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Chapter 456 456-Want’em All

"Sigh... that was tiring," Ralph said as he leaned back in the chair. By now, the meeting was over, and we were resting in the place provided to us by the War Council. All things considered, things went well as I got to know more about the other organizations. The system's ability gave me more information about each of the leaders, providing me with more cards I could use against them in the future.

"So, what's the plan?" Ralph asked, relaxing in the chair. I replied, "Now we deal with all of them who want to deal with me..."

Hearing me say this, a smile came to Ralph's face, befitting the man who rules the underworld. "You know, it's funny. I even imagined seeing those arrogant faces of those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds breaking down when they get to see who you really are..."

Saying this, Ralph took a bottle and started chugging it. Some drips escaped his mouth as he placed the bottle back on the table. His eyes burned with great fervor as he spoke, "You do know this plan of yours is very dangerous. If successful, okay, but if not, things could really turn into something life-threatening..."

"Bigger the risk, bigger the reward, isn't that the truth?" I said, making the dangerous smile on Ralph's face recede. A serious expression took over his face as he nodded and said, "You're right, and through all this, we will be beside you..."

"I know," I replied. Just as I did, my communication orb trembled. I picked it up and saw who it was. I smiled and excused myself, entering my room as I activated the orb. Mira's voice soon came through, sounding serious. "Austin, where are you?"

She asked in a serious voice. Mira and the only ones I care about know that I am not where I am being monitored. After all, I can't just disappear for two days out of the eyes watching me.

"Something important came up, and I have to deal with it," I spoke.

"Is it over?" Mira asked. I replied, "No, a few more days. It's important..."

While saying so, my feelings of happiness at seeing her, the sadness of what I am doing, and the pride of what I have accomplished started to leave me towards Mira. A silence filled the room for a moment, after which Mira suddenly spoke, "Then come to meet me as soon as you've done with what you want to do."

Hearing this, I asked, "What's up?"

"Something important came up, and we need you back here," Mira replied.

"We?" I asked.

"Yes, we. Come back quickly, my problematic disciple," Eleanor's voice was heard, which caused me to ask.

"Both of you are there? Looks like things are much more serious than I thought..."

"It is, so come back quickly," Mira said. I replied, "I will be there in three days."

"Good, don't be late," Eleanor said. After that, the communication was cut off. I placed the orb on the table and leaned back in my chair. Just as I did, the body of Farah appeared above my lap, her eyes peering into mine as she asked, "Master, are you tired?"

"Just a bit," I replied as I patted Farah's hair, and she seemed to enjoy it.

"Hungry?" I asked, to which she gave me a shy nod. Seeing that, I stretched my head back, offering my neck to Farah. The truth here was that she, with her power level, doesn't naturally have the concept of hunger, but she mostly drinks my blood because she loves to do so, and it's a mark of intimacy among the Eleven Blooded.


The sound of Farah drinking my blood filled the atmosphere as I indulged myself. A subtle pleasure pa.s.sed through my body while her sensual body pressed against me. A minute pa.s.sed, after which she removed her lips from my neck, and my red blood flowed down her lips as she diligently wiped it off.

"Satisfied?" I asked.

"Um..." she replied, nodding her head. I smiled at her shy action and spoke, "How is it?"

"I can feel several powerful people here," she said, causing me to smile as I asked.

"Can you take them on?"

"Of course," she replied without a hint of hesitation. Hearing this, I patted her back in slow motion. She enjoyed it and leaned her head towards my chest, her subtle natural smell filling my nose. Her questioning eyes kept looking at me. Seeing this, I spoke.

"Don't hold back your questions, Farah. You can ask me anything you want."

Hearing this, the questioning look on Farah's face grew stronger as she asked with a somewhat hesitant voice, "That red-haired woman, is she master's wife?"

To this, I shook my head and spoke, "No, but one day she will be."

My answer only made the questions within Farah bloom as she asked, "But... is she someone else's wife?"

"Yes, she is..." I replied without hesitation. Seeing no anger from me, Farah started to question me more.

"Master, this woman named Vena seems to love you, and you seem to love her. Then why aren't you... um... married?"

She asked, seemingly in a confused voice, probably trying to justify my relations.h.i.+ps with the knowledge she's starting to learn about the current era.

"Hehehe... you're right, normally that should be the case, but the thing is..." I soon started to speak to Farah about my story with Vena, about my bloodline's ability to hold women, and even my current relations.h.i.+ps. I explained to her all about the things I did to get those women and the things I am doing to get even more. While I kept speaking, Farah maintained a listening face, taking in all I was saying with a steady gaze.

"Is master's goal to have them all?" Farah finally asked, during her stay within me, I didn't leave her idle. I gave her several books on psychology and even taught her some things to alleviate her boredom. And now she will start to be of very good use to me.

"Indeed," I replied.

"Then master also wants to keep their love, keep everything a secret, and not use your strength and power to keep them?"

She asked one more question, to which I nodded my head. Well, according to the past customs, with my standing and power, I could take any woman I want. But for these special women, power and looks are just the bare minimum to get started.

"Hmm... then master, am I capable of killing this Dragon Emperor?"

"Yes, you are," I replied.

"Then should I kill him?"

To this, I shook my head as I spoke, "Not yet. While you can deal with him, you won't be able to handle the Dragon G.o.d."

Hearing this, the expression on Farah's face turned taunt, clearly not accepting the fact that somebody can deal with her. To this, I could only inwardly shake my head. While she can walk this land as one of the strongest, it's only as one of the strongest. Dealing with beings that have gained their own divinity is something different.

"Don't worry about it for now. I have my plans to deal with it."

"Um... then will master sleep with me?" Farah asked in a tiny voice. Hearing this, I smiled as I lifted Farah's face, looking deep into her beautiful eyes as I asked, "Why? Does Farah want a taste of that pleasure?"

My words brought a light blush to her face, but she didn't turn her face away as she lightly nodded her head. To this, I moved forward and placed a light kiss on her lips, a quick one, but it was more than enough to get Farah hooked. She tried to get more, but I stopped her under her grumpy eyes as I spoke in a raspy voice, "If you want more, make me fall in love with you, make achievements. For now, go..."

Just as I finished speaking, Farah gave me a grumpy look, after which she disappeared from my lap, heading to do the duty I already gave her. Seeing her disappear, I shook my head. 'She's still too young.' Musing at my thoughts, I closed my eyes. After all, with the information that Farah brings back, I will have to plan a date.

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