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Chapter 1478 Luo Chao“s Ability

Han Xuya used up all the energy she had available in her tank to unleash about close to a hundred raining fists on Lord Ghost..

But, as time went by, she felt that the spot her fist was. .h.i.tting wasn't flesh but was instead a hard skeleton.

Han Xuya suppressed her curiosity and struck her fist down forcefully.

Bang! This time, however, she felt that the rebound was much greater than before. She was prepared for it but she still had to take some steps back because of the huge rebound. Her raining fist was instantly stopped.

As Han Xuya tried her best to stabilise her body, she finally noticed that a huge pair of black wings was protecting Lord Ghost. The pair of wings encased Lord Ghost, protecting him from her fist. What Han Xuya was. .h.i.tting towards the end should be this pair of wings.

Flap~ The black wings suddenly stretched open until it was about ten meters long. It directly covered half of the Red hall, causing the entire plaza to turn dark.

Lord Ghost laughed in a shrill voice. “You've really made me angry. I want to kill all of you.”

Lord Ghost's eyes were blood red. Along with the huge pair of black wings, he looked like a giant bat. Luo Chao and Han Xuya remembered Lord Ghost's nickname, Poison Bat. Looking at such a sight, they immediately knew where this nickname came from.

“Be careful!” Luo Chao reminded Han Xuya who was standing in front of them. In this fight, Han Xuya was the main fighting force of their team.

Han Xuya gritted her pretty white teeth. Her body shot out like a cannonball and she waved her fist again.

“Go and die!” The five fingernails on Lord Ghost's left hand suddenly extended in length. There was a layer black goop s.h.i.+ning on his thin and sharp fingernails. He clawed at Han Xuya's face ruthlessly. He no longer showed mercy on her because she was a lady.

Lord Ghost's claw came really quickly. When Han Xuya saw the claw coming towards her, she instinctively wanted to move away but she realized she couldn't move.

Realm suppression!

These two words appeared in Han Xuya's mind immediately. She was about to get clawed by Lord Ghost but there was no sign of fear on her face.

Picturing ruining the face of a pretty girl, a devilish smile formed on Lord Ghost's face. However, the next second, his smile froze.

Han Xuya got suppressed by him so by right, she couldn't move. Yet, she went against expectation and forcibly s.h.i.+fted half a meter towards her left. This half a meter s.h.i.+ft allowed her to escape from his poisonous claws.

Of course, these actions were done in a blink of an eye.

Han Xuya broke free from Lord Ghost's suppression and jumped backward. She came to Chang Xinyuan's side.

Lord Ghost retracted his claws slowly. His gaze s.h.i.+fted away from Han Xuya and finally landed on Luo Chao.

“Your domain is very interesting. You can actually control her body.” How could Han Xuya's strange actions escape from Lord Ghost's eyes? Even if he didn't notice it at the start, by now, he had already understood everything.

Lord Ghost also understood why when he clearly had evaded Han Xuya's attack at the start but she was still able to hit him. This wasn't Han Xuya's ability. It was that sweet and delicate lady's ability.

Luo Chao didn't reply to him. She only looked at Lord Ghost indifferently. She knew that she couldn't fool Lord Ghost for long. It was just that she didn't expect him to see through it so quickly.

This was the caliber of the 13 Lords. None of them were simple. The difference between their abilities was too stark.

“It should be a spiritual domain concept. It's very special. I've never seen it before.” Lord Ghost was very interested in Luo Chao's ability. The first thing that came to his mind was that this ability was very useful to him. Thus, the strong killing intent in him subsided a little.

They responded to Lord Qian's order to kill everyone not because they were afraid of him. It was because they were too bored. They wanted to move their bodies and see some blood.

But, ultimately, they were the ones who would decide whether they wanted to kill these people or not.

If he was able to gain this ability, the loophole in his domain could be patched up. That meant that G.o.d-realm wasn't impossible anymore.

Greed seeped out of Lord Ghost's eyes. Once he thought of this possibility, his heart started pounding furiously.

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