Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 1827: Construction of the Trading City, Protection Fee of Five Trillion a Year

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Chapter 1827: Construction of the Trading City, Protection Fee of Five Trillion a Year


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Ruling over a large city in the void!

He Yangsun didn’t know if he misheard.

“Master Han, you, you want me to control a Void City?” Looking at Han Muye, He Yangsun’s voice trembled.

That was a Void City, not an ordinary wasteland city.

The Void City represented not only wealth but also power.

There was a world of difference between the Void City and the Wasteland City.

“Yes, a large Void city.” Han Muye nodded with a smile.

Currently, only battle puppets and divine beasts resided in Tianxiang City.

Wouldn’t it be a waste to leave such a large city empty?

Before returning to Cold Moon City, Han Muye had already thought about how to utilize this large city.

Looking at the scale of PaG.o.da City now, it would be just right to relocate it to Tianxiang City.

Seeing that Han Muye was not joking, He Yangsun pondered for a moment and whispered, “Master Han, could you please tell me the specific situation of that city?”

He needed to know the exact situation of that city in order to arrange for the migration of workshops and the people of PaG.o.da City.

Han Muye nodded.

He Yangsun was mature beyond his years.

This was related to the fact that he had been in charge of the He family since a long time ago, as well as the fact that he had controlled the Jujin Trading Company and possessed endless wealth.

Han Muye briefly introduced Tianxiang City and described the strength it currently possessed.

“Thousands of battle puppets, nearly a hundred Primordial Chaos battle puppets…

“Over a dozen divine beasts reigning supreme…”

He Yangsun’s expression changed, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

He looked at Han Muye and lowered his voice. “Master Han, I suggest that this Tianxiang City can be used as a void trading city.”

Void Trading City?

Han Muye’s expression changed.

He Yangsun clenched his fists slightly and continued, “Although PaG.o.da City’s transactions can connect all parties, it depends on alliances to transport goods between PaG.o.da City and the Void cities.

“The trading line between us and the Void City is very weak.

“I’ve studied it. It’s not just the transactions between the cities in the wasteland and the Void cities. The transactions between the Void cities are also extremely weak.”

He Yangsun was right.

Due to the fact that they were wary of each other, they did not dare to expand their business.

In fact, this was also a means for the Divine Realm to control various parties.

Moreover, the contribution of the Temple of Ten Thousand G.o.ds behind it could be ignored.

For the Temple of Ten Thousand G.o.ds, which could trade freely, monopolizing trade not only controlled various parties but also concentrated the wealth of the entire Galaxy Universe in their hands.

“Are you suggesting building a trading city in the void?” Han Muye looked at He Yangsun in front of him and spoke softly.

He really didn’t expect this kid to have such courage.

“You should know that for many years in the void, no major city has become a neutral trading city, there’s a reason behind it.”

There are huge implications behind it.

The large cities that had the intention to build trading cities in the past were basically destroyed.

“I thought of it when you said you were preparing to move the workshops there.

“The importance of workshops is such that no power dares to attack directly.”

He Yangsun’s eyes flashed as he spoke in a low voice.

It was not that no force really dared to attack the workshop, but it depended on whether it was worth it.

Whoever dared to attack the workshops would definitely become enemies with the entire Alliance of Refining Masters.

Moreover, to be honest, apart from the precious artifact masters in the workshops, everything else was ordinary.

As long as people were there, workshops could be set up anytime, anywhere.

If someone really attacked and killed more than a million people in the workshop, from divine-level refiners to clueless level-three refiners, the four alliances would probably fight to the death.

Attacks between large cities were one thing, but ma.s.sacres of refiners was another.

If someone really dared to kill a million refiners at once and Alliance of Refining Masters could not give an explanation, then the Alliance would also disband.

But that was impossible.

Refining weapons was the foundation of the Galaxy Universe..

If the Alliance of Refining Masters disbanded, the entire inheritance of the Galaxy Universe would be cut off.

He Yangsun was using the workshops to make various parties hold back.

“If a trading city is really built, its management will be more difficult than that of ordinary major cities.” Han Muye nodded and said softly.

A unified major city was relatively easy to manage.

This kind of open major city was a challenge wherever it was.

If one was not careful, the ruler may be overthrown.

After all, there were many outsiders, among whom there were definitely people with sinister intentions, and there would definitely be many experts.

“I will do my best.” He Yangsun’s blood surged, and a determined expression appeared in his eyes.

He was really inspired by Han Muye’s words about the big city.

If he could control a Void City and turn it into a city of trade, could he also leave a name for himself in the Galaxy Universe?

Over the years, although he had been remembered by many factions, no matter which faction it was, they only treated him as an ordinary figure under Master Han.

No one really valued him.

Last time, why did he choose to retreat and not seek to rule over Cold Moon City in front of Master Han?

It was because He Yangsun knew that he didn’t have Feng Jiutian’s advantage.

He had no experience living in a Void City, nor did he have a major city as a backing.

His foundation was in PaG.o.da City, the workshops, and the Jujin Trading Company.

Only by returning to PaG.o.da City and taking charge of the workshops could he make himself as steady as a rock.

Looking at He Yangsun’s determined expression, Han Muye no longer hesitated and nodded.

Relocate the workshops.

The entire PaG.o.da City moved along with it.

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