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Chapter 942: 942 Trapped


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At three o’clock in the morning, the heavy rain and storm stopped, and thunder could be heard from time to time outside the tent. After the rain, it was very cool on the deserted island. It would be great to go out for a run now.

Zhuang Liu hugged Tan Rou. “Sleep for a while. Let’s go and see if the yacht is still there in the morning. If it’s still there, let’s go back.”

“Aren’t we going back tomorrow?” Tan Rou asked.

Zhuang Liu didn’t want to stay here any longer. It was fine for him to stay here alone, but he couldn’t let Tan Rou take the risk here. What if there was a thunderstorm and a strong wind tonight?

“Let’s go back. I’ll go back and make a seafood feast for you,” Zhuang Liu said.

Tan Rou slowly closed her eyes. “Okay.”

They slept until ten o’clock in the morning. By the time they woke up, most of the rainwater on the deserted island had evaporated, so even if they stepped on the ground, there would be no sand on their shoes.

After was.h.i.+ng up and breakfast, Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu went to the north side of the island to see if their yacht was still there. Unfortunately, the iron lock of the yacht had been broken by the reef. Now, even the shadow of the yacht could not be found.

Zhuang Liu said, “We can only look for a place with a cell phone signal now. The north is close to the coast. Let’s look for a signal here.”

Tan Rou took out her phone. Although the Internet is very advanced now, without a signal and network, the only function of the phone was to take photos.

They weren’t sure if it was because of the heavy rain last night, but the signal this morning was very poor. When he came over yesterday morning, there was still one bar of signal. This morning, all of the signals were gone and they couldn’t reach anyone.

“Send out the distress signal.” Tan Rou squatted on a big rock by the sh.o.r.e. “If others knew that we were trapped on a deserted island, they would definitely laugh at us.”

Zhuang Liu smiled. “If we’re rescued this time, our news will be on the front page for a few days.”

“Air Liu, if no one comes to save us, we’ll just live here.” Tan Rou looked at the villa complex in the distance and asked. “When you’re thirsty, you can pick coconuts to drink. When you’re hungry, you can catch fish to eat. It’s quite primitive.”

Zhuang Liu replied, “No, I won’t let you stay here. The living conditions here are too harsh. You can’t stay here.”

Tan Rou smiled. “I was just saying it casually. Don’t get too excited.”

Zhuang Liu kept looking at his phone. “Let’s wait a few more hours. If no one finds out that we’re missing, I’ll swim back.”

Tan Rou smiled and said, “Why would I let you swim back? Just wait, someone will come to save us soon.”

Zhuang Liu was a little confused. “How?”

After about an hour, a small yacht appeared in their field of vision. The yacht was heading straight for the deserted island as if it knew that someone was asking for help on the deserted island.

“Did you send a distress signal?” Zhuang Liu had not sent out his distress signal yet.

Tan Rou shook her phone, and a very strange page appeared in front of Zhuang Liu. “This is a software I made myself. If I encounter danger, no matter if there is a signal in that place, as long as I send a distress message, the main computer of TR Technology will receive it. Then, Hang Wei will send someone to save me.”

Zhuang Liu was a little jealous. “Wiry is Hang Wei coming?”

Tan Rou smiled. “I created this software a few years ago. At that time, I didn’t know you. Besides, Hang Wei was the only person I trusted at that time, so I set the other end of the distress signal on the main computer of TR Technologies.”

“Give this to me when you go back. I can save you when you’re in danger in the future,” Zhuang Liu said. After saying that, he refuted his own words. “No, I will never let you be in danger again. I will never let an accident like this happen again.”

“Air Liu, I like this island trip. It’s very exciting.” Tan Rou said.

“It also reminds me of the software I made in the past, so I’m very happy.”

“If you’re happy, then I’m happy.”

In the end, Hang Wei received Tan Ron’s distress signal and sent someone to secretly rescue Tan Rou and Zhuang Liu.

As for the yacht that was worth millions, where did it go? No one knew.

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