Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable Chapter 945: Bai Xuan's Sneak Attack

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Chapter 945: Bai Xuan’s Sneak Attack

As his voice faded, Chen Yan’s body blurred. The movement of his feet was stirring up the wind while his fists broke air apart as they punched forth.

The Four Elements power exploding from his body created an oppressive pressure that combined together with his attack.

Very fast!

Very fierce power!

Luo Tian remained motionless like a rock and smiled, “If I was still at the Spirit Martial 9th rank, killing you would require some effort on my part. But now that we are in the same realm, you should be prepared for your death.”

Luo Tian had never been scared of anyone in the same cultivation realm as him.

Saying he hadn’t mastered the power of the four divine elephants?

He didn’t need to master anything with the system. As long as he leveled up, he would be in full control of the relevant level’s powers.

This was his advantage for having a system.

Facing Chen Yan’s attack, Luo Tian extended out a palm with a playful expression. “Since you say you won’t make the same mistake, then I’m going to force you to make the same mistake. You want to climb up using my corpse? You are not qualified!”

“G.o.d Flame!”

“Smash him!”


A fierce ball of flame shot out from Luo Tian’s palm.

The strength of G.o.d Flame went up according to Luo Tian’s level.

“That same move again?!”

“Luo Tian, do you think I’m going to fall for that?!” Chen Yan sneered in disdain.

“This kid, Luo Tian, is treating Chen Yan like a fool by using the same move twice. Even an idiot would not fall for it again.”

“You don’t say…”

“Even I could dodge this move if I was there.”

“Chen Yan is the eldest senior brother of the Four Seas Sect. If he gets struck by this move twice, where would he have the face to keep living?”

“It’s impossible for it to succeed.”

Many people started discussing this matter.

The sect leaders of their respective sects also thought this.

“Luo Tian must be at his wit’s end to use the same move twice. It’s impossible for Chen Yan to be struck by it.”

“If that move doesn’t hit, Luo Tian will be instantly killed off.”

“Luo Tian’s going to die this time.”

A sect leader’s cultivation was much higher than the normal people in the plaza, so their insights into the battle were naturally a bit better. If Luo Tian’s attack misses, Chen Yan’s attack will land, and Luo Tian will have no time to reinforce his defense. Being slaughtered will only be the outcome.


What was beyond the expectation of everyone…

Beyond the expectation of Chen Yan as well…

That ball of flames could actually make a turn!

Chen Yan stomped his right foot and dodged to the left, but the ball of flames that was half a meter away suddenly changed its trajectory. No matter how strong that ball of flames was, it was impossible for it to strike him now. But even in his dreams, Chen Yan never expected that G.o.d Flame would make a U-turn!

It was similar to a homing missile!


The ball of flames accurately landed on Chen Yan’s body with a loud explosion.

The crowd was in shock!

Their mouths were opened so wide that an egg could be stuffed in there.

This was supposed to be impossible!

A range attack can turn by itself?


They had never heard or seen such a thing in their lives!

Luo Tian didn’t waste any time as he already calculated Chen Yan would dodge to the left. G.o.d Flame had its previous heavenly flame version’s ability to lock onto its target. Once the target has been locked onto, it will still hit its target no matter how far they try to escape or even if they try to hide in h.e.l.l.

If it couldn’t even do this minor thing, then Luo Tian would directly delete G.o.d Flame from his skills list!

The moment G.o.d Flame struck, Luo Tian shouted, “When you’re ill, go for the kill!”

Luo Tian used the same consecutive strikes. He first used his right shoulder, then did a double punch. Chen Yan was smashed backward and was pulled back by Wolf King’s Claws. Another pair of punches smashed out at him.

It was the same combo he did previously without any changes.

But the damage Luo Tian did now was twice as much as before!

This was the power of the four divine elephants!

Luo Tian didn’t need to master the power of his new realm. He only had to level up, gain the new powers, and naturally release it. The way he was using his Four Elements realm power was not weaker than someone like Chen Yan, who had cultivated it for a few years.


This time, Chen Yan wasn’t able to stabilize his body and was sent flying in an arc. He smashed into the ground while his eyes bulged out. He could only stare at Luo Tian, full of disbelief, “How, how, how is that possible? It can’t be possible…”


He could only forcefully say a few words before he died.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Chen Yan. You have gained 310 experience points, 80 yuan energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining one Yuan Foundation Pill.”

“Sin points +1!”

Several message alerts appeared.

Luo Tian had a cold sneer as he arrogantly asked, “Who else?! I want to ask, who else?!”

Those disciples at the Spirit Martial 8th and 9th rank quickly escaped from the stage.

Since a Four Elements ranker like Chen Yan wasn’t Luo Tian’s match, then they would definitely not be one!

Moreover, they had lost their chance now that Luo Tian was in the Four Elements realm.


“Too fierce!”

“I have never seen such a fierce person before!”


“Too handsome! I have never seen such a handsome guy before!”

Going crazy!

There were many high-pitched screams in the plaza, and many people were screaming Luo Tian’s name.

The strong were always respected!

The strong made their blood boil and the admiration from the bottom of their hearts.

The intestines of the thirteen sect leaders were turning green at this time. They were all thinking why they hadn’t recruited Luo Tian into their sect. The opportunity to reach the heavens was gone just like that!

No one was more heartbroken than the sect leader of Heavenly Plume Sect.

He had an extremely ugly look on his face. He wanted to say something to Yao Hai but held himself back several times. Eventually, he couldn’t endure anymore and said, “Elder Yao, do you think you can ask Luo Tian to enter our Heavenly Plume Sect?”

“He can ask whatever conditions he wants. He can even have the Vice Sect Leader position if he wants.”

“What happened was all my fault for being short-sighted. If I had listened to you earlier, our Heavenly Plume Sect would already be renowned for its feats today in Martial Mountain City.”

Yao Hai sneered internally as he felt the sect leader’s words were laughable.

He kept rejecting it in the beginning but was now kneeling down and bootlicking!

Staying in a sect like this was really meaningless.

Yao Hai exhaled before saying, “I will try my best, but I don’t know if it’s going to succeed or not.”

The sect leader of the Heavenly Plume Sect said with joy, “The future of our Heavenly Plume Sect is in your hands. You have to bring him to our side!”

Yao Hai coldly sneered internally once more.

There was one person who was extremely shocked below the stage.

Super shocked!

And that was Bai Lei.

He watched Luo Tian continuously smash flying all the people in the same cultivation realm as him and then watched him make a breakthrough. He was even able to kill the Four Elements ranker Chen Yan very quickly. This person was too fierce and strong! He had to make Luo Tian a Bai family’s disciple! He had to make him one of his future Generals!

On the other hand, Bai Xuan had an ugly look on his face as he stepped off the stage. He hid himself amongst the crowd before getting behind Luo Tian and then suddenly making his move.

Bai Lei’s expression instantly changed as he tried to stop it. He shouted, “Bai Xuan! You dare?!”

“Luo Tian, watch out!” An ice cold voice shouted from somewhere.

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