The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government Volume II Part 73

The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government -

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WALKER, General J. G., movement of his troops at Sharpsburg, 336.

WALKER, General W. H. T., commences the attack at Chickamauga, 430; killed in the attack on McPherson's corps, 562.

_War, The_, manner in which it was con ducted by the Government of the United States, 5; how inappropriate to preserve a voluntary Union, 6; enlarged its proportions during the year 1861, 16; points possessed by the enemy, 17; his supply of men and resources of war, 17; a succession of glorious victories to us, 17; the foundation of the, 582.

WARD, Colonel, his conduct at Yorktown, 88, 89; killed at Williamsburg, 99; report of General Early on his gallantry, 99.

WARLEY, Lieutenant, attacks the enemy's vessels at New Orleans, 221.

"_War-power, The_, of the United States Government," the theory on which it was based, 171; its unlimited extent, 171; the specious argument for, 171; words of the Const.i.tution, 171; President Lincoln declares his main reliance on it, 298.

_Was.h.i.+ngton Artillery_, organized in New Orleans, 337; its frequent and honorable mention in the reports of battles, 337.

_Was.h.i.+ngton_ threatened by General Early, 530.

_Watchword, The_, "The abolition of slavery by the force of arms for the sake of the Union," 186.

_Westover_ reached by McClellan's army, 152; protection of the gunboats, 152; his position, 152; inexpedient to attack him, 152.

WHEATON, on the capture and confiscation of private property, 163.

WHEELER, General, destroys supplies and baggage in the rear of Rosecrans's army advancing to Murfreesboro, 384; movements with his cavalry at Chickamauga, 432.

_Which is the higher authority_, Mr. Lincoln's emanc.i.p.ation proclamation, or the Const.i.tution? 621.

WHITE, Colonel, advances to the Susquehanna, 440.

WHITING, General, sent to reenforce Jackson in the Valley, 133; he is killed in the defense of Fort Fisher, 646.

_Who is the criminal?_ Let posterity answer, 178.

_Why were they not hung?_ Our soldiers taken prisoners, "as rebels and traitors," 13.

WICKES, Captain, commands a cruiser fitted out in France by United States Government in the Revolutionary War, 275.

WILc.o.x, General, stubborn resistance made by his division, 518.

_Wilderness, The_, the nature of the country, 518; the battle at, 518-520.

WILKINSON, Commander John, commands the Chickamauga, 265; her cruise, 265.

_Williamsburg_, its position on the Virginia Peninsula, 94; line of defenses constructed by General Magruder, 94; attack of Hanc.o.c.k, 94; report of General Early on the attack, 95, 96; claim of the enemy to have achieved a victory at, refuted, 97; strength of our force, 97; McClellan's estimate, 97; further retreat of our army, 97; our strength in the principle action at, 98; the position held as long as was necessary, 99; losses, 99.

_Wilmington, North Carolina_, its defensive works, 204.

WINDER, Brigadier-General CHARLES S., attacks the position of General s.h.i.+elds, 114; critical condition, 115; killed at the bottle of Cedar Run, 318; report of General Jackson, 318; his character and an act of heroism, 318.

WINDER, General JOHN H., his kindness to prisoners of war, 597.

WIRZ, Major, his successful efforts for the benefits of the prisoners, 597.

WOOD, Captain JOHN T., attacks armed vessels in the Rappahannock in ope boats, 223.

WOOD, Commander JOHN TAYLOR, commands the Tallaha.s.see, 265; her cruise, 265.

_Yazoo Pa.s.s_, proposal to pa.s.s boats through, 392.

_Yorktown_, strengthening the defenses continued, 91; further improvements on the works, 91; arrangements for evacuation commenced, 92; army withdrawn from the line of Warwick River, 93; evacuation made successfully, 93: loss of property, 94; statement of General Early, 94.

ZOLLICOFFER, General, commands at Mill Springs, 19; his position, 19; General Thomas advances against him, 19; Crittenden takes command and moves to attack Thomas, 20; Zollicoffer killed, 21.


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