The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World Chapter 963 - 963 Another Acquaintance

The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World -

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Chapter 963 - 963 Another Acquaintance

963 Another Acquaintance

Mu Changfeng and Zhang Qiushan clearly said that they wanted to take care of Xue Fanxin, but the two of them only cared about walking their own path and walking extremely quickly. They did not care if Xue Fanxin could keep up or not.

Xue Fanxin could naturally keep up with these two people, but An Xiaomeng could not. She was playing the role of An Xiaomeng now, so even if she could, she would not keep up.

It didn’t matter. She could just stroll slowly behind.

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother, wait for me…” Xue Fanxin called out from time to time from behind. Her pet.i.te figure hurriedly ran in the crowd, but no matter how hard she ran, she could not keep up with the people in front of her.

From the beginning to the end, Mu Changfeng had never cared about Xue Fanxin. His heart was all on the other beauty, and his mind was filled with that person. He had even forgotten about the existence of Xue Fanxin.


On the other hand, Zhang Qiushan would occasionally stop and turn back to look at Xue Fanxin behind him. He urged her impatiently. “Hurry up. If you delay the time to welcome Senior Sister Xianrou, the consequences will be very serious.”

“Senior Brothers, you’re walking too quickly. I can’t keep up!” Xue Fanxin ran in front of Zhang Qiushan and spoke while panting.

“Even if you can’t keep up, you have to. Quickly. A useless person like you is really a disgrace to our Flowing Cloud Sect.” Zhang Qiushan did not wait for Xue Fanxin to catch up and quickened his pace. He left Xue Fanxin behind and caught up to Mu Changfeng, walking side by side with him.

Xue Fanxin walked slowly behind, occasionally jogging. She deliberately widened the distance between her and Mu Changfeng and Zhang Qiushan and followed them from afar.

Mu Changfeng came to the city gate of Flowing Cloud City and happened to see a white palanquin carried by eight maidservants coming from outside.

Seeing the person in the palanquin, Mu Changfeng revealed a happy smile. Before the palanquin could approach, he had already walked forward to welcome her. “Junior Sister Xianrou, you’re finally back.”

At this moment, a beautiful woman in fluttering white clothes flew out of the palanquin and landed lightly on the ground like a fairy.

When the woman saw that it was Mu Changfeng, she smiled gently at him. “Senior Brother Mu, why are you here?”

“To pick you up, of course.” Mu Changfeng’s eyes and words clearly showed his admiration for his junior sister.

The woman only replied indifferently to her senior brother’s admiration, “Thank you, Senior Brother.”

“Junior Sister, you’ve worked hard along the way. Why don’t you go back and rest early? Whatever you need, I’ll get it done.”

“I really have something I need your help with.” Xianrou waved at a woman behind her and asked her to come over. Then, she introduced her to Mu Changfeng. “This is a good sister of mine. I went out this time to pick her up. Something happened to my sister’s family, and she’s the only one left now, so I hope you can make an exception and let her enter the Flowing Cloud Sect.”

“I am Yan Jinfeng. Greetings, Young Master.”

Although Xue Fanxin was following behind Mu Changfeng and was quite far away, she could still clearly hear what the people in front of her were saying.

When she heard the name ‘Yan Jinfeng’, she was extremely shocked.

Why were there so many familiar faces recently?

Wasn’t this Yan Jinfeng the daughter of the Imperial Preceptor who had been bestowed to Ye Chenping back then?

Later, something happened in the Imperial Preceptor’s Estate and it was destroyed by Bai Han and his people. However, it was said that Yan Jinfeng had escaped.

Because this matter had nothing to do with her, she had never paid attention or cared much. Naturally, she did not know where Yan Jinfeng had escaped to.

Fate was so strange. Ye Chenping was in the Flowing Cloud Sect, and Yan Jinfeng had also come to the Flowing Cloud Sect… Things were going to be lively now.

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