The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness Chapter 307

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"I will not interfere in the relations.h.i.+p you have with Ye Jian. It is as Captain Xia says, little la.s.s Jian is still young. Her studies are more important now, and it isn't appropriate for her to be in any relations.h.i.+ps. She's still an underage student. Even if Captain Xia has some thoughts, you'll still have to put them aside."

It couldn't be denied that the older the ginger, the stronger the spice. He was always capable of finding Xia Jinyuan's weak spots inadvertently.

But wasn't that true! She was still an underage student, did soldiers even dare? The first person who wouldn't spare Xia Jinyuan would be Commander (in Chief) Xia.

A sign of helplessness emerged in his bottomless pupils. Xia Jinyuan exclaimed, "That's why I have to heighten Ye Jian's standards for a suitable boyfriend ahead of time, effectively preventing her from being s.n.a.t.c.hed away by a boy that has nothing during her school days, so she will be more focused on her studies, while you and old uncle can be more a.s.sured."

From the beginning till the end, he just wanted to prevent Ye Jian from being s.n.a.t.c.hed away by another boy when he wasn't around. Chen started laughing and added more wood to the fire. He smiled at him, "We have been here for around ten minutes, I'll have to trouble Major Xia to stay the night."

The topic seemed to have ended here, but Xia Jinyuan knew that this conversation was nothing more than an investigation.

"Uncle Chen is being courteous. Ye Jian is never trouble in my eyes, and she is incapable of causing trouble for me." Xia Jinyuan stood up and bowed leisurely and politely towards the world-cla.s.s sniper that immediately set up a trap for him. "I'll stop disturbing your rest, and I'll properly take care of Ye Jian, please rest a.s.sured."

Trouble? How is taking care of his own Little Fox trouble? He couldn't wish for anything more. It's definitely not trouble for him! Chen had definitely laid down a trap for him on purpose. If he dared to show even a sliver of an emotion that meant "afraid of trouble", then he would only be troubled to take care of her for the night. Tomorrow … he wouldn't even allow him to think about returning to take care of Ye Jian any more.

During the night, as soon as Ye Jian moved slightly, Xia Jinyuan, who was staying beside her, immediately opened his clear eyes and started gently stroking her shoulder, chasing away Ye Jian's struggles in her dream with his tenderness.

It was her second time killing a person. Ye Jian's dreams still were b.l.o.o.d.y, the sounds of shouting and roaring repeating in her mind, causing beads of cold sweat to form on the edges of her forehead.

She was quietly mumbling something during her uneasy sleep, saying something that barely made any sense. Xia Jinyuan stood up and placed his ear near her mouth. After properly hearing her words, he shook to his core.

The words she mumbled were, "Captain Xia is right, Captain Xia is right…" She was repeating it again and again as if mumbling those words would make her calm down.

"My Little Fox, you're also right. Doing so is for your greater good. Your choice is very normal." His hand gently patted her shoulders, his calm voice gently resounding near her ears, helping her to drive away the fear, the nightmare, thereby allowing her to regain peace.

There was only one Xia Jinyuan in this world, and there was also only one Ye Jian in this world. No matter who fell in love with the other, all that could be observed was a wrestling match between opponents of equal strength!

The next day, Ye Jian woke up to the sounds of bells. It was the sound of shepherds rounding their a.s.sets —  yaks — into the mountain. The jingling of bells was crisp, as if they came from ancient times, reporting the arrival of the new day.

"You're awake?"

She still had her eyes closed and was not willing to wake up from the peacefulness. A gleeful, husky voice resounded near her ears. Ye Jian immediately opened her eyes out of shock and saw Major Xia … and his naked upper body.

"…" Ye Jian did not know whether she should shriek or be angry out of embarra.s.sment. Her largest reaction was to widen her jet black eyes, completely lost about what she should say or do.

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