The Paston Letters Volume Vi Part 64

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3 July.

_Attempt of Perkin Warbeck to land at Deal_, 1059, 1060.

Young William Paston, at Sir J. Fortescue's place on account of the plague at Cambridge, 1062.


Margaret, Countess of Richmond, to [Sir J. Paston?] touching the inheritance of the daughters of William Paston, 1063.


20 Aug.

Sir J. Paston to inquire who were privy to the Earl of Suffolk's flight beyond sea, 1065.


20 Mar.

Sir J. Paston to be ready to attend on the Princess Catherine of Spain on her arrival in England, 1066.

Before 1503

Proposed marriage of Clippesby with a niece of Sir J. Paston, 1069

After 1503

William Paston, Sir John's brother, 'crased in mind,' 1072.

The Earl of Oxford's steward to the 'Black Knight,' in Latin verse, 1073.


6 Feb.

Award touching East Beckham between Sir John Paston and Roger Townsend, 1074.

6 Sept.

Archbishop Warham to William Paston on the death of his father, Sir John, 1075.

John Kendal to [William Paston?] touching lands bought of the executors of Nich. Pickering of Filby, 1076.


31 Jan.

_Account of the Visit of Philip, King of Castile, to Henry VII. at Windsor_, 1078.


[Transcriber's Note:

This final page--printed at the end of Volume VI, after the Index--is included for completeness. All listed corrections have been made in their respective volumes.]


Page 122, line 15, _for_ 'Bourges' _read_ 'Bourg.'


Page 30, line 7 from bottom of No. 15, _for_ 'No. 8,' _read_ 'No. 13.'

154, _add_ to footnote 3, 'He was slain at the second battle of St.

Albans on the 17th Feb. 1461.'


Page 135, footnote 1, strike out the words after 'Elizabeth Paston,'

on third line from the bottom, and _add_, 'was no longer the wife of Robert Poynings, but his widow, for he was killed at the second battle of St. Albans on the 17th Feb. 1461.'


Page 310, note 1, _for_ 'Henry IV.' _read_ 'Edward IV.'

314, note 1. This suggestion is quite a mistake. See 'my Robert' in the PS., p. 315.

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