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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 48: This person is sick in the head

"Old man Hu, which girl are you dreaming, just say it."

Ye Chuan looked at Exploiter Hu with a smile, and then looked up and down few times. He truly was unable to tell that this old man who was already so senior in age was still so colorful. That smile he had when he was dreaming was so vulgar. Still eat his stick, just look at his old bones, his iron club had already changed into a caterpillar. Even if he wash it clean and lie down on the bed, would Little Seductress still be able to eat it?

"No, young man, don't talk nonsense."

Exploiter Hu hastily shook his head, then shooting a glance at Zhu s.h.i.+jia who was standing not far away, he became embarra.s.sed. But Ye Chuan mentioning the pot that doesn't boil cause this old man to completely lose his face. But, Old ginger is hotter than new, old man Hu quickly come back to his sense, and pretending nothing had happened, he stopped smiling and said with a serious look, "Boy, market day is still not here, so why did you come here?"

"Give me another bag of soil." Ye Chuan took out 32 silvers and threw it to the counter.


Exploiter Hu thoroughly woke up all of a sudden.

This person is sick. There is soil everywhere, and there is still a lot to be dug. Bought a bag, yet he still came to buy another bag again, either his head is abnormal, or he has so much money that he doesn't have any place to spend.

Zhu Sijia who was standing on one side was also rather speechless with her eyes wide open.

She thought that, Ye Chuan had accidentally discovered some kind of treasure, so she was quite interested to take a look at it. But who would have thought that, this fellow came all the way here to unexpectedly buy a bag of soil, which almost caused her to pa.s.s out.

Exploiter Hu secretly muttered, but the movement of his hand was not slow, quickly taking out a shovel from the counter, "A bag of soil costs 52 silvers, I will immediately dig it for you, how many bags do you want?"

Exploiter Hu was Exploiter Hu, he recognized money, not the person. He quickly responded, raising the price to 52 silvers. No matter you are sick or not, you should make the money first.

"d.a.m.ned old man, isn't this daylight robbery?"

Fatty Zhao Dazhi opened his eyes wide, and before he could speak anymore, Ye Chuan grasped his shoulder.

"52 silvers, not a problem."

Ye Chuan stopped fatty, and looking at Exploiter Hu with a smile, he said, "But……, I don't want casually dug out soil, just like last time, I want the soil mixed with seeds."

"Young man, are you looking for those seeds?"

Exploiter Hu quickly responded. He was old but his brain was not rusty, instead was very sharp. And his pair of eyes suddenly lit up, downright was an old fox.

"Yes, I want those seeds, they are very good fish feedings. Eating them, my fishes are jumping around energetically." Ye Chuan replied. Hearing this, fatty who was standing beside him had the expression of wors.h.i.+p.

Telling a lie without making a draft, and he didn't even have a red face or heart palpitate. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is indeed Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, he truly has the ability to act. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother is feigning stupid, and the person who said he is stupid, is the real stupid!

Zhu s.h.i.+jia also understood, and angrily glared at Ye Chuan. Even she was also deceived by Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother was indeed detestable.

Although Zhu s.h.i.+jia was in bad mood in her heart, but she didn't flip out immediately, and patiently wait on one side. She was also somewhat curious about the seeds Ye Chuan had taken a fancy to.

"52 silvers a seed, that seed is very valuable, no matter how wealthy you are, you can't buy it outside." Exploiter Hu sat on the spot and raise the price. He clearly wanted to ruthlessly slaughter Ye Chuan.

"No problem, how many do you have, I want all of them."

To the surprise of the old man, Ye Chuan didn't bargain, and agreed. And seeing the meaningful glance of Ye Chuan, fatty placed a big bag of silvers in front of Exploiter Hu. This heavy big bag had more than 200 silvers.

This fellow really has too much money?

Old man Hu was rather dumbfounded, he still truly hadn't noticed any good uses of those nameless seeds mixed with that soil. And before he could give them away for free, someone suddenly dropped in and purchased it at a high price.

"What, still not enough? If this is still too little, then there is nothing to be done, I can only leave without buying. The koi raised in my home loved to eat those seeds, but if they are too expensive to afford, then I also can do nothing about it." Ye Chuan shook his head and a.s.sumed to take the bag of money from the counter.

"Slow down, these silvers will be down payment, come back after three days." Old man Hu said.

"No, I want it now." Ye Chuan answered. Price can be settled through discussion, but he refused to yield an inch in terms of time in order to avoid any trouble that might arise due to delay.

"No, three days later, that's final."

Old man Hu seriously refused to trade them immediately. Perhaps he wanted to carefully think over what those seeds actually were or perhaps he wanted to seize the opportunity to raise the price to rip him off, no matter what Ye Chuan said, he refused to yield.

Just then, a lithe and graceful woman walked over.

This woman was short, was more than half a head shorter than Zhu Sijia, but was exquisite. It seemed she could be picked up with only one hand. Moreover her figure was s.e.xy and curvy, and her b.o.o.bies seemed bigger than Zhu Sijia's, wonder how many people drooled with greed seeing those b.o.o.bies. Zhu Sijia however curled her lips in disdain.

When Ye Chuan and old man Hu were quarreling endlessly, flirtatious Liu Hong turned her very slender waist and walked over, "Yo, isn't this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect, n.o.ble son Ye? I've never thought we'd meet again. Old man Hu, don't be so stingy, quickly give him the bag of seeds."

Liu Hong looked small and exquisite, and her character nevertheless was bold and uninhibited. Just like her dress, the shorter the clothing on her body, the better. Seeing her, old man Hu vigorously swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Also wonder if the so-called Little Seductress he had seen in his dream was Liu Hong, this pa.s.sionate and fiery woman or not. In the face of such a pretty, fresh and charming woman, no wonder his withered tree blossomed, and the old man was also in happy mood.

"Eldest Miss, this……" Old man Hu stammered.

With regarding the beauty of Liu Hong, he secretly drooled with greed, but on the surface, he was respectful. Among two of them, one was golden daughter of Five Style Sect's Sect Master, and other was merely ordinary outer disciple of Five Style Sect, so even if he got a bear gall, old man Hu didn't dare to have wild wishes to really eat the swan meat being an ugly toad, so in front of Liu Hong, he didn't dare to overstep etiquette.

"What, are the silvers given by n.o.ble son Ye not enough?" The complexion of Liu Hong got cold.

"No, this bag of silver is enough, merely……"

Old man Hu paused for a bit and spoke honestly, "Merely, that bag of seeds of before, I also obtained it from another person, and those seeds are already sold out. So I was going to ask him again."

"Who is that person?" Liu Hong asked.

"Outer sect disciple Wu Feng. I heard, recently he was transferred to Bluestone Mine. If you wish to find, then I'm afraid……" Old man Hu was rather embarra.s.sed.

The outer sect disciples of Cloud Mist Sect needs to grow medicinal herbs, but the outer sect disciples of Five Style Sect were even more bitterly forced. They need to frequently go underground to dig a mine. In the name of the exercise, this was actually the cheap labors of sects. Unlike other places, generally the mine fields of Cloud Mist mountain range were deep in the mountains where yao beasts ran wild, and a single carelessness meant death. Generally, after entering underground mine field, they wouldn't come out for three to six months. And if one wished to get in touch with a person that had entered the underground mine field, then don't know how much time and costs it would take.

"Got it, I will go myself."

Liu Hong turned around to look at Ye Chuan. The matter that was embarra.s.sing for old man Hu was not worth mentioning for her. The guard of sect's mine was strict, and although he couldn't enter in, she however could freely enter and exit. "n.o.ble son Ye, leave this trivial matter to me. Are you going to come back in few days, or do you want to go to the underground mine with me to look for that person?"

"I will go with you." Ye Chuan replied.

There was no time to lose as the Great Compet.i.tion was right around the corner, and he needed Qingyang fruit to quickly regain his strength.

"Well, n.o.ble son really is straight-forward, let's go!"

The eyes of Liu Hong lit up, then turning around, she led the way.

"Big Senior Apprentice-Brother……"

Seeing Ye Chuan was about to follow, fatty Zhao Dazhi got anxious.

Who is Liu Hong?

She is the golden daughter of Five Style Sect's Sect Master, her status is not ordinary. Over the years, although the relations.h.i.+p of Cloud Mist Sect with Five Style Sect was not as tense as the relations.h.i.+p with Black Cauldron Sect, but Five Style Sect was also continuously competing secretly. In just this fas.h.i.+on, Ye Chuan go with Liu Hong, but if by any chance this was a trap and he met with ambush, then what's to be done?

"Fatty, it's all right, you go back first. If I don't come back before night, then look for medicine slave." Ye Chuan instructed, then followed after Liu Hong with large strides.

"Hey, brat, are you really going with this woman?" Zhu Sijia finally spoke while gritting her teeth. Seeing Ye Chuan and Liu Hong with the s.e.xy figure walking together, she didn't know why, she began to get angry in her heart.

In Cloud Mist mountain range, the reputation of Five Style Sect's Liu Hong was not bad. Relying on her status of the golden daughter and her beauty, even she herself didn't know how many sect disciples she attracted and incited. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, but after all was one of the large sect's Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. If he went along with Liu Hong just like this, then wouldn't it be……

Zhu Sijia really didn't continue to only see. Ye Chuan spending several hundred silvers to buy a bag of soil, it doesn't matter, as he was a blockhead in money matters. But seeing together with fickle and lascivious Liu Hong, she immediately burn with anger.

"It is fighting that shows love, sure enough, junior apprentice-sister is still most concerned about me. However, junior apprentice-sister, you can rest a.s.sured, senior apprentice-brother has propriety, guarantees nothing will happen. Just properly clean yourself, and we'll meet in the same old place tonight."

Ye Chuan smiled, then swaggered off.

Behind, vulgar faced old man Hu looked at Zhu Sijia from top to bottom, and smiled ambiguously. Hearing the words of Ye Chuan, Zhu Sijia was so angry that she violently stamped her foot, and she happens to see the vulgar gaze of old man Hu, thereupon, this famous stingy old man suffered a tragedy. With the kick of Zhu Sijia, the bottles and jars in his stall fell to the ground and broke.

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