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Chapter 189: You Are Quite Good At Acting Too









The blood in Gu Xijiu’s face was flushed out, and she felt like kicking him into the lake. She chuckled instead and said, "I never knew that the Palace Master has a hobby of dressing like a woman. It seems that you are quite good at acting too. I had the wrong impression of you."









Gu Xijiu remained silent. Was he such a good guy? No one would believe that! He was just too bored and took advantage of the situation to make fun of her. However, when Gu Xijiu tried to recall what happened when they met in the hot spring, she had to admit that she a.s.sumed that he was a woman.









It was still quite cold on the sh.o.r.e, mainly because she was drenched. When the wind blew strongly in their direction, she could not help but shudder. She had always been susceptible to the cold, and she realized that she needed to change to take care of her health.









Di Fuyi looked at her again and had a long laugh, "Are you sure you still need to change clothes?"









Without the need to ask, she knew that it was done by the Celestial Master Zuo. He was able to dry her up without her knowing! She looked up at him and said, "Palace Master, you have a great ability!"









"I think you need to comb your hair." In his eyes, her hair was no different from a birds nest which made him uncomfortable. However, Gu Xijiu did not care about it. She just pulled her hair to the back of her ears so that it would not cover her face, "No, I think this is quite good."









There was a slight fragrance on his fingers that smelled very good. Gu Xijiu was distracted by the aroma until a comb was handed to her together with a round mirror. Di Fuyi just said two words, "Comb it."
Gu Xijiu did not know whether to laugh or to cry as this guy was extremely fussy. She did not want to argue with him on such a trivial matter, so she quickly took the comb and tied her hair into a high ponytail with a cloth, she did not even use a pin.









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