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Published at 8th of July 2019 02:45:04 PM Chapter 2038: 2038

Yun Yanli wanted to try his luck to capture the majestic being .

He met with a group of Silver Wolves in the depths of the wood and was unfortunately injured, so he had to retreat to safety . He was taking his rest when he heard some footsteps . It was already too late for him to escape, so he decided to camouflage and turn himself into a rock to avoid any possible encounters with an enemy . Standing amongst other rocks, he certainly did not stand out . His Kung Fu was decent, but he would prefer to go unnoticed .

Gu Xijiu came later on but was entirely focused on the clan; she failed to notice him until he revealed himself .  

Yun Yanli had been there three days earlier than her . Hence, Gu Xijiu asked if he had seen a mussel by describing the general features of her pet to him .

Yun Yanli was bewildered . "Is the mussel the majestic being that you mentioned before? Have you brought it along to heaven?"

Gu Xijiu had once told him about her majestic beings when they traveled together in the past . She told him about Lu Wu and the mussel, but they were both in the mortal world at the time, so Yun Yanli had only heard about them .

Gu Xijiu nodded . "Have you seen it?"

Yun Yanli answered hesitantly, "I had seen one . They called it the 'monstrous mussel' for swallowing many majestic beings . It was taken away by a few celestial beings . "

Gu Xijiu's expression changed abruptly . Did the mussel make the same old mistake again?

She had once warned it not to eat any majestic beings of level seven and above . Most of these majestic beings had their own masters . Gu Xijiu wanted to avoid making unnecessary enemies .

"What majestic being did it swallow? Who took the mussel away?"

Yun Yanli sighed . "I do not know the details . When I saw them, they already had the mussel captive and were ready to put it into a magic instrument . They were the four Great Guardians of the Emperor Immortal . It was not appropriate for them to see me, so I did not reveal myself . I only heard them claiming that they had captured the killer behind the ma.s.sacre of the majestic beings . Then, they headed towards the direction of Yaori Hill, and I have not seen them since . "

Gu Xijiu heaved a long sigh; she was aware of the case of the missing majestic beings, little did she know that the mussel was going to be blamed for a crime it did not commit . The case had already happened long before the mussel went for its hunt . How could the mussel be the killer? It must be wronged .

Gu Xijiu was enraged! She knew that the men were the four Great Guardians of the new Emperor Immortal . Most of them had achieved the level of a Mighty Immortal and were all well trained and experienced warriors from countless of brutal battles . Upright and unyielding, they were the new right-hand men of the Emperor Immortal . All of them were very loyal to the Emperor Immortal, as they had been following him to the battlefield since many years ago . They were known for their cruel and merciless conduct .

When the new emperor ascended the throne, some of the followers of the past emperor were clearly in defiance . Secretly, they tried to search for the descendants of the last emperor to overthrow the regime . However, the four Great Guardians discovered the scheme by sending their men into the rebel group as undercover agents . As a result, all the rebels were successfully captured and executed openly in the busy streets . On that day, the slaughter resulted in rivers of blood . A total of three hundred people were beheaded . The cruelty shocked almost every member of Saha World .

It was told that only dozens of people were captured at first . However, the torments that the four Great Guardians had put them through were terribly painful . In the end, they confessed and uncovered more people that were also involved .

Many of these rebels were known to be very stubborn; it was unheard of for them to be compelled to confess, but none of them were able to withstand the severe suffering in the hands of the four Great Guardians .  In return for their confession, their only wish was death .

Since then, the four Great Guardians were also known as the four Great Shuras . Now that the mussel had fallen into their hands, no one knew what kind of suffering they would put it through . Gu Xijiu could barely keep calm at the thought of it .

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