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Gu Xixi was stunned, "What?"

Gu Xijiu continued, "You said in the mansion of the general that not everyone is worthy to be treated by your master. In another words, you meant that my social status is low and therefore unworthy to be healed by the Tianwen Overlord. What you said sounded like he is a mercenary person who only curry favor with the influential. This is, in fact, corrupting the image of the Tianwen Overlord. May I ask if this is what the disciples do? Therefore, am I wrong to doubt that you are a phony?!"

The people, "…" All who were present suddenly felt that they too, were questioning the ident.i.ty of this saint after listening to what Gu Xijiu had said…

Even Rong Chu, who had been regarding Gu Xixi as a very important person, was also being convinced and started to look at her in a different light.

Not that he doubted the ident.i.ty of Gu Xixi, as he had secretly investigated her ident.i.ty and he was sure that she was the Tianwen Saint. After all, his intelligence agency was not a useless one and they had thoroughly checked on Gu Xixi.

However, he was doubting if Gu Xixi was not her master's favorite as she said she was, otherwise, she would have known her master's style of practicing medicine.

Gu Xixi was in a losing battle but she tried to argue herself out of it, "I’ve devoted myself to medicinal skills and I don’t like to enquire about other people’s business. Furthermore, my master works mysteriously with a low profile and doesn’t like to tell others about what he does, I…it is not out of the ordinary if I am not in the know…"

"Is it not strange?" Gu Xijiu repeated sarcastically, "Maybe you wouldn't think it's strange, but it’s not wrong for an outsider to feel something uncanny, right?"

Gu Xixi, "…"

Gu Xijiu scanned through the audience, "Do you think that my doubts are wrong?"

n.o.body could deny what had been said, not even Gu Tianqing and her gang who had always wanted to disagree with her.

Gu Xietian eyes brightened and kept nodding his head, "Your doubt are fair enough! It’s not wrong at all!"

The emperor coughed, "What Miss Gu said is reasonable."

As the emperor had said so, the rest were also echoing the emperor’s words.

The handsome face of Celestial Master You was rather expressionless but he declared, "Gu Xijiu has won the case, based on this reasoning."

Gu Xixi's face was gloomy. As she could not refute this reason anymore, she groaned, "I’m the disciple of Tianwen clan! If you don’t believe me, you can ask for proof from the Tianwen clan!"

Shumis.h.i.+ Pei then said, "There’s no need for any proof; you are indeed the real one."

Gu Xixi turned to look at Tian Jiyue. The latter then said, "We aren’t discussing whether or not you are real, but whether the doubts of Miss Gu are reasonable or not. Now she has just proved that hers reasonable."

Alright! Gu Xixi did not want to argue about this problem anymore. She stared at Gu Xijiu, "Even if Miss Gu’s doubts about my ident.i.ty are reasonable, how can you justify her belittling my reputation in the medical field? I think all of you fairly acknowledge my medical skills, right? How could it be described as useless?"

There were two well-known imperial physicians present at this time and they were both nodded their head, "The medical skills of Saint Gu are at a very impressive level; she could very well be recognized as an expert."

Gu Xijiu smirked and said indifferently, "This world has also a lot of well-known people, who aren't as good as they were known to be. I don’t care how famous you are, I'm just stating a fact based on what I see. Saint Gu was feeling my pulse to check my illness earlier, and you said that the patch on my face is congenital. Am I right?"

Gu Xixi was stunned. She felt Gu Xijiu’s pulse at the general’s mansion mainly because she was doubting her ident.i.ty.

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