Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy Chapter 895: God's descent (2)

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Chapter 895: G.o.d’s descent (2)


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Fu Shang gritted his teeth and ran with his tiny legs. The cloak on his body fluttered in the wind and the White shawl draped over his body. He was like a white b.u.t.terfly that had fallen into the darkness, struggling to fly into the vast sky.

The last ray of light faded.

Only darkness remained in the sky.

The dark night covered this ancient medieval city with a shamelessness coat.

Under the layers of darkness were endless sins.

The footsteps behind him gradually receded.

Fu Shang’s tensed heart relaxed a little, but he did not stop walking. His tense nerves did not relax.

She had to escape from this alley.

Only then would they have a chance of survival.

She had heard a name from the two drunkards, but she didn’t know if it was Jessica or something. They said that if this matter didn’t work out, she would definitely be angry.

Hearing this, Fu min could more or less guess that the two drunkards were ordered by someone to harm her.

As for who ordered him to do so …

The woman named Jessica…

It should be the resentment of the original owner.

As Fu Shang ran, she ran to a three-way fork in the alley. Just as she was about to turn left, two strong figures suddenly appeared in front of her, accompanied by a sinister laugh.

“Little girl, you run fast and have good physical strength. I hope you can also be as energetic as her. Don’t be like a dead fish. This father hates that kind of woman the most!”

what are you talking about? hurry up and go over. When you’re done, go back and report to miss Jessica. Seeing his companion Dilly-dallying, the other brawny man angrily rebuked.

The black-haired girl’s white face flashed with coldness.

She stopped in her tracks, then slowly backed away.

Her clear eyes emitted a cold light.

If it was really the last resort, she couldn’t care so much. These disgusting people actually dared to have bad intentions towards her.

Simply, d.a.m.n.

So what if he destroyed this plane, let alone using his power?

The burly man with rosacea shrugged, ” I hope the G.o.ddess of light can forgive my sins. What I’m going to do next is really unforgivable, but so what? ” Anyway, the G.o.ddess of light won’t care about us civilians, she will only care about the n.o.bles…”

This person was really full of nonsense.

The other burly man couldn’t hold himself back anymore and pounced towards Fu Shang.

Fu Shang’s eyes and hands moved quickly, and she turned around and ran away.

However, the two men did not seem to want to play the game of ‘Eagle catches the chicks’ with Fu min anymore. After a few steps, a rough hand grabbed Fu min’s cloak and pulled her back.

Fu Shang’s pupils shrunk.

She turned around.

Fu Shang’s eyes turned cold as she looked at the two ugly, greasy, and disgusting faces in front of her. A black mist-like energy gradually gathered in her five fingers.

Hidden in the darkness, the two strong men didn’t notice anything wrong at all, and even thought that they were about to eat this fat piece of meat.

Fu Shang felt a sense of pressure.

She knew that the laws were suppressing her, not allowing her to use her power.

Fu min’s lips curved into a cold smile.

At this moment, she really wanted to destroy this world. The violent factor in her blood had been awakened, and her desire for destruction had reached a peak.

The two drunkards ‘movements gradually slowed down, and the words they spoke seemed to have come from a distant s.p.a.ce.

“Little… Beauty…”

The world began to fall apart.

Then, a pair of long and pale hands reached out from behind Fu min and held her in their arms.

He covered her eyes.

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