The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 694: Hehehe! (2)

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Chapter 694: Hehehe! (2)


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“My demon race shall return and become the new masters of this world! Hehehe!!”

Elin looked at Lainekel, who had fully embraced his evil role, almost losing her composure, but she held on, a hint of murderous intent flas.h.i.+ng across her face. “Then, peris.h.!.+”

With a wave of her hand, a swift attack descended.

The monster remained calm, disappearing in an instant and reappearing a hundred meters away, sneering, “Don’t be in such a hurry. When our kind breaches the barriers of rule completely, that will be the time for us to truly engage.

At that time, we will settle the scores of hundreds of thousands of years ago, turning your elves into slaves of our kind, tasting the bitterness of pain!”

After speaking, it vanished before the next attack arrived.

The surrounding elves looked around fearfully, realizing that the monster had indeed left, instantly relaxing. Many even slumped to the ground, completely devoid of their previous grace and composure.

Some of the still relatively calm elven n.o.bles recalled the conversation between the monster and this unfamiliar powerful elf.

Demons? Abyssal depths? Resurgence!?

The conversation, filled with such significant information, nearly made their heads spin.

Some looked puzzled, not quite understanding what demons represented, while others wore horrified expressions, their minds conjuring up frightening possibilities.

Although the attack lasted only a dozen minutes, the waves it brought swept through the entire Silvermoon Holy City.

According to statistics, in this attack, a total of thirty-eight elven n.o.bles and lords were killed. Without exception, they were all significant figures in the Elven Empire, either lords of prosperous territories or commanders controlling legions, wielding immense power and wealth.

But now, they all lay dead in the club, killed by a demon.

This incident instantly shook the entire Elven Empire.

Queen of the Elves, Laphia, immediately ordered the entire Silvermoon Holy City to be sealed off after the incident, to hunt down the culprit. At the same time, to ensure the stability of the empire, she dispatched twelve fully organized royal legions overnight to various parts of the country, temporarily managing the territories of the deceased n.o.bles, suppressing potential riots and other destabilizing factors.

Soon after, the unfamiliar powerful elf who saved the attacked elven n.o.bles made a public appearance under the accompaniment of Queen Laphia, admitting that she was the twelfth generation Queen of the Elves, Elin Apocalis.

Having traveled the world thousands of years ago, she accidentally discovered traces of demons and had been tracing them ever since, returning to the Silvermoon Holy City today.

For a moment, the term “demon” spread throughout the entire Silvermoon Holy City, and countless elves were discussing demons, even young children were aware of the evil and cruelty a.s.sociated with demons.

The Life Ancient Tree, in that open-air garden.

The “evil demon” who was being hunted throughout the city and even the entire Elven Empire was now standing at the edge of the garden, looking strangely at the elven soldiers searching everywhere in the city.

Turning back to look at the few people leisurely sitting in the pavilion.

“Lord Ji Chen, my acting skills are decent, aren’t they? I saw those elven n.o.bles looking dumbfounded.”

“Your acting is excellent. If I hadn’t been sure that you still maintained your sanity, I would have thought you turned into a demon.”

Hearing Ji Chen’s teasing, Lainekcl’s face showed a trace of helplessness.

Ji Chen smiled. “Lady Elin, how do you think the performance went?”

Elin calmly took a sip of tea, gracefully setting down her cup. “It pa.s.sed muster. At least those n.o.bles won’t have any suspicions.”

“But wiping out thirty-eight n.o.bles and lords in a single stroke, Laphia, you’re truly bold.”

Laphia chuckled lightly, but her eyes were incredibly cold. “Those parasites, if they arc unwilling to give up the rights and resources that don’t rightfully belong to them, then I have no choice but to send them to their deaths.

This is also to better concentrate our strength and resist the demons’ invasion.”

Elin chuckled bitterly. “That’s true. In just a few thousand years, the empire has decayed so much compared to my time that I almost didn’t recognize it.”

She remembered what she had seen on her way back to the empire’s territory, shaking her head involuntarily.

Those n.o.bles and lords who managed their territories were all greedy, relying on power and family to plunder wealth recklessly. If they were plundering the wealth of other kingdoms, it would be one thing, but much of what they seized belonged to their own people.

They ate their fill, while the citizens became increasingly impoverished.

Neither Laphia nor Elin could tolerate such occurrences. However, these n.o.ble and lordly powers were too strong, deeply rooted in their territories, and their interconnections were too intertwined. The aftermath of forcibly clearing them out would be too significant.

Now, they could use the name of demons to “righteously” deal with them, killing two birds with one stone.

Lainekel looked at the “sinister” smiles on the faces of the two elves, feeling a chill run down his spine. Why did these two elves look more like demons than he did?

“Regardless, this plan has been quite successful. All we need to do now is wait for things to escalate further, and then, Your Majesty Laphia and Lady Elin, you can fan the flames a bit more. I believe other elves will soon mobilize.” Laphia nodded. “At that time, I will invite rulers from other human kingdoms, as well as forces from the orderly camp, to gather and discuss how to resist the demons..”

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