monarch, Blue Eyed Demon Empress and Abyss Great Sage… My good brothers, Xie Chuan I am back.”

Xie Chuan muttered to himself.

His gaze got colder and colder and he threw the mosquito which he just tamed into a crystal bottle. After thinking for a while, he went to find a medicinal herb and dripped a few purple medicinal liquid into the crystal bottle and placed the crystal bottle onto the side of the wooden table.

Xie Chuan raised his head to look at the sky after finis.h.i.+ng his work and the sky was densely dark, not able to see a single trace of light, black cloud covered densely in the sky as the storm approach.

When the first glimmer of light fell from the sky and dawn came, Zhu Si jia once again came to Purple Cloud Peak, but this time along with a big crowd of people.

Besides from fatty Zhao Da Zhi who belonged to the outer sect disciples, a crowd of outstanding inner sect disciples came too. Within the crowd, there was an especially remarkable inner sect disciple who wore a green gown walking beside Zhu Si Jia. His eyes were filled with essence and energy, obviously belonging to a cultivator who had detached from Wu Zhe realm. Compared to Zhu Si Jia who had the cultivation of rank 1 Xiu s.h.i.+, the green gown disciple’s cultivation appeared to be a bit higher than Zhu SI Jia. On the journey, the both of them were talking and laughing, the green gown disciple obviously fawning upon Zhu Si Jia.

Last night after leaving the Purple Cloud Peak, Zhu Si Jia was not actually able to sleep well at all, entirely not able to fall asleep at all.

Her b.u.t.t got smacked in front of three others, and the position that she got smacked was still so shameful too… After leaving the mountain, the more she thought about it, the more infuriated she felt. The sun still had not completely rise and she was already here to send punitive force against Xie Chuan.

A gentleman taking his revenge ten years later was not late at all. But a woman taking her revenge, one night was too long.

Just a night pa.s.sed and Zhu Si Jia could not wait to get her revenge already.

Since she couldn’t secretly punish Xie Chuan, then she might as well publicly punish Xie Chuan and seize the opportunity to ruthlessly teach Xie Chuan a lesson. A gentleman who doesn’t take his revenge isn’t a gentleman. What’s more, she was not a gentleman at all. She was a woman, of course she must take this revenge.

Xie Chuan was right in the middle of sweeping the courtyard when he heard sounds of footsteps and opened the door to walk outside to see what was happening. Seeing the big crowd of people, he actually felt somewhat unexpected. Afterwards, he evilly laughed and looked towards the fatty Zhao Da Zhi who was hiding behind Zhu Si jia and said: “What’s the matter fatty? Is your b.u.t.t itchy again?”


Fatty really wanted to say that this matter did not concern him at all but after being coldly looked at by Zhu Si jia, his cold sweat started to flow out endlessly.

Yesterday after being smacked by Xie Chuan with the broom, his b.u.t.t was still in pain till now. Feeling pain while walking and even while sleeping too. After applying what Golden Sore Medicine, it was still no use at all. Seeing Xie Chuan laugh, fatty once again felt fear and s.h.i.+vered.

“d.a.m.ned fatty, really useless! Quickly go!”

Zhu Si Jia used her strength to push fatty, but seeing fatty still shrinking back in fear, she just simply step forward bravely and purposely straighten up her originally firm and upright twin peak and said with disdain: “Brat, the time to challenge is here already. Come out and fight with me 300 rounds! See if it is I who is stronger or you this big senior brother who possess great abilities stronger. You better wash your b.u.t.t clean, don’t make me dirty my hand!”

Just seeing Xie Chuan, Zhu SI jia straight away felt her teeth feeling itchy and wish she could right away start fighting with Xie Chuan.

“What challenge? Jia Jia, did we have an appointment before you left?” Xie Chuan laughed evilly as he look as his palm. Seeming as if he was recalling back to the memory of him smacking Zhu Si jia’s b.u.t.t. Seeing that, Zhu SI Jia felt more infuriated and was on the verge of erupting already.

“Jia Jia, let Jin senior brother help you teach this brat a lesson.”

The green gown disciple who had been following beside Zhu Si Jia stood out. Xie Chuan suddenly felt a strong pressure coming forth, momentary having a feeling of suffocating.

“Who are you?” Xie Chuan asked.

“Haha, my surname is Jin. I’m just an ordinary inner sect disciple of Pill Concocting Hall. Big senior brother goes into seclusion to cultivate all year long. To not know a small character like me is ordinary, but just that…”

Green gown disciple stopped for a while before coldly laughing and said: “But just that, to even forget the sect’s rule of challenging a time every 5 day. This is seriously… Tsktsk, big senior brother must have been very busy, or could it be that it was really as they said, to survive from a crisis at G.o.d Burial Valley and your brain got damaged and couldn’t remember many things already?”

The green gown disciple had a face full of smile the whole time but his tone was that of aloof, arrogant and disdain. Straightforwardly insulting Xie Chuan was an idiot in front of the crowd. Towards Xie Chuan this mediocre person occupying the position of big senior brother, he had long been very discontent for many years. The dragon’s vein crystallization which was sealed within Xie Chuan’s body was of course even more reason for the green gown disciple’s discontent. He had for a long time drooled for the dragon’s vein crystallization within Xie Chuan’s body after all.

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