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Chapter 0950: The Well Developed Key Location

The group from the Heavenly Dragon's Five Lineages left together, with tens of them in a single file. It was a really grand sight that inevitably attracted the curious gazes of others.

Some of the rogue cultivators began to follow after them sneakily. However, Li Wuyuan gave them a vicious warning immediately. With lightning speed, he instantly eliminated the rogue cultivator that was closest to them. Seeing this, the other rogue cultivators dispersed and dared not follow them thereafter.

The group did not experience any further delay as they extended their wings and flew into the sky.

Li Luo was in the mix as well. However, he was constantly inspecting the environment around him at the same time. For some reason, he felt a familiar sense of belonging in the Spiritual Resonance Cave, as if it was particularly friendly towards him...

Was it because of the Acquired Resonance G.o.dly Forging Art? He had thought about it previously. Since the Spiritual Resonance Cave could have originated from the Sacred Void Resonance Sect, this might have been a training ground for their disciples back in the old days. As a result, he had a special affinity with the cave as he had cultivated the Acquired Resonance G.o.dly Forging Art himself.

Perhaps this place was treating him as a disciple of the Sacred Void Resonance Sect?

As Li Luo was thinking about this, Li Fuling had flown closer to him. Hiding her voice with resonant power, she whispered into his ear, "If Li Wuyuan is willing to share this bountiful location with us, it must truly be grand."

Li Luo nodded in agreement. The more Spirit Resonance Golden Dew that could be found in a location, the stronger the Guardian Spirit. In addition, news of this location might have been known to other major forces apart from the Dragon's Blood Lineage.

Otherwise, Li Wuyuan would not have been so generous in sharing this piece of intel. There was a really high chance that the reason he had gathered the whole lineage was because the Dragon's Blood Lineage would not be able to secure the spot alone.

And the amount of caution he was exercising proved that the location was definitely not to be underestimated.

"We have to be careful. Li Wuyuan has always disliked the Dragon's Fang Lineage. It won't be surprising if he is plotting against us. Although he might not dare to kill us upfront, it would still be really disastrous for our progress if we suffered heavy casualties here," Li Luo reminded her.

Li Fuling nodded slightly in agreement.

As they rushed over to the location, the group did not stop for any breaks along the way. After an hour or so, Li Luo and the rest could finally sense Li Wuyuan slowing down.

Li Luo sort of understood what was happening. When he looked down below, there was an enormous mountain that looked like a giant tortoise, stretching far into the distance with no end in sight.

The mountain itself was exuding extremely pure worldly natural energy.

As Li Luo studied the mountain from above, he could faintly feel some traces of energy left behind by humans. This was akin to the remnant of some sort of ward.

Without a doubt, the high concentration of worldly natural energy in this mountain was the work of some ward left behind by someone. The worldly natural energy acc.u.mulated over many years became the majestic sight before them today. This was the main reason why this area had evolved into a prime location for condensing Spirit Resonance Golden Dew.

However, there was nothing surprising about it. The different powers would send people into the Spiritual Resonance Cave from time to time. They would definitely have tasks and missions to accomplish. One of the tasks was probably to give a helping hand in creating such locations, which would gradually develop over the years in preparation for the next Spiritual Resonance Cave opening.

That would be the time where they would send a team in for the harvest.

Unfortunately, this strategy had a high chance of failure. After all, they would be away from the area for years after setting up the ward, and there was no way for them to maintain it. If there were any sudden changes during that time, it would result in failure and all their hard work being wasted.

Nonetheless, looking at the high concentration of energy in the area, it was clearly a success this time.

Everyone was thrilled at the sight. There was a clear look of excitement on Li Wuyuan's face as he waved his hand and signaled to the group to descend.

One after another, everyone landed in the deep depths of the huge mountain.

At this moment, Li Wuyuan took out a special device to check out the energy levels in the surroundings. After a while, a huge smile appeared on his face and he put the device away.

"Guys, we're really lucky. The development of this location has been exceptionally successful. We should have a great harvest ahead of us," Li Wuyuan told the group with a big smile.

Everyone was delighted to hear that. After all, it was a truly pleasant surprise that they could achieve a portion of their goal so soon.

"Brother Wuyuan, you truly came prepared. The Dragon's Blood Lineage really thought it through," Li Guan from the Dragon's Scale Lineage praised him with a smile.

Beside him, the other members from the Dragon's Scale Lineage, including Lu Qingmei, were also really grateful for this wondrous surprise

Li Wuyuan had clearly gained some reputation and admiration with this.

With a wave of his hand, he smiled lightly and replied, "No worries, we are all from the same family. I will definitely not let you all down."

Everyone grinned happily in response.

At this point, Li Luo also had a look of admiration on his face. Li Wuyuan was clearly trying to win the people's hearts here. However, Li Luo was not bothered by it at all. As long as he could get his hands on the Spirit Resonance Golden Dew, it did not matter what Li Wuyuan was planning. Even if he wanted to contest for the position of Lineage Chief in the Dragon's Blood Lineage next year, Li Luo would not mind giving him his full support! Li Fuling also nodded in approval and replied on behalf of the Dragon's Fang Lineage. "This is indeed a really good spot. However, will the other major forces catch wind of this place too?"

Li Wuyuan grinned and replied, "Don't worry, this place has been set up by the Dragon's Blood Lineage. If any other powers lay their eyes on it, we'll just fight them off. Is there anyone that the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li needs to be afraid of?"

Hearing this, Li Fuling did not comment any further.

Unsurprisingly, Li Hongli pouted at this point and retorted, "Why do you have so many complaints even though you're following along to enjoy the perks? Is this how the Dragon's Fang Lineage acts?"

Furious at these words, Li Fengyi shouted back immediately, "If you guys could do it alone, why ask us along? Aren't you just asking us to help fend off any threats? Why act so high and mighty?"

Li Hongli glared back angrily. However, she was stopped by Li Wuyuan just as she was about to scream back.

"Let's not waste time with all these words. We should allocate the different districts now, and any Spirit Resonance Golden Dew found in these districts will belong to the respective lineages. Of course, this is all a.s.suming that we are able to get rid of the Guardian Spirit," Li Wuyuan said calmly as resonant power surged in his palm and a rough map of the area appeared.

He cut across the map with his fingertips, leaving behind an energy line that left the center area open. "This district belongs to the Dragon's Blood Lineage. The rewards will be the best there since that spot has the highest concentration of energy. However, since this location was developed by the Dragon's Blood Lineage, no one has any issues with us reaping the most rewards, right?"

Hearing this, there were no objections from any of the other four lineages. After all, it was just like Li Wuyuan had said.

In the next moment, Li Wuyuan divided the area into four other districts and looked over to the Dragon's Fang Lineage. "Which district would you all like?"

Li Fuling was surprised by this sudden move. Who would have thought that Li Wuyuan would give them the second choice? Without a doubt, she would go for the western district, which contained the second highest concentration of energy.

However, Li Luo stopped her right before she made her choice. He took a look at the forest and replied with a smile, "We'll choose the eastern district."

Li Fuling was stunned by his response. The eastern district had the lowest concentration of energy. How many droplets of Spirit Resonance Golden Dew could they harvest from there? What nonsense was Li Luo up to?

However, she did not voice out her dissatisfaction openly. She still had to maintain an image of harmony within the Dragon's Fang Lineage and thus she simply gave Li Luo a deadly glare before replying, "We'll choose the eastern district."

The other three lineages were shocked at their choice too. However, they would gladly play along if the Dragon's Fang Lineage themselves had made the choice.

Afterwards, the other three lineages made their choices too.

With the allocation of the districts completed, Li Wuyuan continued without much change to his expression, "In that case, we'll each head off to our respective districts. I will now activate the ward, and the worldly natural energy will begin to condense in the area. After four hours or so, it should be ready for harvest."

The other lineages nodded after hearing this, then they brought their teams over to their respective regions.

As the various lineages left the area, Li Hongli threw a glance in the direction that the Dragon's Fang Lineage was heading towards. She frowned and complained, "Brother Wuyuan, I can't believe the Dragon's Fang Lineage did not pick the second most concentrated area."

Li Wuyuan simply smiled. "It seems like Li Luo is really cautious. He knows that we would not give him any benefits without good reason."

At this point, Li Qingfeng also reminded them, "Brother Wuyuan, please don't go overboard with things. If something really does happen to them, no one will be able to save us either."

Li Wuyuan simply grinned. "No worries, I know what I'm doing. We won't be punished, because we're not harming them. However... I wouldn’t mind seeing them face a few setbacks. This will surely cripple their morale a little, and no one has any complaints about this... right?"

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