You're Beautiful When You Smile Chapter 79 Part2

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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 79 Part 2

“How did you reply to him?” Lu Sicheng asked.

“I said I can say whatever I want, it's my mouth.” Tong Yao answered.

“En. Nothing wrong with that.”

Lu Sicheng glanced at Tong Yao and recalled that Qing Dynasty's players dropped by during the break to ask random things looking rather uneasy about it…… He squinted his eyes. Anyone could tell by looking at him that he wasn't happy. “Then what happened?”

“He asked me if he threw the game, I'd keep my mouth shut.”

Lu Sicheng sneered.

“We could win the match with our own ability, why do I want others to throw it? So I said no, then I bit him, and ran away.”

Lu Sicheng's sneer suddenly frozened.

The corner of his lips quickly curved downwards. With an uncertain expression on his face, he asked in a quiet voice: “What?”

-- --Somehow the voice didn't sound right to Tong Yao's ears.

Tong Yao swallowed and mumbled: “I ran away.”

“Before that.”

“I said no.”

“After that.”

“......I bit him.” Tong Yao said, then hurriedly explained: “Didn't you say that I can't hit people? So I bit him. It's alright to bite him, right? He won't get killed by one bite.”

Lu Sicheng, ignoring her explanation, asked her to clarify: “The bandage on Xu Tailun's hand at the second match was from your bite?”

“Right-- --Ouch!”

With a light crisp sound, Tong Yao covered her forehead with her hand and backed away a few steps. Tong Yao looked at Lu Sicheng in confusion as he coldly said: “Stay outside.” He opened the door, walked in the base, and slapped the door shut-- --Tong Yao put her ear to the door and heard Lu Sicheng announce: “No one can open the door for her.” She lifted her ear from the door and stared at the door in disbelief, then put her ear on the door again: It was indeed very quiet inside.

So Lu Sicheng really meant it?

It can't be?

Tong Yao walked over to the window and tried to peek inside through the window-- --She saw Little Fatty sitting right next to the window. She knocked on the window as if she had seen a life saver. Little Fatty turned to take a look at her, then stretched his mouth open to give her a silly smile.

Open the door for me-- --Tong Yao mouthed.

Little Fatty kept smiling at her in a silly way, then pointed at Lu Sicheng who was standing not too far from Little Fatty with his back facing the window. Little Fatty shook his head.

Tong Yao: “......”

She could see her teammates walking around the base and her cat lying on someone's lap. The air conditioning unit out in the yard was rumbling and blowing out hot air. It seemed that no one in the whole base had noticed the desperate Tong Yao outside the window……

In the end, she had no other choice but to sit in the yard, battling the mosquitoes. With nothing better to do, she took out her phone and started watching some streams-- --

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