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Fairy Tail Collapsing Stars Chapter 218

“I’ve never lied to anyone before…”

After returning to his dragon form, Kurnugi felt that his entire body was filled with strength.

The human form of a dragon and the dragon form were on two completely different levels of combat power. The human form of a dragon was far weaker than the dragon form.

Meanwhile, Kurnugi had been fighting in his human form in the Fairy Tail over the past few days. He continued to fight in his human form and tempered his magic. After entering the dragon form, his strength directly rose to a whole new level…

“Ah! I suddenly feel like my blood is boiling…”

The eyes of the originally tired looking Kurnugi lit up. A dragon was not so easy to encounter even in this world full of magic. It was a creature from the legends. Today, he, Kurnugi, had actually met a dragon. He could not miss this rare opportunity.



Kurnugi took a deep breath, and then roared at Gildarts.

Endless roars of filial piety turned into sound waves, blowing him back again and again.


Gildarts did not waste any words. He directly used his super-high-level destructive magic to crush Kurnugi in front of him.

A terrifying white light instantly enveloped Kurnugi’s entire body…

“Powerless! Powerless! Powerless!”

“Have you had your fill in the morning?”

Kurnugi laughed arrogantly in the face of the full force attack from Gildarts. At the same time, he laughed wildly at Gildarts.


It was as if he had never expected that his magic would actually be so weak against the Kurnugi in front of him. His forehead was covered in sweat, and his expression was one of shock.

“Gildarts, when dragons face magic other than Dragon Slayer Magic, they will have extremely strong resistance. Simply put, magic other than Dragon Slayer Magic is almost impossible to injure a dragon. As for the so-called 100 Year Quest you are going to complete, you will have to face all of these things, and they are monsters that are ten times, or even a hundred times stronger than Kurnugi!”

Evansaw that after using the crus.h.i.+ng magic on Kurnugi, he did not obtain the effect he wanted. As a result, the shocked looking Gildarts sat on a rock pier on the side and whispered.

“I understand…”

With his intelligence, he instantly understood what Evan meant. In other words, if he couldn’t even defeat Kurnugi, then he shouldn’t think about completing the 100 Year Quest…

“In short, I wish you good luck…”

Evan looked at Gildarts and smiled.

Then, Evan looked at Kurnugi and said, “Stop. Just beat him half to death.”

“Got it.”

Kurnugi smiled after listening to Evan.

However, based on Kurnugi’s current appearance, his smile was particularly ferocious…


After saying that, Evan no longer stayed here. His body flashed with light and disappeared from where he was.

A few seconds later…

On the second floor of the Fairy Tail Guild, Evan, who had been divided into several dimensions, returned to the guild with a streak of dark light.

Although the Flash Fruit is very fast, the speed of Evan’s elementalization will take some time…

“Brother Evan, you’re back!”

Erza looked at Evan who had returned and greeted her softly.

“How’s the test?”

Evan smiled, then looked at Erza and asked about the results of the S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial.

“That idiot Laxus is lying down…”

Erza pointed to the arena and pointed at Laxus, who was killed by Specter.

“Haha, he really did lie down…”

Evan looked at Laxus, who had been possessed by Specter and taken away by him because he was unprepared, and smiled gently. Everything was within his expectations.

“So next, Erza, Laxus, you two come with me.”

Evan stood on the second floor and told the depressed Laxus, who was lying on the stage beside him.

“What is it?”

Laxus sat up from the stage and asked after listening to Evan.

“Do you want to experience the difference in strength between you and other Ten Wizard Saints?”

Evan’s lips curled up slightly as she looked at the indignant Laxus and asked.


When Laxus heard this, his expression lit up.

“Haha, are you talking about other Ten Wizard Saint?”

As Laxus chuckled, he stood up from the stage and looked at Evan.


Evan nodded, indicating that Laxus had not heard wrong.

“That suits me!”

As Laxus spoke, a strong electric current burst out from his body. Laxus, who had been defeated by Specter for some unknown reason, was currently sulking in his heart. He was looking for an opponent to vent his anger.

Now that he heard Evan mention to let them feel the difference in strength between them and other Ten Wizard Saint, he immediately became eager to try.

“Whether it is you, Ultear, or the old man, I am not afraid at all!”

Laxus roared, his eyes filled with a terrifying fighting spirit.

“Haha, of course I am not letting you fight with us. In short, you and Aisha go outside and wait for me!”

“I still have something to do…”

Evan smiled after listening to Laxus’s words. He knew that Laxus meant what he said. He completely understood it wrong. Laxus thought that it was Evan himself or Ultear who wanted to fight him.

But in fact, Evan asked Laxus and Erza to find opponents who were used by Laxus and Erza to find the gap between them. There was someone else…


Laxus frowned. Although he did not know what Evan meant, in order to compete with other Ten Wizard Saints, he still obediently left the guild and went outside the guild to wait for Evan.

“Brother Evan…”

“I will wait for you outside the guild.”

After hearing Evan’s words, Erza hesitated to speak, but in the end, she obediently listened to Evan and jumped down from the second floor, walking out of the guild.

“Then next…”

After Erza and Evan left the guild, Evan’s figure flashed and disappeared from the second floor of the guild.

“Then, this year’s Fairy Tail’s S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial is over…”

“This year, the grand mage who pa.s.sed the S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial is none other than your great senior, Specter!”

“As for Kurnugi, that brat…”

“Good, now, the Fairy Tail 776 S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial is over!”

Makarov announced the final result after the test of the Fairy Tail S-Cla.s.s Mage ended.


As Makarov announced the end of this year’s S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial, some people cheered loudly, as if they had pa.s.sed this year’s S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial, in fact, although they did not pa.s.s the trial, but they took advantage of the Fairy Tail’s this year’s S-Cla.s.s Mage Promotion Trial, a wave of fat, a direct big profit….

Of course, there are also people on the rooftop…

For example, Lyon and Gray were the two brothers.

The two of them were naked. They were holding up basketball and looking for the missions they were going to do. This time, it wasn’t that the two of them had accidentally taken off their clothes. It was just that because of Cana, they had lost all of their underwear.

Just as the entire guild was enveloped in a cheerful atmosphere that was like the New Year.

In the Fairy Tail infirmary, on a white bed, a young girl with long white hair was sitting silently on the bed.

The young girl was very quiet, forming a sharp contrast with the cheerful atmosphere outside.

“I can handle it myself… You two go out! Leave this place to me alone…”

The young girl was Mirajane, who had been defeated by Erza. She was sitting on the hospital bed, looking at Elfman and Lisanna beside her. She smiled and said.

“But sister, you…”

After listening to Mirajane’s words, Elfman and Lisanna looked at each other. They could see the endless worry in each other’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t get hurt myself…”

“Let me rest for a bit. I will be able to revive on the spot full of energy soon…”

Mirajane knew that Elfman and Lisanna were worried about her, so she revealed an incomparably brilliant smile to her younger brother and sister. At the same time, she used her hand to pat her slender shoulder, indicating that her body was very strong.

“I understand. In that case, Big Sister Mirajane and I will wait for you outside.”

The meticulous Lisanna seemed to have noticed something. She nodded slightly towards Mirajane and pulled her older brother towards the outside.

“Brother Elfman, let’s go…”

Lisanna stood up and said to her.

“I, I know. Then Sister Mirajane, if you have anything to say, just call me. I will wait for you outside the door.”

Elfman looked at Lisanna and nodded honestly. At the same time, she told her Sister Miragjane.


Mirajane sat on the bed and smiled at Elfman and Lisanna.

Just like that, she kept smiling as she watched her younger brother and sister leave the sick room…


It was also at the moment when Elfman and Lisanna left the ward that Mirajane’s originally smiling expression had long since become difficult to maintain. Her eyes were constantly hazy, and with pearl-like tears, they continuously flowed down her delicate face.


“Hehe, in the end, you still can’t hold it in anymore?”

“I’m much weaker than I thought…”

Mirajane lowered her head. She originally did not want to cry, but she could not help it. She had already paid so much, but in the end, she was still defeated so easily by Erza. For a moment, Mirajane felt other grievances and sorrow in his heart. The pressure that had been constantly struggling under Evan for four months, at this moment, surged into his heart like a flood…

When Mirajane knew that she could not control her emotions, she let her younger brother, Elfman, and younger sister, Lionna, leave first…

So at least, she did not want to cry in front of her younger brother and sister. She could not let her younger brother and sister see her weak side. After all, she was the elder sister. The elder sister’s task was to protect her younger brother and sister.

“What are you doing here? It’s just a failure. You better be alert.”

Just as Mirajane was crying with his head down, a voice entered her ears.


Mirajane did not expect that someone would quietly come out of her ward, so her body paused slightly.

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