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"What kind of conditions?" The Emperor and Gu Xietian asked at the same time.


"I want her to be my student and follow me to the Tianwen mountain."


The Emperor remained silent as he was unhappy with the request. He realized that Overlord Long was not here to get revenge but to fight for a student! The Emperor remained silent and did not show any cheerful expression at all.

All citizens who entered Tianwen clan as a student always traveled around the world to help others when they graduated and would rarely return to their home country to contribute. Now that Long Siye had finally found a talented physician from the Feixing Kingdom, he wanted to take her away when the Emperor had planned to train her to be their royal physician.


Once she follows Overlord Long to the Tianwen clan, she would not return for the at least three to five years.


The Emperor was nervous, and this time it showed on his forehead which was covered by a layer of sweat. He kept looking at the main entrance of the basilica and thinking, "When would Celestial Master Zuo arrive?"


"Xijiu, are you willing to be my student?" Long Siye did not care what the Emperor thought and s.h.i.+fted his focus to Gu Xijiu.


Gu Xijiu looked at Long Siye and smiled, "Overlord Long, do you mean you’re not going to help me if I’m not willing to follow you?"


Long Siye was speechless. He kept looking at her and only spoke after a moment, "You’re not willing to be my student?"


Gu Xijiu was smiling and said, "Why not? It’s a blessing to be your student."


Long Siye paused again and said, "I thought you’re not willing to do so."


Gu Xijiu was shocked, "Why not?"


Long Siye remained silent as he looked at Gu Xijiu. He seemed to be searching for something from her facial expression and body language. However, he was disappointed. Gu Xijiu looked natural and seemed to be ready to leave at any time.

It seemed to be genuine, but perhaps it was too genuine that it looked fake as well. He could not identify her real emotion and was unsure whether the girl in front of him was the person he was looking for.


As the Emperor saw them almost agree, he finally found an excuse to stop Long Siye, "Overlord Long, please hold on. She can’t be your student."


"Why?" Long Siye frowned.


"Because she obtained her talent from the G.o.ds!" The Emperor answered. He continued,

"Therefore, she can’t be anyone’s student. That includes being your student."


Long Siye was not happy and looked at Gu Xijiu, "You mean you received your talents from the G.o.ds?"


"Yes, what’s wrong with that?" Gu Xijiu looked upset as she asked.


"You… You’re silly!" Long Siye then grabbed her hand and said, "Let’s go!"


He did not even want to stay any longer and dragged her along with him.


How could the Emperor let them go?


He instructed his best guard to block their way.

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