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The exorcism circle had brought a fairly sullen expression to He Changchun's face. When he saw the image displayed on the screen, his face went even more sullen -- He Jin, bound, was lying still on the ground in a cell of the Ministry of Supervision.

"Supt. Li, may I ask what this is about?" He Changchun's voice was going deeper as he spoke. If this place weren't the Supernaturalism Management Bureau (SMB), if the man standing before him weren't Li Zong, he wouldn't have subdued his anger to such an extent.

With a bland look on his face, Li Zong replied, "He Jin colluded with demons. Last night, he was found out when trying to kill the girl who went to your home that day."

"That's impossible!" He Changchun was stunned at first, but after that he immediately expressed his disbelief, a grave look on his face. "Under no circ.u.mstances will anybody of He family do such a thing!"

He Zheng was also fairly surprised. 'It has never crossed my mind that He Zheng would have the b.a.l.l.s to collude with demons. This is getting thrilling.'

"Apart from that, He Jin also manipulated a Dream Eater corrupted by demonic Qi into a.s.saulting He Zheng, as well as bewitched innocent citizens with demonic Qi, which led to several homicide cases."

Li Zong tapped the screen and a couple of news with photos appeared on it. One of them was about a child beggar living in a shanty town within the city, who had been killed and then lost his brains. The rest of the couple of news were about similar cases.

"SMB never arrests people without concrete evidence," observed Li Zong with a bland face, "so we have reason to suspect that all people of He family who have been in contact with He Jin are possible victims possessed by demonic Qi."

He Changchun was the most powerful cultivator among all members of He family. There were two reasons why SMB had taken him here first. Firstly, the enemies wouldn't be alarmed. Secondly, it would be easier to keep the rest of the members of He family under control. SMB had specially dispatched some men to the residence of He family to conduct covert investigation.

Li Zong raised his hand. "Please step forward."

He Changchun refused to believe it no matter what. He Zheng also felt that this development of situation had gone far beyond his expectation. 'It's not surprising that He Jin wants to kill me, but manipulating a Dream Eater corrupted by demonic Qi? How did he come to be so powerful?'

He Changchun clenched his teeth. In the knowledge that SMB wouldn't have done this for no good reason, he walked into the magic circle and with that thick beams of light rose vertically from the ground within the circle. After a few moments, He Changchun walked out of the circle unharmed but looked exhausted, as if having been drained of energy.

"I've rid myself of suspicions now, I suppose, Supt. Li?"

His walking out of the magic circle unharmed was a clear indication that he was not possessed by demonic Qi.

Suddenly, He Changchun's heart lurched. He felt no sense of relief after walking out of the circle unharmed. Instead, his face paled visibly.

'Since Li Zong went this far, it seems that He Jin was really in collusion with demons -- d.a.m.n it.' He Changchun soon realized the truth and went even more indignant. 'He Jin should never have done this kind of stupid thing and incriminated He family.'

"I'd like to see He Jin." He Changchun's voice deepened. In front of outsiders, he was unwilling to show any signs of admitting that He Jin had indeed colluded with demons. "Under no circ.u.mstances will He Jin do such a thing."

"Ha." The corner of He Zheng's mouth curved up. "Does it really surprise you that someone like He Jin has done such a thing?"

"Is this how you are supposed to talk to me?!" He Changchun's face instantly darkened.

He Zheng gave a smile in an unbridled manner and slid him a sideways glance. "Your dear son nearly got me killed on the plane. Did you really not feel anything when you heard this?"

He Changchun had indeed neglected this part. With a somewhat embarra.s.sed look on his face, he let out a cough.

Zu Zhichong and Han Zhuo of the first action group were both present. They didn't say anything, but both of them felt that the favoritism He Changchun had shown was unbelievable.

He Zheng's heart was filled with annoyance. Anybody would be put in a bad mood when being neglected. He shook his head and gave a smile of self-mockery.

But then he felt someone give his hand a gentle pull. He looked aside and noticed that it was Li Zong.

Li Zong held his hand, heedless of the presence of others, and He Zheng let him, feeling that Li Zong's hand was wide and very comfortable, and the displeasure in him seemed to have been dissolved by this gesture of comfort of Li Zong.

He Changchun gave an awkward cough. "Zheng, I didn't ask because you are okay."

'This kind of excuse is way too too feeble.'

He Zheng sneered.

In the image on the screen, He Jin lay still. All of a sudden, Zu Zhichong felt that something was not right. "Eek? Why am I feeling that He Jin has woken up?"

The others looked at the screen.

On the screen, He Jin was indeed slowly rising to his feet from the ground. His eyes swept around the room and soon rested on the camera at the corner.

Facing the camera, "He Jin" suddenly gave a weird smile.

Zu Zhichong's heart was fluttering. He kept feeling that something was going to happen.

Li Zong's brow furrowed and with that He Zheng felt someone give him a push. "Take care of He Zheng."

Zu Zhichong inclined his head with a grave expression on his face. The next second, Li Zong, who had been in the room all along, instantly turned into a rapid blur of movement and disappeared from view.

Right at this moment, an explosion was heard. The screen that had been displaying the image of the room He Jin was in abruptly went black. Li Zong quickly pressed down on the b.u.t.ton of the alarm and said into the speaker, "Warning -- all staff members stay alert! n.o.body goes in or out of SMB!"

Instantly, level-two alarm was heard in every room of the United Front Work Department.

Something happened to He Jin!

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