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Gu Xijiu remained silent.

So that person should not be Long Xi anymore but only smelled like him.

This leader of the Tianwen Clan was really unpredictable.

Since he was so unpredictable, Gu Xijiu decided not to speculate anymore and continued to sleep.

She had a peaceful life in the coming few days. She had lost her ability to teleport, so she was not able to go anywhere. Basically, she just stayed in her own house all the time.

Fortunately, after the prayer that night, her body had been agiler and she could really practice her internal strength.

She was a master of internal strength in her previous life, so she knew the essence and the process of the practice, thus it was pretty easy for her to do it now.

In three days’ time, she could already sense the force that flowed through her stomach and successfully practiced some internal strength. Even though she was still not able to teleport, her speed had been increased a lot more than before.

The front of the house had been crowded these days. Gu Xijiu knew that it must be due to Leng Xiangyu who was busy saving her daughter from prison.

Gu Xietian was almost not home for the last three days. After all, Gu Tianqing was his daughter and had been his most precious daughter for so many years. Even though he was angry about the bad things she had done, he did not want to see her suffering in prison. Thus, he had been exhausting all ways to save her.

However, this case was related to the only son of King Lu, the latter was someone who was highly respected in the kingdom, thus, no one would want to help Gu Tianqing and Rong Yan.

Gu Xietian had been actively looking for ways but not only did he find no way to save his daughter, he could not even enter the prison to visit Gu Tianqing.

The head of the department who was in charge of this case did not want to meet him to avoid raising suspicions, so Gu Xietian could not do anything as well.

He had been very frustrated. When he went back home, Leng Xiangyu always cries loudly in front of him, making him even more frustrated, thus he decided not to go home and stayed in the hotel.

This move made Leng Xiangyu even crazier. Although she hated Gu Xijiu, she did not dare to cause any trouble to her in this crucial moment.

As for the other daughters, other than Gu Tianyi, the rest of the sisters were getting closer to Gu Xijiu.

They knew that she was good at healing, thus whenever they had a headache or had irregular menstruation, they would come to her for a solution.

They found that although Gu Xijiu looked cool, as long as they did not mess with her, she was quite a nice person to talk to.

With just a few prescriptions, they would recover from all kind of sickness.

All other mistresses did not have much hatred towards Gu Xijiu too. At first, they were cool towards her, due to Leng Xiangyu, but now they were getting closer to her too.

Previously, Leng Xiangyu deliberately ostracized the original Gu Xijiu, so no matter where she went, no one would care about her and this made her life feel even worse than that of a servant.

But now, Leng Xiangyu was sluggish and one day she finally realized that a few daughters and mistresses who were close to her had been missing from her daily life. Even if they met her, they would be cold towards her and only practiced the routine greeting. It drove Leng Xiangyu crazy cause she finally got to feel what it was like to be ostracized.

As for Gu Tianchao, he was also busy looking for ways to save his sister.

On this day, the weather was fine.

Gu Xijiu was studying the alchemy furnace and was trying to find a way to use it without the need of spiritual power.

However, apparently, this was extremely difficult. She tried a few experiments but failed and wasted numbers of good herbs.

She rubbed her eyebrows. She understood that this was not a problem that could be solved in a short time, thus she put it back in her storage bag and walked out to the garden to grab some fresh air.

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