Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks Chapter 2687:

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Chapter 2687:

Ning Shu hoped that something was wrong with Cheng Fei’s head and that it’d stop him from concocting evil plans all day long.

“Fortunately, I only got a concussion. Nothing serious. I’m a doctor myself, so I know what’s going on with myself. Don’t worry,” Cheng Fei gently said. His gaze burned into Ning Shu.

Ning Shu: I’m not worried at all, though.

Despite being inwardly annoyed, Ning Shu pretended to casually ask, “You even know about the law?”

“Haven’t I told you before? I studied it. My knowledge about it is only surface-level though. I’m a doctor, not a lawyer.” Cheng Fei looked at Ning Shu. “You don’t remember?”

Ning Shu spread her hands. “Nope. Maybe you told me about it, but I don’t remember it at all.”

Ning Shu felt that Cheng Fei was testing her, so she just said that she didn’t know anything.

What if he never told Ai Yun that and was trying to trick her?

Cheng Fei sighed. He looked at Ning Shu with a helpless doting gaze. “Oh, you…

“I’m a little hungry. I want to eat something.”

“Can you eat now?” Ning Shu asked back.

He better not throw up after he ate.

Cheng Fei nodded. “I don’t feel so uncomfortable anymore.”

Ning Shu went out to buy food for Cheng Fei, but Cheng Fei stopped her before she could go. She turned to look at him. Cheng Fei smiled and said, “Just order me some porridge.”

Ning Shu nodded.

Ning Shu ordered some porridge and asked someone to deliver it to Cheng Fei’s ward. She didn’t bother going back to the hospital and instead walked on the side of the road.

How on earth should she deal with Cheng Fei?

She didn’t know what Cheng Fei wanted.

Did he want to get her insurance money?

Cheng Fei didn’t look like someone in need of money, though. He had a house and a car.

Plus, considering how sophisticated Cheng Fei was, Ning Shu wouldn’t really believe it even if he said himself that he did it all because of money.

It felt like he did these to serve a revered ideal.

Ning Shu had never met such a person before.

If Cheng Fei really wanted to kill Ai Yun’s parents and even Ai Yun…

Then Cheng Fei was the real mentally ill person here. He was the kind of mentally ill person who had high intelligence, was socially capable, and was good at hiding his craziness.

Ning Shu: …

What a big world. It was so full of wonders.

Ning Shu was considering whether or not to talk to Ai Yun’s parents about this matter.

However, Cheng Fei showed a perfect image of himself to other people.

He had good looks, plenty of money, and a good character.

It was why Mother Ai always kept telling her not to divorce and that Cheng Fei was a good man.

She also kept talking about how a woman could only meet such a man once in a lifetime.

Anyone who saw him would compliment him.

What the h.e.l.l? Why was his PR management so good?

Ning Shu went to the police station and planned to ask them some things.

No matter how much Cheng Fei pretended, he wouldn’t be able to escape if she had evidence.

Ning Shu went to the police station. She presented the virtual IP addresses that she had found earlier and showed the real IP address to the police.

“This is the person who stole Tian Hai’s account and instigated Li Qiang to commit a crime, so you should find this person.”

“Our IT team also found this evidence. The problem is that this is the IP address of a coffee shop. A lot of people frequent that coffee shop every day.

“Countless people have used this coffee shop’s WiFi. This is a dead end; it’s impossible to investigate this evidence,” the police explained.

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