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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 34 Part 4

Xiang Nuan's Da Qiao died once again. She took a break and drank some water.
Then she glanced at the bullet comments on Chen Yinghu's laptop.

She noticed that the chat was suddenly exploding. She didn't understand what all
the excitement was about. It couldn't be because Da Qiao just died in a pretty pose?

Xiang Nuan moved closer to the screen out of curiosity and saw most of the
comments were:

-----d.a.m.n, who was that? Who's by my hubby's side? Am I imagining the voice?

-----I also heard it! My goodness, that voice sounds too good! Little brother, say
some more!

-----Who was that?

-----Though only a few words, I smell a loving seme.

-----So my Hu Ge is getting married finally? Ahhh, you can't just go off and marry
someone, I'll go with you!

-----Anyone wants to listen to Little brother's voice again type 1





-----Don't scare the little brother. Don't worry, we're nice people, please say
something more.

-----Nice people 1. Little brother, do you like men or women?

-----Why did you stop talking? Hu Ge, who is he anyway?

-----I just got here. May I ask what's going on here?


“Pu------Hahahahaha!” Xiang Nuan found the entire thing rather amusing.

Then the comments exploded again:

-----Ahhhh, there's a girl there!

-----Why is there a girl there? Hu Ge, I've misjudged you, I'm very disappointed
at you!

-----Is this Hu Ge's wife, is it?

-----Hu Ge is indeed popular with both men and women. Little sister's laugh
sounded so nice, I laughed along with her.

-----It's probably from a voice changer?

-----Nonsense, it can't be from a voice changer. That laugh wasn't artificial at all, it
can't be from a voice changer.

-----Little sister, I beg you to laugh again.


Xiang Nuna's Da Qiao was revived, she hurriedly returned to the game. The excitement
continued in the stream room.

The excitement in chat finally died down after the trio continued quietly playing. Then
Lin Chuyan suddenly spoke again.

It was because he and Chen Yinghu were fighting over blue buff.

“I want blue, I'm Li Bai.”

“I want blue, I need to carry.”

“Look closely, I'm the carry right now.”

“Don't look at the stats. Wait till you see the damage. If my damage is lower than 35%,
I'll call you papa.”

“He, I have a feeling that I'm going to have a son.”

The chat room became flurry of activity.

The three of them were so concentrated on the game that they paid no attention to the
bullet comments. Lin Chuyan was busying fighting over the blue buff with Chen Yinghu
when Xiang Nuna casted her ultimate.

Da Qiao's ultimate was nicknamed “I'll let my brothers take care of you.” She drew a big
circle on the ground and her teammates could teleport to her circle.

It was good tool for gathering teammates for a team fight.

Certainly, if one couldn't use it well, it could also be a tool to eliminate the whole team.

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