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'Yes; and I suppose when I get bigger and stronger it will be much easier, won't it? Mother, do you have any fighting? Have you got an enemy like me?'

'Yes, indeed I have, my boy.'

'But you're never beaten, are you? You never do anything wrong!'

'I don't get into mischief, and disobey orders, perhaps,' Mrs. John said, smiling; 'but I have lots of difficulties and temptations that you know little about, sonny, and I am afraid I very often get beaten by the enemy.'

Teddy pondered over this. 'When I get to heaven I shan't have to fight with Ipse, shall I?'

'No, darling; there will be no fighting with sin there.'

Teddy smiled. 'Perhaps my Captain will think I've been nearly as brave as father if I fight Ipse hard till I die.'

'There is a verse in the Bible that says, "He that ruleth his spirit is better than he that taketh a city." Mother would rather have her little son fight G.o.d's battles than be the bravest soldier in the Queen's army.'

'But,' said Teddy, 'I mean to do both; and now, mother, just before I go to sleep, give me father's b.u.t.ton to kiss!'


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