General, Your Wife Is Requesting Your Return Home For Farming Chapter 1091: Relieved and Satisfied (2)

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Chapter 1091: Relieved and Satisfied (2)

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He would definitely not give in obediently.

Let Huahua pretend to be pitiful to keep him?

Or would she let the senior tie him up?

No, if she played too much and provoked his Rakshasa Secret Technique, it would harm him.

Huahua’s move could only be used once. With the intelligence of the Head of the Secret Service, he would most likely have understood.

It was impossible to trick him again.

Su Xiaoxiao said bitterly, “This child is really a headache!”

When it was almost dawn, the black bear lying by the tent suddenly woke up.

It quickly entered the tent and pulled Su Xiaoxiao. Su Xiaoxiao opened her eyes in a daze. “What’s wrong?”

The black bear pointed in the direction of the cliff.

Su Xiaoxiao sat up.

At this moment, Jing Yi, who was leaning against the tree with his eyes closed, immediately opened his eyes.

He grabbed his sword and went to the edge of the cliff.

“Jing Yi!”

Su Xiaoxiao left the tent.

The two of them heard a voice coming from below the cliff.

“Little sidekick! Little sidekick!”

“It’s Huahua.” Su Xiaoxiao took a few steps forward.

Jing Yi grabbed her to prevent her from stepping on air.

Su Xiaoxiao looked down the cliff and said, “Huahua! What’s wrong?”

The wind at the bottom of the cliff was too strong, and Princess Hui An’s voice was blown away.

Su Xiaoxiao called Wuhu over and asked it to go down.

Wuhu flew to the cave on the cliff on the golden eagle.

It turned out that Princess Hui An was halfway through her sleep when she suddenly felt very hot, as if she was hugging a furnace.

She called out to Su Xuan a few times, but there was no reaction. She immediately woke up.

Then, she realized that Su Xuan was burning up.

Wuhu jumped onto Su Xuan’s forehead and tested his temperature with his small body.

“Ji! It’s hot!”

Jing Yi had been seriously injured at the border and was burned to a pulp.

This was the temperature when Wuhu lay on his forehead to warm itself.

Wuhu flew back on his golden eagle subordinate and brought the news of Su Xuan’s illness to Su Xiaoxiao. Su Xiaoxiao said seriously, “We have to get him up quickly!”

JingYi said, “I’ll go down!”

“No, your arm is injured!”

Su Xiaoxiao found the old man sitting under the tree and pretending to be dead. “Senior, someone is sick downstairs. I don’t know what’s going on.”

The old man had planned to play dead, but when he heard that someone was sick, he opened his eyes again.

He tied a rope around his waist and dragged another rope down to the cave on the cliff.

When he pa.s.sed by and saw the Rakshasa Sword in the cliff, he pulled it out.

Princess Hui An watched as the old man took Su Xuan’s pulse and asked in a choked voice, “How is he?”

The old man said, “It’s been a few days. It’s been squeezed in his body for a few days. It only completely acted up tonight.”

Princess Hui An asked, “He’s so powerful… Will he catch a cold too?”

The old man said, “He’s a human, not a ghost. Who told you that martial arts experts wouldn’t be sick?”

He looked fierce. Even if his tone was not bad, he gave off the feeling that he was angry.

Princess Hui An s.h.i.+fted quietly.

Lying on Su Xuan’s chest, she complained softly, “He was fierce to me.” The old man was speechless.

Princess Hui An and Su Xuan were brought up by the old man one after another.

Su Xiaoxiao woke Su Ergou up and kept the tent with him.

She asked Wuhu to look for Xiao Zhonghua.

When Xiao Zhonghua arrived, the event location had already been cleaned up.

Su Xuan lay on a pile of hay with a cloak that Su Xiaoxiao had taken out of the pharmacy.

Princess Hui An stood beside Su Xiaoxiao with red eyes.

Xiao Zhonghua looked at his sister deeply and then at the unconscious Su

Xuan. He asked Su Xiaoxiao, “What’s wrong with Su Xuan?”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “He fell sick from the heavy rain the night he left home. We have to send him back to the capital quickly.”

Xiao Zhonghua found a strong guard who carried Su Xuan on his back. ????????????.???

Princess Hui An chased after Su Xuan worriedly.

Xiao Zhonghua looked at Princess Hui An.

As if sensing that his gaze, Princess Hui An silently looked away.

“Can you still walk?” Xiao Zhonghua asked her.

Princess Hui An lowered her eyes. “I can walk.”

Xiao Zhonghua said, “Come back to the capital with me.” Princess Hui An said, “Oh.”

Su Xiaoxiao and the others were about to leave the peach forest.

Su Ergou couldn’t bear to part with the cub. He hugged it and asked Su

Xiaoxiao, “Sister, can I bring them back?”

Su Xiaoxiao patted the black blind’s head. “Their habitat is here. Taking them back will make them lose their freedom. If you miss them, you can come back to see them anytime.”

The black bear seemed to have sensed their separation and gently rubbed Su Xiaoxiao’s hand.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “Ergou and I will come back to see you.”

The black bear responded to Su Xiaoxiao’s promise.

Then, it brought the little cub and sent Su Xiaoxiao and the others to the edge of the peach forest.

“Go,” Su Xiaoxiao said to the black bear and the little cub.

The little cub did not want to leave.

The black bear held it in its mouth and dragged it back to their nest.

After leaving the peach forest, Xiao Zhonghua said to Su Xiaoxiao, “I’ll send you and Ergou back to the Protector Duke’s Estate first. Then, I’ll send Su Xuan back to the Marquis of Zhenbei.”

Su Xiaoxiao said politely, “Su Xuan will be fine if he returns to the Protectorate with me. He’s so sick. I’ll only be at ease if I take care of him.”

Hearing her overly polite tone, Xiao Zhonghua sighed softly. “Why don’t you treat me as a friend?”

Su Xiaoxiao and Xiao Zhonghua went out to look for Su Xuan.

Little did she know that in just a day and night, something big had happened in the capital.

It was Emperor Jing Xuan.

Emperor Jing Xuan took the immortal pill every two days.

The night Princess Hui An returned to the palace, he had just taken one and felt much more energetic.

He was anxious to succeed. When the Imperial Preceptor came with the immortal pills again, he asked him if he could take two. The Imperial Preceptor said that it was feasible.

Then, Emperor Jing Xuan suffered a tragedy.

Those immortal pills were all drugged by Su Cheng. If one was not enough, he actually ate two.

The outcome was obvious.

His stomach ached, and he vomited and had diarrhea. He p.o.o.ped for two days and two nights, and his entire body was dehydrated.

It directly caused the blood to stagnate and become sticky, forming a blood clot in the meridians.

Just this morning, he had a stroke!

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