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You're Beautiful When You Smile
Chapter 77 Part 1

Tong Yao went back to her room and threw herself onto the bed.

[ZGDX, Smiling: I wussed out. Dogs bite in every country. I really shouldn't have forgotten the pain that I suffered before, now the slap in the face came so quickly-- --I give up. You really can't fall in love with a professional player! The model esports couples are all fake, fake, fake! No man can resist the temptation from outside! None! ! !]

[Ah Mao's Mom: …………...What's all this? What's wrong with you? Going crazy all of a sudden? Your captain betray you? No, that's not right, you guys aren't even together yet. How can he betray you. Well, what has he done?]

Tong Yao used voice chat to describe in detail how she had seen Xu Tailun at the market and in the movie theatre today. As she was retelling the whole story, the feelings of betrayal and disgust she had in the past when Jian Yang had kept her in the dark came back fresh again.  She felt like her heart was burning, so she spoke quickly and used rather harsh words.

However, Jinyang totally missed the point.

[Ah Mao's Mom: My goodness, you and Cheng Ge went to the market, had lunch, and went to the movie together?]

[ZGDX, Smiling: You've missed the point my friend!]

[Ah Mao's Mom: The point is that you two went shopping and ate food and watched a movie together, isn't it? That, my friend, is a date! ! ! !]

[ZGDX, Smiling: The point is that Qing Dynasty's Korean player has a girlfriend and they have PDA every day. He attracts many fans by being the most sweet player in esports and the faithful half of a model couple in this circle. Now he attracts fans and has to go on a date with a fan! He lied about staying at the base playing with his alternate id this afternoon. If he's not guilty, why does he have to lie? The most unforgivable part is that his teammate helped him with his lie! Are they sick? ! Are all of them sick? !]

[Ah Mao's Mom: Don't get over excited now.]

[Ah Mao's Mom: This Korean player is the key player on the Qing Dynasty. I heard from Ai Jia that the team has to listen to him since he's the team's carry…...His teammate may have no choice but to cover him.]

Tong Yao thought about it while holding the cell phone in hand. She recalled that when Xu Tailun turned the camera to face his teammate this afternoon, his teammate did look a little uneasy and the way he spoke was a little awkward-- --It was because she was so annoyed at the time that she didn't think much about it.

[ZGDX, Smiling: It's a Chinese club, isn't it a joke that they all have to listen to a Korean.]

[Ah Mao's Mom: There are only a few Korean players who are truly willing to play and win in the Chinese region, we have to cherish them-- --Besides, calm down, don't stereotype people for no reason. Jian Yang's mistake and Xu Tailun being a jerk have nothing to do with your captain. You can't just put them into the same category simply by saying ‘dogs bite in every country.']

[ZGDX, Smiling: ……]

[Ah Mao's Mom: You're once bitten, twice shy.]

[ZGDX, Smiling: Jian Yang was my first love. He went out happily with some night club hostess and I lost 5 kg. In the end, I had to go abroad to get away from all that.]

[ZGDX, Smiling: What about it? I'm scared! Scared! ! ! ]

[Ah Mao's Mom: So you don't want your captain now?]

[ZGDX, Smiling: ……. I don't, I don't.]

[Ah Mao's Mom: You finally managed to stick out your nose tip from the sh.e.l.l and now you want to shrink back into it again. Alright, suit yourself!]

[ZGDX, Smiling: The best way to avoid being cheated or tricked is to not fall in love at all.]

[Ah Mao's Mom: Makes sense, I believe you-- --Like h.e.l.l I believe you.]

[Ah Mao's Mom: I suggest that you eat your s.h.i.+t first to calm yourself down.]

[ZGDX, Smiling: Who jumped up and down and wanted to break up with her boyfriend simply because a female fan had given her boyfriend some clothing?]

[Ah Mao's Mom: Me.]

[ZGDX, Smiling: If Ai Jia did anything like what Jian Yang or Xu Tailun had done, you probably would cut off his p.e.n.i.s. So don't be the pot calling the kettle black…...However, I believe your Ai Jia isn't that kind of person because he's scared of you, so cherish him.]

After sending the last message, Tong Yao felt exhausted. She took off her makeup, showered, changed into her pajamas, and went to bed, without even feeling like play any games-- --After she had fallen asleep, she had nightmares one after the other and none of them were the kinds she wanted to remember.

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