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Gu Xijiu smiled and said, "Yes, I am satisfied. Thank you, Prince Long."

Prince Long felt relieved, "It is good that you are satisfied. I appreciate that you are willing to give us some plants."

Prince Long was very gentle and elegant, so Gu Xijiu liked him even more. Therefore, she took another step back in her negotiations, "We can split it 60 percent and 40 percent. You will get 40 percent, and I will get 60 percent to repay your kindness." It was more than enough for her to get 60 percent of the plants.

Prince Long was happy and replied cheerfully, "Thank you!"

Tan Xiaoge and her sister Le Jiajun looked at each other and felt upset. Tan Xiaoge would have insulted Gu Xijiu. However, she had learned her lesson and decided to keep quiet.

Le Jiajun decided to speak, "Actually, you have earned a lot from this trade. You don’t have to do anything to get 60% of the plants. You are really lucky." These words sounded a little sour.

Gu Xijiu leisurely said, "Sometimes it is unavoidable to be lucky."

Tan Xiaoge was raging under her skin but remained silent on the surface. Le Jiajun replied, "You are not lucky. It is because our Prince Long is gentle and kind that you can have such a good deal."

Gu Xijiu chuckled, "So you can just remain jealous of me but can do nothing about it." The two women were stunned and did not know how to reply.


According to the "Record of Foreign Matters," other than the bear that was killed by Gu Xijiu, there was still a kind of snow lizard which guarded the Ice Shura Flowers. The snow lizard was about two meters in length. It was good at ice attacks and group attacks. It could shoot ice flakes and could only be harmed by a person with spiritual power of at least level five.

Gu Xijiu stood there and noticed that Prince Long and the team were heading towards the ice cliff.

After Prince Long plucked the first flower, the snow under the cliff started to collapse, and eight snow lizards emerged from the snow and started to attack!

Fortunately, the people there were well prepared. Shan Qing waved his hand, and the five bounty hunters immediately charged in a fan-shaped formation towards to the snow lizards.

Plenty of fog surrounded the ice cliff, but a light shone through from the direction of the bounty hunters from time to time. It also came along with the sharp crying sounds of the snow lizards. Apparently, the fight was very intense.

The snow lizards were very good at attacking. They were able to shoot poisonous water that could immediately freeze their enemies. Anyone who could not evade their attacks would instantly turn into ice dunes and be infected by the poison. Therefore, it required a very high spiritual power and Qing Gong to fight with the snow lizards.

It was clear as day that Prince Long and his team had done their homework before they came as they had an excellent strategy to deal with the snow lizards. Therefore, the situation was still within their control although the fight was pretty intense.

Besides the issue of facing these snow lizards, it was not easy to pluck the plants too. They were full of venom and once it punctured the finger, that person would immediately be fully paralyzed. Furthermore, plucking the plant required a special glove which had to be used in a special way so that it would not damage the leaves. Otherwise, its effectiveness would also be compromised.

Prince Long was quite skillful when he plucked the plant. He could also skillfully dodge the attacks from the snow lizards.

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