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Chapter 1026 Running For His Life

"An Elemental Venerable truly is powerful." Grey said with a sigh.

If not for his chaos...o...b.. he wouldn't have been able to contend with the Prince and would most likely have had to flee the moment he exchanged moves with the Prince. His strong physique also made things somewhat easier for him since he was able to hide his injuries from the knowledge of the Prince.

Had the Prince found out about his injuries, he might have taken the risk of trying to stay a little longer, and even attacking him more instead of letting him run with such ease. He might even try to take a few blows just to make sure that he would shorten the distance and cause even greater damage to Grey.

"You survived, I'm impressed."

A voice came from the void before a figure appeared in front of Grey.

Grey's expression changed drastically, the person standing in front of him was an Elemental Venerable from the Gnome race. This person has obviously been hiding for some time now, watching from the shadows.

'Void.' Grey called out.

'I didn't sense him, he's very good at hiding.' Void replied

The only time Grey was able to sense this person was after the person stepped out of the void. It was just like that time he was being chased and ran into a secret realm.

"Shocked? After so many years, you think we haven't found a way to bypa.s.s this stupid realm and search for a way to stay a little longer." The figure chuckled.

His strength was definitely higher than the Prince's strength, but the difference wasn't too much.

"You're here to kill me as well, looks like you Gnomes really think highly of me, too highly I fear." Grey said, his expression cold once again.

This was not the time to dwell on his injuries, he had to be prepared for anything.

"It can't be helped, you killed too many of our people, what did you expect?" The figure asked.

"A banquet?" Grey replied jokingly.

The figure's mouth twitched repeatedly.

"Unlike that useless Prince, I'll kill you and take your head back to the capital. I don't think you know the reward that has been placed on your head." He said as he stared at Grey menacingly.

Grey took a step back, and without even thinking, his figure shot straight in the direction of the portal of humans. His injuries were not something that would hold him down, the small time he was talking with the figure, he was making sure he healed to the fullest.

Although he was not completely healed up, it wasn't a problem for him to escape.

The figure rushed after him, trying to make sure Grey didn't escape from his hands.

Grey created chaos...o...b.. as he rushed forward, occasionally tossing one or two at the figure that was chasing after him. Just when he thought he was free, another person was lying in wait.

'I thought I wouldn't have to run again? I hate this life.' He complained internally, cursing at the young man as well as he ran through the realm.

'Once you notice a secret s.p.a.ce, notify me.' Grey said to Void.

The young man from the Gnome race chasing after him was faster than the Prince, so he was able to catch up with Grey before he even managed to get to a good distance.

Grey tried to block his attack but was sent flying, cras.h.i.+ng into the ground, causing a large crater.

Grey didn't dare to stay there as he rushed out of the place and continued his escape. Fighting against this person was out of the question, he didn't even dare to try to exchange blows with him.

The young man was stronger than the Prince, if his guess was correct, this person should be in the Second or Third stage of the Elemental Venerable Plane. His attack power and control over his strength were miles ahead of the Prince.

"d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it!" Grey cursed repeatedly as he was escaping.

Once again, he lacked strength, so he was being chased around. However, he knew this person couldn't stay here for too long, just like the Prince, the realm would soon start to take its effect on him, at that time, he would have no choice but to leave Grey alone.

"I'm not that useless, before I go, I'll be leaving with your corpse." The young man snorted coldly. He knew Grey's plan, and he didn't have any plans of going with it.

His time here was limited, if Grey thought that he would be able to use the same technique as when he was being chased by the Prince, he was hugely mistaken. Compared to the Prince, he had seen Grey's hidden moves and knew what to do against them. Of course he naturally wouldn't be able to block against all of them, but he should be able to block against most of them.

Grey originally faced the human race's hideout, but thinking of the danger that might inflict the others, he changed his direction.

The young man blocked him and attacked, Grey sent out a block the attack, but he was unable to block it as the impact forced him back.

He didn't have the luxury to check any of his injuries, escaping was his main priority.

Void was occasionally helping with his s.p.a.ce element, but against a Second or Third stage Elemental Venerable, he didn't really have much say. In the Sage Plane, except for Grey, he basically had no equal, but fighting across an entire Plane was out of reach.

While in lower Planes, it would've been possible, but now, it was almost impossible. What Grey was doing was outright ridiculous. If others heard of him exchanging blows with a Second or Third stage Elemental Venerable, they would be shocked. It was still acceptable if it was an Elemental Venerable that had just broken through, but a Second stage Elemental Venerable was just too powerful for a Sage Plane Elementalist.

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