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Published at 20th of July 2019 02:50:04 PM Chapter 2074: 2074

Gu Xijiu revealed her ident.i.ty without any delay . She was also very straightforward; she had an open and honest conversation with the Emperor Immortal .

Unfortunately, Gu Xijiu found that the situation was really disadvantageous for Long Siye . There was a large stack of evidence in the hands of Emperor Immortal . There were confessions from those who were once the subordinates of Yun Yanli . Those people reported that Yun Yanli planned to rebel . They even provided a list of allies .

In recent months, Long Siye and Yun Yanli had also had contact . Although his name was not present in the so-called alliance, he was also a suspect . Long Siye had never reported the fact that Yun Yanli was still alive; even though he did not join in his alliance, he had committed a crime for keeping it a secret . Hence, it was not a mistake for the Emperor Immortal to put Long Siye into prison .

After reviewing the materials, Gu Xijiu only asked the emperor a few words, "Your Majesty, do you believe that Long Siye really rebelled?"

The Emperor Immortal did not speak; he naturally did not believe it .

Gu Xijiu spoke again, "Long Siye has been working hard for His Majesty all these years . I believe that His Majesty knows his character very well . Yun Yanli had promoted him, and he did favor Long Siye . However, even though Long Siye knew that Yun Yanli was still alive and did not report, it can't prove that he wants to rebel against you . After all, His Majesty values Long Siye a lot . I believe that His Majesty is also very clear about this . Hence, there should be a reason why His Majesty has put him in prison . Let's just be direct, what do you need me to do for you to release Long Siye?"

The Emperor Immortal appreciated her straightforward stance, so he brought up his own conditions . "Nianmo is the son of my good friend . I don't want to see his reputation being shamed . "

Gu Xijiu naturally understood what he was referring to . The reputation of Shen Nianmo had always been excellent . The only thing that made him blemished that was that he recently rebelled against his masters and fell in love with the 'evil old lady . '

She looked down for a moment and chuckled . After that, she looked directly at the emperor . "Doe His Majesty also feel that his relations.h.i.+p with me is something to be shameful of?"

The Emperor Immortal was stunned for a moment . "Do you really love him? Would you die for him?"

Gu Xijiu did not speak .

The Emperor Immortal turned away and said, "If not, please let him go . He is still a kid, after all . "

Gu Xijiu finally smiled and said faintly, "Your Majesty has overthought . I have always treated Nianmo as a kid . When I said those words, I was angry, but I never expected that it would spread so frantically . Please rest a.s.sured . I will find a chance to make this clear in public . "

Emperor Immortal sighed with relief . "Let me arrange an opportunity to let you make it clear . What do you think?"

"How about Long Siye?"

"I will try to restore him to his usual life!"

Gu Xijiu agreed with it . Therefore, after careful planning with the Emperor Immortal, there was this Fairy Flower Feast today .  

When Gu Xijiu received the invitation card, she was in her own small courtyard . The attendant of the Heavenly Palace specially sent her an invitation card and asked her to go .

After the attendant left, the mussel was surprised . "Master, I never expected that the people of the Emperor Immortal could find you here . This small courtyard is already exposed . "

Gu Xijiu twirled a branch in her hand and sighed gently . "Yes, this Emperor Immortal is quite powerful!"

She has been living a simple life for a few days . After she came out of the Ninth Heaven, she had also used her teleportation power, which made people unable to follow her .

She had surveyed the area a few times and confirmed that no one followed before she returned to her own small courtyard . Hence, she did not expect to be found by the people of the Emperor Immortal .

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