The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World Chapter 965 - 965 Lust

The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World -

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Chapter 965 - 965 l.u.s.t

965 l.u.s.t

After Ye Jiushang left, Mu Xianrou looked at Mu Changfeng. Although she was a little displeased, she still asked calmly and gently, “Senior Brother, Overseer Ding looks very angry. What’s going on? Who is that new disciple?”

“Xianrou, I was in the wrong. When I was picking you up, I met Overseer Ding halfway and saw that he was returning with a new disciple, so I suggested helping him with the arrangements for that new disciple. But when I picked you up, I accidentally forgot about her,” Mu Changfeng said truthfully.

Only honesty could turn the situation around when such a thing happened.

If he used a lie to smooth things over for himself now, although he would gain some face, a lie was still a lie. It would be exposed soon enough. At that time, he would be even more embarra.s.sed. Only by being honest could he leave a good impression on Xianrou as much as possible.

Anyway, he had said that he had forgotten about other women because he had seen the woman he liked. Presumably, Junior Sister Xianrou would not blame him too much for this.


“Senior Brother Changfeng, you can’t be blamed for this. If you want to blame someone, blame that new disciple. Who asked her to be so useless that she could even get lost from following us?”

Just as Mu Changfeng had guessed, when Mu Xianrou found out that he had forgotten about that new disciple because of her, not only did she not have any intention of blaming him, but she also sided with him.

However, she could not blame Overseer Ding, so she could only push the blame to that new disciple.

Yan Jinfeng was a cunning person. She could tell what Mu Changfeng was thinking at a glance, but she was not as brainless as Mu Xianrou.

She had heard clearly just now that the new disciples recruited this year were all taught by Overseer Ding.

She was also a new disciple. In the future, she would have to live under Overseer Ding. She wondered if Overseer Ding would vent his anger on her because of this.

The more Yan Jinfeng thought about it, the angrier she became. She hated that fake gentleman Mu Changfeng even more.

In the beginning, her impression of Mu Changfeng was not bad, but just now, when she saw Mu Changfeng’s petty side, she felt disdain for him.

“Senior Brother Changfeng, Jinfeng is my sister. Go and make arrangements for her first. As for Overseer Ding, it’s not a big deal anyway. With his personality, he won’t mind.” Mu Xianrou did not notice Yan Jinfeng’s abnormality and directly handed her to Mu Changfeng before leaving.

Although Mu Changfeng still wanted to follow Mu Xianrou, the female disciple’s dormitory was already in front of him, so he had no choice but to stop.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the new disciple’s residence.” Mu Changfeng’s att.i.tude towards Yan Jinfeng was clearly much colder.

Yan Jinfeng did not mind. Anyway, she had not counted on Mu Changfeng. She only thought about how to curry favor with Overseer Ding.

Ye Jiushang did not care about the people and things here at all. After leaving, he went straight to the mountain gate and happened to see Xue Fanxin being driven away by the guards.

“Little girl, if you don’t leave now, don’t blame us for attacking. Get lost quickly. This is not a place you can come casually.”

“I…” Xue Fanxin still wanted to explain, but before she could finish, she was interrupted.

Seeing Ye Jiushang, Xue Fanxin revealed a happy smile. She hurriedly ran up to him and said pitifully, “Overseer Ding, that Senior Brother Changfeng didn’t care about me at all after taking me away from you. After seeing his Junior Sister Xianrou, he even forgot about me. How can there be such a lecherous person in this world? When he sees the woman he likes, he can even forget what he promised others. It’s difficult for such a person to become successful.”

When the guards heard Xue Fanxin’s words, they all held their foreheads.

This new disciple was really bold. She actually said that Senior Brother Changfeng was obsessed and l.u.s.tful…

However, if what she said was true, then Senior Brother Changfeng was really obsessed and l.u.s.tful. He could actually forget everything when he saw Junior Sister Xianrou.

At this moment, Mu Changfeng did not know that because of Xue Fanxin’s words, his name had been officially slandered.

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