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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 255: Demonic Dragon Horn

Not finding Julong PaG.o.da even after searching for a while, Da Qin Crown Prince and others had no choice but to reluctantly leave, continuing towards the ends of this Demonic Dragon Path.

In the front, that vaguely visible imperial palace in the midst of thick fog was getting closer and closer. Very soon, they would arrive at the core of this paradise realm, Heavenly Dragon Hall.

Watching numerous adventurers getting further and further away, Ye Chuan bide for time and fell far behind the troops. And after a good while, confirming the safety, he signaled and Little Long'er came out from the poisonous mist carrying Julong PaG.o.da.

Ye Chuan took Julong PaG.o.da and carefully observed it.

This was a seven floored little paG.o.da. The floors were stacked on the top of each other, and the floors were narrowed down from the bottom to the top forming a triangle shape. On the paG.o.da, many dragon-shaped patterns were carved. Although it wasn't big, each floor had window, stairs and even small bells under the eaves. It was exquisite and detailed. It was small but complete.

Ye Chuan knitted his brows. This Julong PaG.o.da was exquisitely made, but, observing carefully for a moment, he couldn't make out any profoundness.

This paG.o.da that could make numerous adventurers scramble for it including Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, how could it be a common item?

Ye Chuan was confused. He closed his eyes and moving his fingertips on Julong PaG.o.da, he slowly used his spirit to examine.

This time, he finally sensed a trace of obscure energy fluctuation, but it was far less powerful than antic.i.p.ated. It couldn't even be considered a piece of ordinary black grade treasure. Heaven, Earth, Yellow and Black, these were the grades to cla.s.sify the treasure in Wilderness World. Ye Chuan didn't have much interest in even ordinary heaven grade treasure, must less black grade treasures.

So many people were striving to obtain it regardless of their safety, and he had spent great effort to obtain it, but in the end, was this merely a common trash?

Ye Chuan shook his head and suddenly had a thought, then taking out Heaven Burning Furnace, he tossed Julong PaG.o.da inside it.

The temperature inside Heaven Burning Furnace rapidly rose and the flame also soared.

But, unfortunately, even with the flame of Heaven Burning Furnace, there was no change. There was no additional layer covering it, moreover, it also didn't melt. After refining for a good while, he still couldn't find the secrets of this paG.o.da, but the material in itself was very good, it was able to bear frightening high temperature.

"Strange, how can it be like this?"

Flame Devil was also very surprised. He had been staring at Julong PaG.o.da and was also puzzled, "Impossible, so many dragon statues were surrounding this paG.o.da, and we spent so much effort to obtain it, moreover, attracted the wrath of Golden Dragon King, how could this only be a common item?"

"At that time, what was the specific situation, how did you guys obtain it?" Ye Chuan asked.

"At that time, everyone cooperated to rush forward. Everyone wanted to quickly reach the end of this Demonic Dragon Path as quickly as possible. And 30 li away in the front, we discovered a temple shrouded in a poisonous mist at the side of Demonic Dragon Path. This paG.o.da was enshrined inside that temple, and that temple was tightly encircled by many dragon statues. As soon as we approached it, those dragons immediately revived and we alerted that especially ferocious Golden Dragon King. Heavenly Maiden, Da Qin Crown Prince and other peak experts cooperated to obstruct Golden Dragon King and other dragons while thinking of a way to obtain this Julong PaG.o.da."

Flame Devil replied, and after pausing for a bit, he continued, "The very first person to obtain it was Arch Robber **. He was skilled in taking things from the distance. Then, it fell into our hands, so we ran away. As for other adventurers, they either couldn't stop us or they didn't have time to obstruct us, until Da Qin Crown Prince make a move. He blocked both of us."

Flame Devil had a lingering fear, he feared and also hated that Da Qin Crown Prince Li Guang Han. He spoke so simply, but the reality was naturally too dangerous. He and Horned Demon Na Gusi had narrowly escaped at that time. In the end, if it was not for Ye Chuan arriving in the brink of time, they might have already been killed by Da Qin Crown Prince.

They had taken such a big risk merely for a common item, Flame Devil was even more disappointed than Ye Chuan. For a moment, he was not reconciled and he was also skeptical and unwilling to believe.

"A temple?"

Ye Chuan was unable to melt Julong PaG.o.da, and when he dripped a drop of his essences blood, this three feet tall paG.o.da slightly moved and a vague white light flashed, then showed no activity. He was unable to refine it.

Flame Devil was even more disappointed. The same was true for Horned Demon Na Gusi who was standing at one side. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was low, his means had always been endless. Even he couldn't refine it means no one under the heaven could do it either. Either this paG.o.da couldn't be refined by anyone and very probably be a pinnacle treasure of the world beyond the highest heaven, or this was a common item without any secrets. Along with Da Qin Crown Prince and Heavenly Maiden, all of them were deceived by the special circ.u.mstance of the temple.

"Little Long'er, come here!"

Ye Chuan suddenly beckoned Little Long'er to come over, "Come, I will teach you a small trick, drip a drop of your essence blood on it."

Ye Chuan instructed Little Long'er, and the latter obediently nodded his head. A hint was all that was needed and he already grasped the trick. Then, under the encouragement of Ye Chuan, he used that technique to drip a drop of essence blood on that Julong PaG.o.da.

A change suddenly appeared on the Julong PaG.o.da that couldn't be refined.

The first change appeared on the first floor, a white light pulsated and many dragon-shaped runes appeared. These runes continuously emerged and dissipated. It was like thousands of shrunk dragons were moving about this Julong PaG.o.da. Shortly afterward, the white light spread to the second floor and the same situation appeared on the second floor.

The white light spread upward floor by floor, and finally, all seven floors of this paG.o.da were shrouded by dazzling white light. The entire Julong PaG.o.da was full of vitality as if it was alive. There were tens upon thousands of various kinds of dragons inside as if this was the shrunk Dragon Kingdom. The dragon roars could also be heard in succession. Sometimes, those dragon voices were powerful and shocking and sometimes, they were erratic as if they were coming from Julong PaG.o.da and again from the void.

This was a peerless treasure left behind by a demonic dragon, only the person with the bloodline of Demonic Dragon Clan flowing within him could refine it!

Ye Chuan quickly understood what was going on.

After refining that drop of Demonic Dragon Blood, his blood had transformed, stepping into Blood Transformation Phase, but compared to innately endowed Little Long'er, the concentration of demonic dragon bloodline was too little.

The white light flashed and Julong PaG.o.da suddenly disappeared, then changing into white light, it entered the body of Little Long'er.

"Little Long'er, use your spirit to take out Julong PaG.o.da and let us look at its secrets!" Ye Chuan instructed, imparting some basic tricks to Little Long'er.


The little boy was somewhat nervous, and made some gesture. Suddenly, Julong PaG.o.da appeared on his palm, then throwing it to the ground, he blew it. After that, that paG.o.da suddenly rose up, then swaying, it issued a m.u.f.fled powerful dragon roaring sound, and squeaking noises suddenly came from all direction.

What is this sound?

Ye Chuan, Flame Devil and Horned Demon Na Gusi looked all around and suddenly discovered that all the dragon statues on both sides of Demonic Dragon Path had opened their eyes and slowly returned to life. From the front, the adventurers who had gone ahead issued ear-deafening screams. Moreover, countless dragons from both sides of Demonic Dragon Path rushed towards the adventures in the front.

In an instant, Demonic Dragon Path filled with ice-cold poisonous mist became the true Dragon Kingdom.

This was not some Julong PaG.o.da (Dragon Gathering PaG.o.da), rather a Demonic Dragon Horn. When this horn sounds, dragon statues could reawaken in succession!

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