Outside Of Time Chapter 1419: Five Hundred Kilometers Underworld Domain (1)

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Chapter 1419: Five Hundred Kilometers Underworld Domain (1)


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Xu Qing’s voice echoed at the seabed.

The sound of the undercurrent surged all around.

The swimming sounds of all the fish from the nearby waters, the wails of the sea beasts, and the breathing sounds from the deep sea…

At this moment, the heartbeats of Transient Evil’s son and his nine Dao Protectors, the sound of their blood flow, and the sounds produced from their movements were all intertwined.

Coupled with the Heavenly Voice Welcomes the Moon that was being played by the severed hand, it formed a vast and astonis.h.i.+ng symphony that spread in all directions.

As the melody played, a deadly force emerged.

The resulting bizarre force surged sky-high, sweeping across the surroundings, unleas.h.i.+ng terrifying power, causing the sea to churn and pressure to become violent.

An earth-shattering force suppressed everything.

The hearts of Transient Evil’s son and his Dao Protectors trembled. They each used their divine powers immediately, and their bodies began to swell as if their flesh was rapidly growing.

That was their innate ability, stimulating all the flesh and blood of the foreign races they had plundered and a.s.similated over their lifetimes.

They looked like monstrous demons, each with a different and grotesque appearance.

At that moment, they were all displayed to resist Xu Qing’s sound storm.

A rumbling sound shook the heavens and the earth. The power of sound and authority swept everyone’s bodies in all directions, forming a huge vortex.

This vortex enveloped an area of 500 kilometers and formed a barrier and seal.

From afar, it looked like a huge sound sphere.

Sounds from the seabed, both near and far, were rapidly drawn in, causing the sonic explosions within the vortex to be endless.

Xu Qing’s killing intent could be said to have descended instantly.

As these cultivators from the Evil Life Holy Land resisted in shock and their hearts churned intensely, Xu Qing stood up expressionlessly.

A cold glint flashed in his eyes. Within 500 kilometers, the figures of the cultivators from the Evil Life Holy Land who had been forcefully dispersed by the power of the sonic boom appeared in Xu Qing’s divine perception.

This was his battlefield.

It was originally prepared for the dragon-carriage and the giant, but the giant hadn’t arrived yet, so the cultivators of the Evil Life Holy Land would bear the burden first.

Xu Qing originally didn’t want to kill, but since these people had obvious malice, according to his principles, he could only kill them.

At that moment, Xu Qing took a step forward.

When he stepped into the sound, he disappeared without a trace. When he reappeared… he was still in the sound.

He appeared before a Dao Protector.

This person’s appearance was very different from humans. His body was hundreds of feet tall and he had four arms. His body was thin and his head was very small. Only his chest was bulging and squirming.

His appearance was very sinister and strange. At that moment, he was performing a series of hand seals and his entire body emitted dense vitality. As his chest squirmed intensely, he actually devoured the sounds in his surroundings as he retreated.

This evil life cultivator was extraordinary. Or to be precise, his heart was extraordinary. It could actually swallow sound.

The instant Xu Qing appeared, the cultivator sensed something and abruptly raised his head. He immediately performed hand seals with his four hands and pressed down.

However, what awaited him was a cold snort.

This cold snort exploded in all directions, and the power of sound authority appeared violently. It instantly attracted the sounds from all directions and surrounded the cultivator, forming a mini sound sphere in the five hundred-kilometer-wide sound sphere.

Inside, the intense vibrations and collisions of sound waves created a powerful resonance, causing the expression of the evil life cultivator to change drastically as he sensed a life-threatening danger.

At the critical moment, he remained silent as three great worlds appeared silently on his body. As soon as they manifested, his chest split open, revealing a unique white heart.

Ancient runes spread across this heart, and the instant it was fully revealed, it transformed into a vortex. The power to devour sound surged dramatically, forming waves of demonic thoughts that influenced the surroundings.

This extraordinary heart was called the Nine Thoughts Demon Heart, originating from a mysterious starry sky race. The juveniles of this tribe were at the Nascent Soul level, while adults could reach the peak of Soul Acc.u.mulation.

This evil cultivator had paid a huge price to obtain it back then. It was also because of this that his status rose in the Evil Life Holy Land and went from an ordinary clansman to where he was today.

At this moment of life and death, he went all out and stimulated the power of this heart, trying to reverse life and death.

However… although this heart was extraordinary, the Xu Qing he was facing now had already surpa.s.sed extraordinary.

This was especially so since the battlefield here was set up by Xu Qing for the dragon-carriage and giant. He had buried too many sounds in advance. Now that he had personally come to control them, the power he activated was terrifying.

More sounds rushed over.

Even this extraordinary heart couldn’t swallow so many sounds. It trembled violently until it couldn’t endure anymore, directly shattering into pieces under the resonance of the sound sphere.

As a mournful wail rang out, the sound transformed into a saber that separated the evil cultivator’s body.

Blood mist splattered, body and spirit destroyed.

Xu Qing transformed into a Golden Crow and flew out of the collapsing sound sphere.

As he flickered in the air, he transformed into a black spear that fused into the sound and headed straight for another evil life cultivator in another direction.

His movement couldn’t be simply described with speed. He was like a ghost; wherever the sound was, it would be where he appeared.

While this was bizarre and ghastly, it was also quite suitable for killing.

At that moment, the spear instantly broke through the void and when it appeared, it was already in front of the second evil cultivator. It pierced ruthlessly.

To be able to become a Dao Protector of Transient Evil’s son, the strength of one’s cultivation was only the foundation. What was more important was one’s potential. Only with enough potential did one have the qualifications to become a Dao Protector..

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